Monday, September 12, 2016

Benedict XVI and the Case Williamson: "The fault was alone the Ecclesia Dei Commission"

The New Interview Book of Benedict XVI: The case of Williamson
was "alone the fault of the Ecclesia Dei Commission

(Rome) Over the recent week book by Peter Seewald with Benedict XVI., which went on sale on September 8, already reported, by many of the leading newspapers. One issue that stands out here is the Williamson case and the Holocaust.

Vatican Radio - German section, the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, whose Vatican correspondent is very close to Pope Francis, and others highlighted, an excerpt of the book, which deals with the case of Bishop Richard Williamson. The Briton Williamson was consecrated a bishop in 1988 by Archbishop Lefebvre without permission of Pope John Paul II. for the Society of St. Pius X.

Pope Benedict XVI. in early 2009, declared the excommunication of the four consecrated Bishops void, but statements of Bishop Williamson even threatened to be a stumbling block for the Pope, who was severely attacked for his gesture. Williamson had made statements on the Holocaust and questioned the figure of six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and also the use of gas chambers.

The opinion-leading media generated a storm of indignation, the less directed against Williamson, but was utilized as an additional opportunity by them to attack the little beloved, Benedict XVI. and his understanding of the Church. Benedict XVI. speaks in new interview book of a "huge propaganda war" against the Church.

The Vatican defended the pope at that time by saying that he was unaware of the relevant statements by Williamson who gave an interview for Swedish Television STV. The STV interview had indeed been recorded a few months previously, but was only broadcast in connection with the lifting of the excommunications. Above all, have his decision was unrelated to historical views, but related strictly to spiritual and ecclesiastical matters.

Benedict XVI. said the same to Peter Seewald.

In the interview book Benedict XVI. speaks of the "stupid Williamson case". Seewald on the events of 2009 that the predecessor of Pope Francis defended against criticism that he had lifted the excommunication of the "Holocaust denier" Williamson, who lived at that time in Argentina. Ratzinger now has said that he is not to blame for the Williamson case.

The blame was alone that of the Pontifical Commission erected for communities in the traditional rite in 1988 in the wake of the illicit episcopal ordinations by Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia Dei. They did not inform him about the positions represented by Williamson on the Holocaust. "I see the blame only on this Commission."

Ecclesia Dei was headed at that time by Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, who Benedict replaced a few months later with Cardinal William Levada. Officially, Castrillon Hoyos had reached his 80th birthday, and was expecting the change.

In 2012 Williamson was excluded from the SSPX because of "continuing disobedience," after he had spoken out against reconciliation with the Holy See and the canonical recognition of the Fraternity by Rome.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: MiL

Trans: Tancred

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Jonah said...

Until the Church is freed from the tentacles of modernism, its poisonous ideologies will corrode ecclesial authority and legitimacy. A thorough purification and cleansing is overdue.

PaxTecum57 said...

In the case of Bishop Williamson those who were outraged really got out of hand. A big deal was made about one persons personal opinion. It was only an opportunity for the Church's enemies to blame Pope Benedict XVl for something, anything. Bishop Williamson only gave his opinion and was not making some dogmatic declaration. I'm not a fan of Williamson but in all fairness he just like anyone else is entitled to his opinion whether others agree or not. The Jews rent their garments in outrage, but I think it was only because they hate the SSPX, they need to stay out of Catholic affairs or we have the right to give them just criticism for the way they act, for example the Jews lament the Holocaust, the unjust death of 6 million Jews but get infuriated and try to erase the truth, when the fact is brought up that 12 million Catholics perished in the death camps. The Jews opinion is by far worse than Bishop Williamson's. When will the Jews deplore the death of all those Catholics, Never!

Anonymous said...

The real reason that Bishop Williamson was booted out of the SSPX is because he adamantly opposed a deal with Rome. Bishop Fellay has admitted as much.

~M. Ray

Anonymous said...

They hate the RCC, not only the FSSPX, and don't forget that pope Benedict was German, ex Hitlersjugend, even he was forced to be in, but they don't want to be criticized and the Shoah is a must.

Unknown said...

So Benedict would have lifted the excommunication of the other 3 bishops, but kept Williamson's excommunication in place because he doesn't fully agree with the mainstream narrative on the Holocaust? That is ridiculous, since the Holocaust isn't an article of the Faith. This pandering to the Jews needs to end.


susan said...

Tancred....quick you know who it is that counts the ballots in a papal conclave?....particularly the last? Was it by any chance Baldisseri and his odious crew?

....just wondering.

Tony V said...

I think the secular world failed to understand that the church doesn't excommunicate people for holding eccentric views about history, even if the motivation for those views may be objectionable views about ethnic/religious groups (eg, PaxTecoum57). Williamson was excommunicated because he was ordained without the permission of the pope. Whether the pope should actually be in control of who's ordained bishop is another question (the correct answer is 'no'), but the excommunication was lifted as a conciliatory gesture and maybe even a tacit admission on the part of B-XVI that the Vatican got some things very wrong. The fact that Williamson is a Holocaust denier, a flat-earther or a Morris dancer has nothing to do with the matter.

PaxTecum57 said...

The Shoah will be taken more seriously when it is remembered that double the amount of Catholics died in the concentration camps and 4 million Protestants and minorities died there too. Perhaps that explains Bishop Williamson's position. The Jews demand that the 6 million Jews who died be always remembered. But they become furious when the 12 million Catholics are brought up. The Jews say that the Nazi Holocaust was a Jewish thing and a Jewish thing only. Are some Jews denying that much more Catholics died in the concentration camps? If so then they are more to be condemned than Williamson. In Charity let us remember all 22 million who died at the hands of the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Is it not very bizarre that Ratzinger, according to this interview, would be blaming Ecclesia Dei for this?

N.D. said...

They certainly did not do their due diligence, but that does not seem as bizarre as our Holy Father using the term "stupid Williamson case". There is certainly enough evidence coming from the Vatican for any reasonable person to recognize that something is not right in the Vatican. Who can we send to protect our Holy Father from the wolves?

Anonymous said...

In the cases of pumping the heretic Francis and rehabilitating the heretic Martin Luther, Benedict has no problem accepting credit -- 'nuf said.