Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daneels Protégé Kicks New Priestly Society Out of Brussels -- Too ManyVocations

(Brussels) The new archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Mgr. Jozef De Kesel, who applauded the recent proposal "totally," has set up an Islamic prayer room at each Catholic school, is at the same time expelling the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles, which was founded by his predecessor.

De Kesel's decision not only ensures a scandal among the faithful, but "opens a new problematic chapter in the governance of the diocese," says the weekly magazine Tempi.

Society refuted vocation crisis

De Kesel's predecessor was Msgr. André-Joseph Léonard, who, upon his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI was Archbishop from 2010-2015 of Mechelen-Brussels. The Fraternité des Saints Apôtres / Broederschap van de Saint Apostelen was established by him on 7 April 2013 and canonically erected. The idea came from Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine, a popular charismatic priest of the Archdiocese of Marseille.

Archbishop Léonard allowed the Society to run priestly formation and gave them the two parishes of Sainte-Catherine / Sint-Katelijnekerk in Brussels and Saint-Joseph in the earlier Flemish, today almost entirely French-speaking community of Uccle (Ukkel) south of Brussels.

Archbishop Léonard ordained in 2015 last members of the Society 

Actually Léonard established it, not only because of the secular forces in Belgium, but those powerful hostile internal forces in the church, which necessitated a parallel priestly formation from outside the diocesan seminary. Similar routes have already gone well in the past for other bishops. In the German-speaking countries  the Regensburg Bishop, Rudolf Graber (1962-1981) founded a second seminary, Heiligenkreuz in Vienna.

The intuition of Archbishop Léonard was a success. The Brotherhood was able to achieve what the progressive diocesan institutions were no longer able, leading young men "to the beauty of that call and the service as diocesan priests."  The Society  is a community of secular priests, but lead a strong community life. It therefore offers the answer to the crisis of world priesthood in Western Europe. The entrusted parishes are alive, unlike neighboring parishes and are visited by many young people.

Although the Community is only three years old, it already nbers six priests and 21 seminarians.

"In solidarity with France's bishops" the Society must leave Belgium

This should have for the best. But this is not so, since Pope Francis made  Archbishop Léonard emeritus and made the new Primate of Belgium to be De Kesel, the preferred candidate of the progressive pre-predecessor. Danneels belongs to Team Bergoglio and the progressive clandestine circle of Sankt Gallen, who tried to prevent the 2005 election of Benedict XVI and were elemental in the 2013 election of Francis.

Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine, founder of the Society 

The new archbishop decided that since the Society was so remarkably successful in the archdiocese, they may form no more priests for the Archdiocese, and thus have to leave Belgium. The reasoning? Because the majority of seminarians come from France. "In many regions of France, there are no priests [...], we do not want to be lacking in solidarity with our neighboring French bishops," De Kesel said in an official statement.

The members of the Society  who were already ordained priests, are to be incardinated into the diocesan clergy and retain charge of their parishes. The seminarians have the opportunity to enter into the diocesan seminary. But the Society  has to pack their bags, and those who want to stay in the Society as well.

The decision disappointed many faithful, who are worried anyway about De Kessels' plans for the "reorganization" of the diocese. His plan provides for the closure of a third of all churches. It was already prepared for at the time under Danneels (to 2010), but was postponed by Archbishop Léonard, who tried to revive the parishes instead. By appointing De Kesels, Danneels' Plan is back into effect.

"Ideological reasons"

A group of faithful of the parish of St. Catherine, led by Bernard de la Croix, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels wrote a letter: "We are amazed that the Society is a victim of its success. The seminarians who come to Belgium, are close to a determined charism, and it is thus not true that thereby the dioceses of France are emptied. The opposite is true: Some would perhaps never have entered a Seminary without a communal life like that of the Society of the Holy Apostles."

The neo-Gothic St. Catherine's Church in Brussels: one of the two parishes of the Society

The faithful then go in depth: "The principle of solidarity, of which one appeals, sounds rather strange. Of the 80 seminarians who are trained for example, in the diocesan seminary of Namur, only 25 are Belgians. Are all the others sent back to their countries of origin? Do all African and Polish priests who help us to proclaim the Word of God in Belgium, have to be sent back home? Is the Catholic Church no longer universal? This argument does not stand examination, and we hope that there aren't in reality, hiding purely ideological reasons."

