Friday, April 15, 2016

"In This Respect There is an Explosive Power in Them" -- Amoris Laetitia and Schönborn's "Disobedience"

Baldisseri and Schönborn

"Farewell to the Magisterium"

(Vienna) The Catholic theologian and director of the left-liberal, and management of the  Austrian daily newspaper. Der Standard, Wolfgang Bergmann, identified the key to Amoris Laetitia yesterday in the ORF broadcast "Praxis - Religion and Society" (ORF-focus "Mother Earth"). He explains this by that which does not exist in the document, namely, the "Farewell to the Magisterium" and therefore to normative standards.
Bergmann is considered to be a "Church insider." He formerly headed the public relations of the Austrian Caritas and was communications director of the Archdiocese of Vienna. He was, until 1999. a close collaborator of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna.
Amoris Laetitia was presented by Cardinal Schönborn not only on behalf of the Pope to the world, but has also contributed his handwriting in some cases. The first section of the controversial eighth chapter begins with the "gradualness", a keyword that  Schönborn coined in the first Synod of Bishops, 2014. Accordingly, there are no irregular situations in relationships between two people, but only a gradation in the realization of the marriage "ideal". It's a concept that has already been criticized at the time criticized as a relativistic dissolution of marriage sacrament, but it still found its way into an official papal document.

"Roman theology has come to the end"

According to Bergmann there has only been "very minimal progress" by Amoris Laetitia. However, the positive side is a "farewell to the Magisterium" initiated by Pope Francis.  The pope has written, "preaching, lyrically, citing writers, he is pedagogical-psychological [Some might say pedantic and deliberately insulting.], but theological only a few places."  But there is a reason, says Bergmann: "The Roman theology has come to the end."
Pope Francis had "opened the door for the sacraments" to public adulterers, Bergmann speaks of divorced and remarried, though in "only in two footnotes," and thus in a "hidden form".
Then Bergmann reported on the "Vienna Praxis." Cardinal Schönborn had been engaged in this praxis "for 15 years" even as he presented Amoris Laetitia at the press conference and thus even refuted  the reputation he's had so far - albeit with a decreasing tendency - the attributed Image of a "Conservative". [Nobody ever believed that once they got to know what he really was.]

"Schönborn has lived in disobedience here"

In the Archdiocese of Vienna, it had long been a practice given by Cardinal Schönborn, says Bergmann, "which was actually against the line of Rome, which Schönborn has lived in disobedience here," which could lead "to the blessing of remarried divorced couples."  "To that extent, this practice is now legitimized by Rome."
This also shows "that it is a very good to be a time disobedient, because one can be obtain later through praxis. This can perhaps now be extrapolated to other topics, including the blessing of homosexual couples. In this respect there is an explosive power in them." The "Vienna Praxis" would also include homosexual relationships.
Bergmann sees also in Amoris Laetitia a conscious "renunciation of power" by the Pope.  "In fact, exerts Pope Francis has engaged in a renunciation of power." This "renunciation of power" by its displacement to the local Churches must now, however, be specific and be exhausted, not only in announcements and "encouragement" but to prevent  a later reversal,  so says the Standard's manager.
Text: Martha Burger Weinzl
Image: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

That this degenerate should be the official "presenter" of an exhortation on family love should drive everyone of goodwill out of the N.O.:

See benny's vatican defend the pervert (sodomites running your parish is a 'flap'):

Anon II said...

Well, Anonymous. Take a sad look at the latest poll at the top right corner of this page. Even people smart enough to sniff out the truth that they find here in this blog STILL are so blind and stupid that they would vote to remain in their Novus Ordo pews! Unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

Even gloria tv has a female news reader. And why? Because if a MAN read these "criticisms" of pope francis & his 'lil hole it might make them seem too hardline and radical.

To understand what I mean: watch the hairless effeminate glasses-wearing pervert girlie man voice the "middle ground" (see long shot photography), then the 12 year old girls (like gloria tv reader) say the outrageous filthy heresy; then see the white male at the end telling us 'authoritatively' nuthin' has changed (note photography).

Perverts pervert and VC2 absolutely leads to hell!!!

Anonymous said...

There has to be a schism---that is a declaration that Rome under Francis no longer represents the Catholic Church and that the remaining orthodox prelates, few as they are, move decisively to set up the headquarters of the Immemorial Church with a real Pope. The Modernists are in schism---not us. RC

Tancred said...

You can figure all that out from the blog poll, huh?

Anonymous said...

Same way pew sitter (that neo-conartist rag) sells Dr. Mirus (w/pic of his white man in suit) as "losing patience" w/those who would label Frannie a heretic (got to earn your 6k salary somehow, right, doc?):

"Prudent Dr. Mirus loses patience: Any quarrel with Pope Francis on Ch. 8 is not a quarrel over doctrine, but a quarrel over discipline. We are arguing not moral principles, but spiritual prudence. I have no patience at all with those who say, in effect, that this is the last straw! ... "

Anon II said...

Yeah. Can't you??

Tancred said...

I don't have your genius for interpolating subjective mental states into reality like you, no.

Ivan said...

"There has to be a schism". The schism took place on June 30, 1988. On that day, the torch of Tradition was passed to the SSPX.

CH DUPUY said...

Why doesn't the Pope goes all the way trhough and allows LGBT marriages, gives official approval to pederasty, incest, bestiality and every kind of perversion in the name of "MERCY"?

Anonymous said...

"There has to be a schism---that is a declaration that Rome under Francis no longer represents the Catholic Church and that the remaining orthodox prelates, few as they are, move decisively to set up the headquarters of the Immemorial Church with a real Pope. The Modernists are in schism---not us. RC"

I agree. The SSPX is the perfect organization to do so. No more negotiations with the Vatican....they are playing the SSPX as fools who can be tempted. Loyalty to this kind of Pope and Vatican is not worth it. Keep the Faith SSPX, and reject the Vatican of Pope Francis and company. I already have ! I'll wait to come back under a true Catholic Pope. I won't have to wait long. That's the only good news.
This weekend, isn't it, that "Pope" Francis is off to Greece to confort his beloved Muslim refugees. If he know how many faithful Catholics in Europe hate him for this gesture, he'd probably die of shock.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Francis does not care about what anyone thinks of him as long as he can do and impose his will. He is a brazen, shameless heretic. If the SSPX falls for his "mercy" they are overlooking what he has to gain for a measure that costs him nothing and gains him much: he will look open-minded and merciful; he will likely cause a split in the SSPX between the more hard-line orthodox and the less so; and, above all for his purposes, he will shut them up as the Fraternity of St. Peter must look the other way no matter what he and his apostate prelates do and decide to impose on the Mystical Body. That, in my opinion, is the strategy of this eminently vulgar politician who is also crafty as a fox. Edward