Thursday, September 22, 2016

Every Third Muslim in France Fits a "Radical Profile"

Islamization of France
(Paris) One in three Muslims in France have a "radical profile". This is the result of an IFOP study yesterday published in Le Journal du Dimanche. Thus, there is in France between two and three million "radical Muslims".

In France  there lives, followed by the Federal Republic of Germany, the largest Islamic community in the West.The exact number of Muslims is not known, since the state does not perform a census of religious affiliation. This was abolished in the wake of mass immigration to - as critics claim -  to make less visible the the remodeling of the population. For this reason, there are different estimates. Islamic organizations say there are between 6-9 million Muslims. Government and politicians tend to downplay the number. The study itself incomprehensibly points to 3-4 million Muslims. The assumed "consensus" until recently, is that there are five million Muslims in France, is regarded by experts as outdated.
The study firmly represents a radicalization trend among young Muslims. The group of "radical Muslims" is relatively young. 84 percent are under 50. Their average age amounts to 35.8 years. The lesson is: the younger, the more radical. The re-Islamization is also a generational issue.
The authors of the study emphasize the "successful integration" of a "majority" of Muslims. The "radical" third is to some extent an inevitable byproduct. Despite this "politically correct" interpretation, the study reveals worrying findings.
Around 50 percent of Muslims living in France today were born in France and therefore are French citizens by birth. Overall, 74 percent of all Muslims living in France have French citizenship. For 66 percent of them, Islam plays an important role.
According to the study, the younger generation of Muslims follow the Islamic rites and rules more stringently and fervently than the older generation. The polling firm IFOP interviewed 1,029 Muslims about Islam, from the veiling of women and halal food.
28 percent were in favor of polygamy and the actual complete veiling for women.
Especially high is the proportion of radicals among young Muslims. 70 percent of young women are to wear the headscarf, 28 percent for the full-body veiling. Among the young, male Muslims, they are 58 and 20 percent respectively.
According to the study, one third attends Friday prayers in the mosque, another third on special feast days, one-third do not go to the mosque.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: muzulmania (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Certainly their mosque attendance is better than Catholics attendance at mass

Anonymous said...

Give up on the faith, that which is completely interwoven with the fabric of France and they expected what? Good things?

M. Prodigal said...

May Our Lady of Fatima orchestrate a mass conversion to the Catholic faith among these infidels.

Anonymous said...


Kathleen1031 said...

What never makes sense to me, is even considering the obsession with PC that leftists all share, do they not even consider the obvious reality, that Islam will by numbers take over any nation they inhabit? As so vulgarly put it by an imam, they will conquer by the long or the short sword. (ugh) Why do world leaders want this? Don't they have loved ones they care about? Do none of them value their own culture at all?

Steve said...

The stage is set.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is Steve. France wants liberte, fraternite, egalite? Their march back (dragging back) to Catholicism is gonna be painful.

Anonymous said...

Most especially may Our Lady convert the French back.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Europe and the West!!!
Offer up personal sacrifices of comforts for conversions of Western men women & children.
My one beef with modern traditional clergy (Sedevacantist,SSPX & Indult groups..please save our time arguing over who is correct,we need Roman Catholic unity and to stop the arguing/constant division) is not many preach or talk about this demographic time bomb about to go off.
The few I have heard preaching about this important subject are Bishop Williamson,Bishop Giles Butler,Fr.Michael Oswalt,and once in a while Bishop Daniel Dolan)

Anonymous said...

I agree. But I am hearing signs that it is beginning. There seems to be a fair bit of commentary on the French media suggesting that the solution to the terrorism and societal division is a return to Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Trump is rights about Muslims.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Just saw a short documentary about Muslims not practicing their religion once they acclimate to life in the West.(Europe North America Australia) Apparently its becoming a problem once they live in the West after 2-3 year's.

truthaboutislam said...

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