Friday, June 24, 2016

Archbishop Sacrifices Priest Who Cites Saint Paul to the Homo-Zeitgeist

Don Massimiliano Puscheddu Preaching at a Pilgrimage
(Rome) "Die Bibelfäscher" is one of the most remarkable books of recent literature in the field of religion and theology, written by the leading New Testament scholar Klaus Berger. "Bible Counterfeiters" do not only appear in the field of professional theologians. The Archbishop of Cagliari in Sardinia, Mgr. Arrigo Miglio, issued a priest of his archdiocese a permanent ban on preaching and another such ban, from taking a public position. In addition, the priest must close his YouTube channel with his sermons.
Don Massimliano Pusceddu was found guilty of having quoted the Apostle Paul in a sermon on May 28 in opposition to the "gay marriage" approved by the Italian Parliament.  For this he was lynched verbally by the media. The "Corriere della Sera" wrote of the "Anti-Gay priest" who demands the execution of homosexuals. Numerous media ran the headline: "Priest wants death of homosexuals".

The Apostle Paul on Aberrosexuality, Sin and Death

Don Pusceddu had quoted the letter of Paul to the Romans, here represented by the translation of Klaus Berger:
"As a punishment, God has delivered them to their immoderate desires, so that they mutually desecrate their bodies.
People have traded the reality of God for deceit and structures created, revered and worshiped instead of the Creator. But the Creator will outlast them and be praised.

Because people have therefore swapped created and Creator, God has delivered them their desires, with which they do dishonor only themselves. So it was that women became lesbian and have exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural.
Thus it was that men became gay. Instead of following the nature and have sexual relations with women, they burned in their perverse desire for their peers and fornication with other men, which they received at first hand the condign punishment.
Because people had chosen not to know, he abandoned them to their foolish, so that they do evil.
They are brimming  with injustice, malice, greed, corruption, envy, lust for murder, strife, intrigue and wickedness. They play a double game and bearing tales, insulting God, are fully overbearing in swaggering conceit. They have only evil in mind and refuse obedience to their parents.
Intellect, loyalty, love and compassion are alien to them.
They know very well that according to God's statutes, such conduct is punishable by death. Yet they not only act this way, but even clap in applause when others do it." (Rom 1.24 to 32).
Whoever is able to listen and read, recognizes the connection of who is worthy of death in the eyes of God. What God judges in the hereafter, who people defy, even if some do not want to admit it and they do not want that God rules now or in the hereafter.
The focus of the sermon of Don Pusceddu was the importance and beauty of the family, which was being damaged by the legalization of "gay marriage."  In this context, he cited the apostles to reveal the perversity of homosexuality.

Tragedy: Archbishop kneeling down before the "Lord of the World" 

Don Puscheddu during a catechesis for "Apostles of Mary"

The journalists seem, even in a Catholic country, not to know the difference between sin and sinner. The distinction belongs to an essential element of Catholic doctrine. What the media does not know, at least should be understood by the bishop. However, he knelt before the undignified media and homosexual campaign.
Homo representatives held a protest vigil in front of the priest's church and demanded the removal of Don  Pusceddu in a petition to Pope Francis. What does not suit them must be eliminated. Another opinion is not tolerated, not even God's revelation. This was already realized in what St. Paul wrote to the Romans.
Archbishop Miglio was moved after a few days to intervene. To defend his priest? To protect the Church from spurious attacks? To demand the right of Catholics to read, ponder and proclaim the word of God? Not at all!
With a long press conference the Archbishop attacked Don Pusceddu frontally and from the side. Him, he accused of having "distorted the thought of St. Paul," and begged the aberromosexuals "in my name and on behalf of our diocesan Church, pardon."  At the same time he made known the list of punitive measures against the priest of his diocese.
"The spectacle of a bishop who comes running to kneel before, 'Lord of the World,' is really sad," says Riccardo Cascioli, the editor of the Catholic Internet newspaper, Nuova Bussola Quotidiana .

Surrender without fighting

Archbishop Miglio even cited the Apostle Paul himself in his letter to prove that Don Pusceddu had quoted him incorrectly. It could only come out the opposite of what the Archbishop wanted but he did not notice or did not want to notice. In chapter 5, Paul points to the exact relationship between death and sin: "Through one man, Adam, sin found its way into the world and in its wake, death" (Romans 5:12). "But where sin blooms, grace blooms even stronger" (Rom 5:20). Paul Chapter 8 then says that for those who are in Christ Jesus, there is no more condemnation.The key message of the apostles is to cry repentance and to warn of the dangers of doing wrong.
But Archbishop Miglio has preferred to capitulate to the world and to raise the white flag without fighting. He sacrificed his priest to please the spirit of the world. The other priests of the Archdiocese are now careful not to take a position on this issue. Thus, the only remaining warning voice will be silenced. Whoever announces the revealed doctrine of God, will be punished and removed from the pulpit, whoever bends on this issue and twists to please, or proclaims heresies of all kinds for decades, he can continue undisturbed  and is the darling of published opinion.
The bishop has the first obligation to be like a father to his priests, then his faithful. If a bishop can let a priest down  in such a way, the faithful of the whole Church are uncertain. For Archbishop Miglio to punish Don Puscheddu in such a brutal way, ultimately falls upon the movement founded by this priest,  "Apostles of Mary", which is now represented in all of Italy and many other countries and their charism, in the dissemination and promotion of the Rosary in the family. Don Puscheddu, a former boxer, exorcist of the Archdiocese and priest with a charismatic aura, will know the humiliation of being stuffed away. The damage from the Archbishop goes far beyond that.
It was not unnoticed that this sad statement by the Archbishop took place on the eve of the "Sardegna Gay Pride,"  which will take place tomorrow. The archbishop clearly offered up a priest in order to be able to continue to live undisturbed. The archbishop would have only to view the commercial put up by organizers for the aberrosexual-spectacle in which a little boy appears, to recognize who has been subjected since.


