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Ironies: World Youth Day Sings Murderous French Hymn to the Guillotine for Martyred Father Hamel

World Youth Day 2016: Marsellaise for Father Jaques Hamel
Thoughts of Giuseppe Nardi
(Krakow) Abbés Jacques Haamel was commemorated during World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow. The 86 year old French priest from Rouen was killed on Tuesday in the parish church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray in Normandy by Muslims. While he offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the altar, he himself became a victim of a ritual murder. To "honor" him,  the Marseillaise rang out in the old Polish royal city. The French national anthem, recently reintroduced after 1945, is also the anthem of the French Revolution, that is, it is also the anthem of the regicides and the anthem of the Grand Terror  of the Jacobin terror regime, which is aligned with terrorism  in the modern sense. It was the macabre musical accompaniment of the guillotine, the prototype of all beheadings in the battle of the ideologues.

The Anthem of the Grand Terror

To the strains of the Marseillaise and the cry of "Liberté" Catholics were once beheaded, priests, nuns, laymen, as well as Abbé Hamel on July 26, 2016. The difference? The Christians then were beheaded in the name of an alleged "Goddess of Reason", about which fanatical revolutionaries were delirious. Christians today, so also the priest of Rouen, are being beheaded in the name of Islam, by an alleged "religion of peace," by deliriously fanatical Muslims. The one and the other were driven by the same hatred of the Church of Jesus Christ. Being merely perfunctory Christians changed nothing, who then as now make common cause with the perpetrators directly or indirectly.

Martyrs of Compiegne

The Dachau concentration camp decorated by the Nazis (1933-1945) is generally considered the largest prison for priests in world history. The Benedictine Abbey of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, abolished by the revolutionaries in 1791 in Normandy is the same locale in which now Abbé Hamel had his throat cut,  is comparable to the Dachau concentration camp. The Jacobins made ​a prison island ​out of God's castle, which for more than a thousand years God was praised. To start off, were the 300 steadfast priests who refused to take the prescribed oath of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy to separate from Rome and be subjected to the State National Church. The repurposed  prison of Mont Saint Michel was renamed by the Jacobins as Mont libre. The analogy with the Nazi slogan above the entrance of the concentration camp "Arbeit macht frei" is striking.
A total of 18,000 predominantly Catholic "dissidents" were being held on the island, including particularly, many priests and religious. And all to the sounds of the Marseillaise, in whose symbolic name, the Carmelites of Compiègne were guillotined.

Take symbols seriously instead of confusion

The Marseillaise was abolished as an anthem again and again introduced last after the Second World War. Therefore, it happens to be the national anthem of France, which has suffered greatly from the Islamic terror over the past two years. Still it is good   to recall  what spirit is behind the symbol. If symbols have meaning, and they have, then one should take this seriously also in order to know where and whether there are commonalities and on what forces you can really build, in the spiritual defense and restoration of Europe. Because that's what it is, and it has a military over and above response.
"If you do not recognize the threat in time, you will be the victim of the enemy, whom you have received into your house."
The ritual murder of Abbé Hamel confirms the warning of the archbishop of Mosul who said this exactly one year ago in an interview with the Corriere della Sera.

Veni Creator Spiritus Instead of Marseillaise

The real problem of our culture and society is the general confusion. Ultimately, the confusion that tends to play the Marseillaise for ritually slaughtered Abbé Jacques Hamel.  The song of the hangman was played in Krakow in 2016 in honor of a victim who slaughtered the co-religionists of Abbé Hamel more than 220 years ago. The 16 Carmelites of Compiègne did not sing the Marseillaise, but set this against their anthem. They sang on the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus on their way to the scaffold, which they had also sung in their religious profession. Thus they renewed their vows the road to death.

Abbé Jacques Hamel, martyrs

World Youth Day is not a state occasion, but a private event. Therefore, the young Catholics in Krakow might be invited by the authorities to sing Veni Creator Spiritus, in memory of Abbé Jacques Hamel  as a powerful commitment and a strong response to the terror of the past and the terrorist of today, in response to the false ideologies and misanthropic bogeys. And in order to clarify and reaffirm where true peace can only come because true peace comes from God alone.

