Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blessing of Aberrosexual Couple in Sicily -- The Church as "Social Centre"

Don Scordato Blesses Life Partners in Palermo
(Rome) What is true in Spain, is also possible in Italy. A priest of the Archdiocese of Palermo, where Pope Francis recently installed a "Bergoglian" as archbishop, "blessed" a lesbian couple. "I hope that the church will one day  bless gay unions," said the priest.
The Sicilian case is reminiscent of those in Castellón in Spain, where a priest "blessed" a lesbian couple in the Church. The priest then denied the blessing: He had "only" blessed the "love."  The two lesbians had however sent "wedding invitations."
The former Jesuit church of Palermo, which is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, has long been "committed" to  the acceptance of aberrosexuality.

Don Cosimo Scordato, parish as a social center

Pastor Cosimo Scordato called two lesbians last Sunday before the start of the Mass on the altar, to announce their upcoming civil "marriage". The Italian parliament decided last February, referring to a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, for the legalization of a de facto legal institution for aberrosexual liaisons.
Don Scordato congratulated the lesbian couple explained his decision and blessed it in the church. He called upon the church to "impartially receive and to pray for the couple," the two lesbians.
The incident not only drew attention all over Italy in the leftist media but was also part of a documentary about and for "gay marriage" in Italy.
The two women, Elisabetta Cina (49) and Serenella Fiasconaro (46) are not practicing Catholics. But both are active in the gay scene and are committed sociopolitically for the recognition of homosexuality. Both have appeared already in T-shirts with provocative inscriptions in public.
Critics accuse the pair and Don Scordato of putting on a subversive act with the aim of overthrowing the doctrine of the Catholic Church on aberrosexuality.
"The two women one day came to me and asked me to bless their wedding rings. The Church does not allow the sacrament of marriage for homosexual couples. I have invited them to come to Mass to introduce themselves to the community, because the Church has to accept all," said Don Scordato last Sunday before calling the lesbian couple to meet him at the altar. Then he called on the faithful, "to greet the two and their love with a round of applause."

Palermo's former Jesuit and parish church of St. Franz Xaver

A prompt, docile acquiescence prevailed among those present in the majority. "Don Scordato was fantastic," said the two lesbians. "His naturalness surprised us."
"My hope is that the Church will accept one day to bless homosexual relationships," said Don Scordato. At the same time he announced other gay couples in the same way and his desire to bless them. "Things are changing - slowly, but" said the church rector.
In 2011  Don Scordato had criticized Benedict XVI. publicly as "homophobic" and thus harvested the applause of gay organizations, "The gays have the right to love," said the diocesan priest, because "what matters is love."
From his parish, which he took over in 1986, he made a (left) Social Centre. It is "politically independent", but "not apolitical" about being "non-denominational" but "open to all". Don Scordato says of himself that he is "in love with liberation theology."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Repubblica / Wikicommons (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Barnum said...

Coowool, Man!!! Can't wait 'til he starts blessing burglary tools, sex toys, absinthe, mind-bending drugs, and of real interest to the circus, rigged decks of cards, slot machines and roulette wheels.

Bet he draws the line at tobacco, though. :(

N.D. said...

What matters is authentic Love which is not possessive, nor is it coercive, nor does it serve to manipulate for the sake of self gratification.

Njoko said...

Church is infested with sodomite heretic priests! Oh, wait, that's old news...

j said...

Bad times a comin' for Italy (and everywhere else). Down the road from the bomb out ruins in Italian cities, with nothing to eat for the survivors but grass they may ask God, "why Lord?". I wonder if they'll remember this?

Just private revelation from saints I know but I sure trust the words of saints.

Truth Seeker said...

"Blessing" those living in mortal sin - in church yet - is another abomination, sacrilege, outrage, and great offense against God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit - Most Blessed Trinity. How much longer are these atrocities committed by the so-called clergy who claim to be "Catholic" going to be allowed? Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. It is a mighty dark world we are in today. The evil one and his minions are having their field day now winning souls by vast numbers; however, we know Who will triumph over all, and their time will come to an end, and all of them will then will pay the price for eternity. They will not be happy or celebrating any sort of "blessing" anymore. The gate has gotten so much narrower, and those who would follow Christ are getting fewer. We, the remnant, must continue to be diligent in keeping our focus on Christ, and pray, and pray some more, and not lose faith in spite of all the evil horrors taking place - especially within our Church, as the "gates of hell shall not prevail." It is mind boggling though that these so-called "priests" are allowed to continue in their sins...nothing happens to them? Another outrage!

Anonymous said...

Many of us would tend to agree, but we don't require 'private revelation' as confirmation, just the critical study of history. The sack of Rome in 1527 is a salient example.

Kathleen1031 said...

And the "faithful" sat on their brains and souls and applauded the collapse of the faith of their fathers, dooming their faith to the dustbin of history. With no powers of discernment thanks to decades of sloppy anti-Catholic mush doled out by these Modernist heretics, they had nothing to fight with, so, they clapped and smiled, expressing wonder and joy that their church had become so full of "mercy" and "love", that this should happen. Now they can embrace homosexuality openly and not wonder about the old timey admonitions about such things as "sin", which clearly doesn't exist anymore, now that Francis the Merciful is on the scene. After almost 2000 years, Francis has improved on the shortcomings of Christ (who obviously wasn't as merciful as Francis is).

Barnum said...

I am not clear here, ND-- your ambiguous comment, which fails to cite the Catholic definition of love, raises more questions.

Are you insinuating that same sex practices can be for the gratification of the other?

And what do you mean by "authentic 'Love'"? One gets the vibe that you are comfy with "inauthentic 'Love'".

southwillriseagain said...

I don't think Pope Francis communicated with the priest and encouraged him to perform the blessing. He had nothing to do with it. Where"s the bishop? He's the one responsible for the priests in his diocese, not the Pope. Quit trying to pin all past, present, and future ills on Pope Francis!

Tancred said...

Some people are just that out of touch.

PaxTecum57 said...

Whenever I see a picture of a Novus Ordo Mass it is depressing. After Vatican ll everything that was not broke was fixed. When something is broke the modernists still wan't to shove down our throats. Under Pope Francis we certainly won't see any changes as he is a post Vatican ll Modernist. We must pray for this scourge to come to an end quickly.

JBQ said...

Francis definitely gives the impression that he is the final prophet before the Mehdi with Jesus just being another prophet.

Anonymous said...

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