The allusion is not outrageous for those who are familiar with Brussels' background. Archbishop De Kesel spoke recently for the abolition of priestly celibacy, which should no longer be a prerequisite for admission to the priesthood according to his lights. This must, says the Archbishop, be the necessary response to the "lack of priests". At the same time he throws out that community which brings most of the priestly vocations to the archdiocese. Vocations, who do not represent the progressive agenda and demand no abolition of celibacy.

The letter also points out that the deaconal ordinations planned for June of some members of the Society, have been postponed by Archbishop De Kesel, without giving a reason. It would have been the first ordination of a Society  member by De Kesel. It's a fact that the new chief shepherd of Mechlen-Brussels obviously wants to avoid.

Make a Tabula Rasa

The faithful of St. Catherine requested a debate with De Kesel. So far, they have received neither a response to their letter nor a date for a debate.

Others speak out clearly. Archbishop De Kesel wants to "make a clean sweep and wipe out the beneficial work of Archbishop Léonard." In the diocese Cardinal Danneels and parts of the progressive clergy had an aversion "from the beginning" to the so successful priestly vocations awakened by the Society  that represent a faithful line that is "miles" removed from Daneels' attitude.

Those parts of the Catholic Church, calling for intervention in the sacrament of marriage and refer to the shortage of priests for their solutions (abolition of celibacy, women's deaconate, women priests) find it hard to accept the suggestion that the vocation crisis can not least be traced back to homemade causes that can be overcome. Priestly vocations are a gift of God. It is thus also a signal, where and to whom they are given.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: fraternitedessaintsapotres.com/broederschapvandeheiligeapostelen.com (Screenhots)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

What a wicked, evil man. Even Cupich hasn't stooped to doing something this low. I think this marks the final end of the Church in Belgium.

Tancred said...

You'll have to kill all of the Belgium Catholics first.

Anonymous said...

Give the Muslims and the radical secularists a couple of decades or so, that just might happen. If it does, Belgium would be the place it happens first.

But I really don't see how the Church there will be able to come back after De Kesel and his ilk are finished running it into the ground. Even if they get a good successor like Leonard, which is extremely unlikely, what will they rebuild with? The Belgian Church, and practice of the faith in the country generally, is already arguably the worst off in the world. The Fraternity was practically the only small spot of hope left, and now the heretics ruin even that.

Tancred said...

I'm sure you've warged it thoroughly in your bunker and have done your due diligence. We're doomed!

Ivan said...

Yet another occasion to say, thank you dear Lord, for the SSPX.

Sybok said...

honestly, i think we are

Anonymous said...

What a dirtball bishop.

Thanks a lot for resigning Pope Benedict! The wolves are massacring and devouring the sheep.

Anonymous said...

They can massacre all they want but they will never win. Long live Christ our Victorious King !

Tancred said...

I trust in Jesus and the Church He built.

Anonymous said...

God's will,accept it and pray.

Anonymous said...

If there's any good in this news in this story, it's that this a.h. De Kesel is already 69...he's not young. He will be out in 6 years. He like Francis, will try to do as much damage to the Catholic Church , and to the legacy of his good predecessor, as possible.
It's a good idea to try (at least) to be hopeful. The Fraternity of the Holy Apostoles will survive and thrive elsewhere. It's De Kesel's loss that he threw them out.
In six years, De Kesel will either be dead, or have to submit his resignation.
And Francis (he'll be 80 in 5 months), more than likely will be dead and gone by then. SMall glimmers of light among the clouds .
Damian Malliapalli

Jake said...