No war can be won by the arbitrariness of relativism, not even a battle

The intellectual foundations in the struggle for their own identity and in the defense against the enemy must be right. The arbitrariness of relativism can not win a war, not even a battle. That should keep in mind those who have touted this "Golden Calf" to us for years.
Also in the Church there are many who believe that they can deal with the existential and complex problems of our time with prefabricated slogans and unrealistic slogans. Those days are simply over. July 26, 2016 represents a turning point, which should have dawned on all priests who take seriously their sacramental priesthood. And it has become a slap for all the pussyfooters and spin doctors, in politics, the media and even in the Church.
And to be properly understood, again, Islam presents us with a challenge. It calls out Europe again. It calls Christianity out again. That is its nature. So it was in the past since its creation. The real problem we are facing, and  requires a real solution,   is our culture, that  is the state of our society, which wastes away and is dying, childless and without prospects, without values ​​and virtues (at best secondary and tertiary), fixed on - the latest smartphone, on Pokemon, or - disinhibited - the next perverse fling.  A society that has become incapable of giving answers that are situates beyond consumption and "basically, everything is equally valid".  A society which, after decades of being in the grip of false forces, of having been made ridiculous and dismantled all of structural elements of our culture, sorry, "deconstructed", it is no longer is able to realize its own identity and even less to establish one.

No False Recipes

Evidence of this decline, which blinds, is the stupidest and most dangerous of all conceivable responses to the latest threats, wanting namely to repress religion generally. This is the old recipe of Masonry since the 18th century. The depressing example of this "cosmopolitan" thinking of intellectual provincialism and arsonists against its own people, is the "critical of religion" version of "Parsifal" of Wagner's opera, currently playing in Bayreuth in the staging of the opera house which is as omnipresent as expendable director Uwe Eric Laufenberg. In fact, the director's theater is a significant expression of the degeneration of our culture. His indiscriminate dumping into the Orcus of the cultural sector will one day be the signal for a promising strong kick that awakens the hope that healthy forces are thundering and bring salvation from the cultural self-destruction of those who have dedicated themselves to the opinion-making elites.

Karl Marx: "Religion is the opium of the people"

These elites, with few exceptions do not see, much less admit that they have been leading the country and people in the wrong direction for years.  Rather, they are those fight tooth and nail, hold them the mirror of truth and expose them. Without their replacement, whether through a generational change, it will probably not take place.  Elections offer strong opportunities in a democracy. Partly this is not likely because the elites have invested a lot in order to control people's opinion, but it is possible.
Threats may come from the outside. However, the issue of intellectual upgrade to their defense is an internal question. It will succeed only through conversion to Christ and the return to the Christian roots and supporting Christian values ​​that made Europe great. This also explains why the not seldom-heard answer standing on feet of clay, that one must eliminate all religions. This is the recipe of Karl Marx, son of a Masonic family home. Where whose theses have resulted in power, it should still be sufficiently known to be dissuaded from them. Here every right fails, who thinks he can save the world without Christ and with secondary values. In reality, they are active "Marxists".
It is up to us, not up to those who attack us. It is up to us whether we reach for the right recipe and not stagger from wrong to wrong. It is up to us, whether in Paris, in Krakow, in Munich - and in Rome.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: pope2016 / wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Geremia said...

Is he holding a loaf of leavened bread‽

Kathleen1031 said...

If you are asking what Abbe Hamel is holding, he is holding the Lectionary, I presume.

Your thoughts here are critical ones, and we pray Europe and the entire West get this right, because without it, we cannot hope to be blessed by God, not now, not ever.

Ivan said...

World Youth Days are wrong on so many levels.

Bill said...

Why don't you condemn Fr Hamel to eternal damnation for celebrating the Novus Ordo, you miserable gutless wonder?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Te Deum would have been more appropriate - didn't the Carmelites of Compiegne sing that on their way to the scaffold?

Tancred said...


Bill said...

They actually sang, "Come as you are." And they did.

Barnum said...

Great article by Sr. Nardi. What songs will Anglosphere Catholics be singing? I am hard put to respond for NewAmChurch Catholics, all of whom belong to, as Joe Sobran said, or cited, the herd of independent thinkers. I suppose "On Eagle's Wings" is a good all purpose song for them.

Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful article. At least the attendees didn't sing "Imagine", which was sung at a soccer match for peace organized last year by PF.

Anonymous said...

Everyone notice how at least 2x during his trip to Poland Pope Bergoglio used occasions with massive crowds to shove his beloved Muslim immigrants down their throats.
This I the whole reason for his trip to Poland I believe, NOT to participate in WYD, but rather at the times of the biggest audiences, to hammer his radical agenda and try to force people to first accept, and then welcome, these Muslim refugees/terrorists into their country. He harped on the issue incessantly. Like a broken record. The H with the Muslim "refugees"!

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

The youth have been intentionally dumbed down historically speaking.Couple that with a complete lack of catechism knowledge,and you have young 'Catholics' singing Revolutionary anthems.My point is this isn't the young people's fault at this point and time.
Also,I personally disagree that Fr.Hamel was 'celebrating the holy sacrifice of the mass.'
If you disagree with me,fine that's no problem.
Fr.Hamel donated Church property to the Muslims so a mosque could be built to accommodate Muslim worship.
These young people are learning by example to embrace their would be heathen persecutors.