Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Curial Cardinal Reacts Calmly to Charges of Embezzlement

Through dubious property transactions Cardinal Calcagnos allegedly caused the loss of millions

Vatican City ( The top Vatican property manager, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, has reacted calmly to the allegation of misappropriation of Church funds. He wished to await the delivery of the documents by the Italian public prosecutor's office, said the Vatican press office with weekend. The prosecutor of Savona had previously launched investigations against the president of the Vatican administration of goods APSA. It accuses him, in his time as a bishop in northern Italy, Savona to have caused the loss of millions by questionable property deals.

Calcagno would point out that his alleged irregularities were mainly in the period after his move to the Vatican on July 7, 2007, so the inquest continues. The Vatican also stressed that the allegations have nothing to do with Calcagno's current task.

The Italian cleric was first secretary of the APSA; Since 2011 he was at the head of the authority that manages the real-estate of the Vatican.

Calgagno is supposed, according to prosecutors, to have misappropriated funds from the Church's own "Institute for the Support of Clerics" in Savona, the Church funds managed in order to pay for the social security of priests.

The mismanagement of the Institute was noticed according to media reports, upon a review of the balance sheets from the year 2009. According to the reports, there is also an investigation against Pietro Tartarotti, who headed the Institute until 2014 and his deputy, Gianmichele Baldi. The two were reportedly already asked about the incidents.

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Barnum said...

Hmmm, I'll bet Cdl Calgano supports a lot of clerics. Google him. Wonder if he, V M Fernandez, and friends wear the same lip gloss...

Ivan said...

The Vatican Bank controls billions of dollars. I don't see why the Vatican would get too ruffled about a few million. The Vatican probably admires the Cardinal's initiative.

Holger said...

Sodano and Bertone would be hiding their piggy banks too.