Dr Death is at it again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're probably a lot older than me....I'll be 28 in six weeks...but that name callin' stuff (Wolf Boy, Babu, Dr. Death etc.) that's for kids.
When I was a junior in highschool 10 years ago,I ran to the aid of a 14 yr. old freshman who was being tormented (name calling) and beaten by another junior because the freshman kid had an occasional handicap (he would have epileptic seizures in class, on the bus, or in the lunchroom). UNfortunalty the little kid got labeled "retarded" and was the but of jokes. So I took on and beat this junior who could have really injured the kid, and caused him to have a seizure.
I hope (since you're probably a lot older than me), past the name calling phase. People usually outgrow that at let's say....17-18. And I know you can't be that young.
Damian Malliapalli

Jake said...

Think about that next time you are tempted to entertain the audience with the 'wish the Pope dead' routine.

Barnum said...

As if you and your type weren't counting the days until JPII died. And you ghouls even started a vigil for B16.

Jake said...

Get help.

Vincent said...

I think it likely that the action of Archbishop De Kesel would be welcomed by most bishops around the world. In creating a situation whereby these so-called 'New Movements' were put under the direct control of the Pope, John II and to a lesser extent Benedict XVI did enormous damage to the doctrines of ecclesiology and local episcopal authority affirmed at Trent, Vatican I and II.
Pope Francis is simply restoring equilibrium which actually began when Benedict acted decisively against the Legion.

Nicolas Bellord said...

I wonder if this ties in with the recent edict that Dioceses can no longer endorse new religious communities? The edict contrasts with Pope Francis's suggestion in AL at para 3 that doctrine could be delegated to the local diocesan level. It looks as though pastoral initiatives are to be dictated from Rome whilst doctrine can be all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I offended you Jake, but I never wished Bergoglio dead. I just said that (given his age, nearly 80), in 6 years he more than likely will be dead. Not that I wish him dead. It's not like I post a comment like "when is that other lung going to blow out?" like I've read. That's a humorous comment...but a terrible thought.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Mons. Léonard was a good Bishop, but he was a Ratzinger's man, just like Canizares in Spain, now charged for homophobic thoughts, on the other hand, Podemos, a political party godless and antichristian, is going to be received in Vatican by the BoR, just as he did with Boff and friends, that's a commie church, nothing more nothing less, no place for Catholic faithful, don't forget the FI......

Misericordia said...

The Institute of Christ the King have a thriving apostolate - and a school - in Brussels, so the situation is not completely hopeless.

Athelstane said...

The Church is not doomed, nor can it ever be. But that doesn't mean the Church will survive in Brussels. Certainly the leadership there is doing everything possible to hasten its demise (which, of course, won't happen until after they've died, and enjoyed their ecclesiastical pensions).

Well, one hopes that Fr. Michel-Marie can resurrect his society in some form elsewhere, perhaps in France. Perhaps Bishop Rey of Frejus-Toulon might find a home for it.

Athelstane said...

P.S. There's another aspect to this: Where will retired Archb. Leonard live now?

"...Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard of Mechelen-Brussels, the primate of Belgium since his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, has announced that upon his retirement, if his successor permits, he plans to live with the Fraternity of the Holy Apostles, a community he founded in 2013.

"The community has four priests, two deacons, and 15 seminarians.

"The prelate, who turns 75 in May, said that his greatest joy in his 23 years as a bishop has been ordaining over 100 men to the priesthood."


Athelstane said...

Well, for now they do.

Best pray that they continue to be overlooked by the present ordinary, and continue their good work.

Anonymous said...

Another schismatic or Protty version of Christianity notwithstanding!

"Will you leave me also? Lord, to whom shall we go?" (this was said of course long before the SSPX came to save us!)

Anonymous said...

Learn how to be a dhimmi. You must proffer the jizya on your knees with both hands while being spat at in the face. Or just set up some "bray to Mecca" prayer room in the Catholic colleges to get the infection right in the center of Western Civ!

Barnum said...

I tried, but the CDF either can't, or won't, and the German Wehrmacht is in no position to sweep through Belgium at this time.

Come back Holy Office, all is forgiven!

James said...

Islam has no greater protectors than anti-Catholic Catholic bishops. The hatred of Catholic bishops for Catholicism is a miracle in itself. A miracle from the pit of Hell, but a miracle nonetheless.