Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cardinal Müller in Madrid: Not Even the Pope Can Change Divine Law

(EP) The German Cardinal is to visit this Tuesday, May 3, the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid, where he has come to present his book 'Report on Hope' (Library of Christian Authors) in which he is interviewed by the publisher and director, Carlos Granados, and in which he reflects on marriage, gender ideology, the divorced and remarried or abortion, among others.

"It is not possible (to live in God's grace in a situation of sin). The Church has no power to change the divine law, you can not change the indissolubility of marriage. You can not say yes to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and not in marriage. It is an objective contradiction," he emphasized, when asked about the approach to families in irregular situation reflected in the exhortation on the family by Pope Francis, 'Amoris Laetitia.'

In this sense, the German Cardinal recalled that when a person is "in mortal sin," he must receive the sacrament of penance and that this "can not be changed by the Pope or an ecumenical council."

The integration of divorced and remarried.

In any case, he has warned that there can not be "false interpretations" that "go beyond the dogma" and explained that what the Pope is calling for from the Church is to think how these people can be integrated, who "know they live in an incorrect situation but want to approach the Church."

However, he explained that, for example in the case of returned divorced married, the "goal" should be to "separate the illegitimate husband" or live with him but in chastity, because "you can not justify a situation if it goes against the divine law."
This is indicated in the book 'Report on Hope', which states that "the Church can never enjoy any authority to waive the commandments for the sake of an alleged compassionate view" and "can not, for example, grant a remarriage while the first spouse is still living. "

Dedication to Pope

Müller has said that this book was written "with great dedication to the Pope" and has praised the "personal style of Francis" since he is more "pastoral" and "close to the people", while he has called for not "misinterpreting" his way of preaching and not to "invent contradictions" between different Popes.

During the conference, the Archbishop of Madrid, Carlos Osorio, thanked him for his presence,  Cardinal Müller was asked,  "what can you expect from society today" and he acknowledged that it is no wonder that man today could be defined as "hopeless or angry."

In this line, he highlighted the "hope" that the Church can offer to man not "shipwrecked in  pointlessness and irrationality." He also criticized those who are indifferent to the suffering of others only in order to preserve "politically correct" relations as well as those who put market laws above human dignity.

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