Friday, April 15, 2016

Not All Churchmen Are Good People

Edit: another example of self-serving Bergoglian exegesis?

[Dailypedia] In a homily delievered at the chapel of Saint Martha residence in the Vatican, Pope Francis shared the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, which is found in the Gospel of Luke.

"The rich man boasted of fine clothing and ate lavish meals [Cardinal Marx certainly looks like he enjoys lavish meals], while Lazarus was a beggar who lived near his house, struggling with hunger and diseases. [The Church is starving for orthodox preaching while Bergoglio luxuriates in media adulation.]

Pope Francis explained that the rich man was not really evil, but "the eyes of his soul were certainly tinted so as not to see."

“Maybe he prayed and a couple times a year [Or offers the Sacrifice of the Mass in the guesthouse chapel of a luxurious four star hotel where he takes up a pretty large carbon footprint?] he surely went up to the temple to offer sacrifices and he gave big donations to the priests, [Takes big donations from globalist, pro-abortion,  NGOs?] who in their clerical cowardice would thank him and give him a seat of honor,” [Pro-Abort Bernie Sanders comes to mind.] Pope Francis said.

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