George Kadlec said...

A G.K. Chesterton quote:

"There are many ways to fall but only one way to stand."

Barnum said...

At least when the 19th Century New Age religions like the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists, et alia created their own religions, they created their own "bibles." Incredible that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, M.B. Eddy and their like actually have more integrity that many a Latter Day Catholic Bishop.

Barnum said...

Oh, and what are homosexuals doing in Sardegna? Once upon a time they knew how to handle creatures like that.

CJ said...

Wonder who did worse evil...the archbishop...or the mole that was sitting in the pew that day? A difficult choice.

Geremia said...

The Jew-operated mainstream media's condemnation of this priest with headlines like "Priest wants death of homosexuals" is similar to what got me banned from Fisheaters forum or what happened to this person in Tucson recently.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a Church has the Catholic Church become, when a good and faithful Catholic priest who was preaching Catholic Truth about homosexuality is disciplined by his own bishop who sides with the homosexuality cause rather than defending the good priest? I realize that this has been going on for's not just Francis and company....but it seems to have gotten much worse in the last three years, with the Church siding with the deviant groups, rather than upholding Catholic Truth like they used to do...if only for forms sake.

(As an aside for Tancred, because you're a great moderator of this site....not to name names, but I would;nt keep the post above mine on if I were you...just because of the first three words, and what this person is implying. What certain people have said on this site about me, racist stuff like "Babu" and other comments like "the dog faced boy" amd "Dr. Death" I just laugh off...but if someone new to this site read the first three words in the above comment from 5:09...they'd be shocked and could cause trouble. Thanks.

Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Should I virtue signal now and publish a post honoring Morris Dees?

Anonymous said...

"The Jew-operated mainstream media's ....."

This comment further up = 100% sick.

(By the way, 5:09, publications like Time and the Washington Post,CNN, Boston Globe and New York Times are dominated by cliques of "old money" WASPS, not Jewish people. Just so you know.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Treat yourself to E. Michael Jones, "Jewish Revolutionary Spirit."

Jews do, more so than the other way around, harbour a deep hostility to Catholicism, but some people's hostility to Jews is more déclassé than principled.

Anonymous said...

You have to hand it to the Jews,they're organized and street smart.
The Bible says they will convert to Catholicism eventually.They (Jews) will be a great addition to the Team.

Tancred said...


Barnum said...

The Jews already are already a great addition, some of whom have already been discussed in this blog.

All Jews will not convert, only the full measure. We, each of us, whether Jew, Moslem, Catholic, someone of Knox's "Christianities," and the Enemy Within, face the same question every day: Do I believe Christ is who he says he is?

Tancred said...

The prophesy is that the Jews who have rejected Christ remaining will convert, led by Elijah, who will return to lead them in the final days.

M. Prodigal said...

We--laity and clergy and religious--must all be willing to pay the price for our faithfulness to God. We can NOT compromise on the Truth! This may mean heroic fortitude and courage.

Anonymous said...

We need more courageous clergy. You might bring some attention to the plight of Cardinal Canizares in Spain. A truly courageous prince of the Church who has defied the authorities and the Gay empire with his outspokenness. He said recently that he wouls speak out even if it means they would crucify him. Let is support this courageous Cardinal......we need more of them.

Barnum said...

What is the authority?

Heloisa said...

The Archbishop is a disgrace - he ought to be very concerned for his soul. The Video in nothing short of a type of child abuse.
Cardinal Canizares is one of a very few amongst many. Those few need our prayers.

I spent Saturday 'virtually' attending the VeriCatholici Conference in Rome and am horrified by the lack of support it received and by the lack of advertising on traditional sites.
I wonder if you might give some prominence on your site to the Petitions (see below) as I am finding it somewhat strange that it is not receiving the publicity it should have been given. I had a very inspiring day, only marred by realizing the amount of work that had obviously gone into it and the lack of support it had.

Click the Links below to sign the petitions, read during our #ALConf Conference

Petition to Pope Francis

Petition to the Bishops

Prayerful said...

Pray for Don Massimiliano Puscheddu. It now happens that a bishop who defends his priests like a father and his flock like a shepherd, without neo-Papal attack (although not needed here as the bishop was positively Conciliar), is someone rare and startling. So sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing from Italy. I'm glad there are real Catholics around the world, like the authors of this blog. We are standing for Don Pusceddu and those who want to preserve the Truth of the Catholic Doctrine. Cristo regni !