Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Does Cardinal Casper Want Women Cardinals? Women Should Have a Say in the Conclave

(Rome) Cardinal Walter Kasper has adopted gender ideology and is calling for the participation of women at the next conclave.
Whether the German cardinal also calls them Cardinalettes, is not clear coming from his remarks.  Anyway, if it were up to him, women would vote as papal electors in the next conclave.
"It is theoretically possible that women participate in the election of a pope. The composition of the group, which is tasked to choose a pope is not the subject of a divine mandate. This thing can change."
The cardinal expressed those words last Monday in Rome at the launch of the new special edition "Maria's Daughters - The Church and Women" by Herder Korrespondenz,  as the news page of the German Bishops' Conference reported.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.clom


Anonymous said...

He's probably just floating another heretical idea on behalf of Pope Francis.

Barnum said...

Like Hillary? Nancy Pee? Babs Streisand? Or how about Susan Sarandon? Carla Bruni? Michelle Obama?

Of course our Susan will never be invited.

Tony V said...

I can think of plenty of women who'd do a better job of picking a pope than Cardinal Kasper.

Anonymous said...

The late,great Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, P.C.P.A. would have been a great cardinal....better than 90% of the ones we already have now!

Make no mistake, this nutjob Kasper and his associates are the real "popes"....not Francis. He is their mouthpiece. It was they that overthrew Benedict XVI and put Francis in place. He owns everything to them.
It's horrifying, when you think of it....but it's true.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Is Sister Joan still alive?

Anonymous said...

Like his father the Devil, this monster Kasper never sleeps. The constant agitation (even at his age) that is all too typical of Leftists. I wonder who raised to the rank of cardinal!

Anonymous said...

John Paul II raised him to the rank of cardinal. And he also gave the red hat to Bergoglio.

To his credit, Benedict XVI when he was Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger opposed the elevation of both Kasper, and the just retired Archbishop of Mainz, Lehmann to the cardinalate. But the radical supporters of these two men, who were still in the Curia of JP II.....and who were violently opposed to Cardinal Ratzinger and his election as Benedict XVI and who ultimately were the powerful force of radicals who forced Benedict out....they influenced JPII to appoint such lunatics as Kasper and Lehmann....and many more.
Damian Malliapalli

Elizabeth said...

JPII was an extremely weak administrator, and while he was more or less orthodox himself, he obviously didn't care about the rest of the clergy. It was only when JPII became too weak to carry on that Ratzinger could effectively oppose nominations, get people out of positions, prosecute child molesters, etc. And that's what brought about his demise, because they had gotten too powerful under nearly 30 years of a very weak pope who saw himself primarily as the focus of a cult of personality (setting the stage for Francis).

Anonymous said...

Because of all this, I still say that we might be in for a surprise in the next conclave to elect a new Pope and the majority of cardinals might pick a strong, highly orthodox and even traditionalist leaning man as Pope....someone who may not even be a Cardinal.....someone well known...but posted to a place so remote that it might seem fantasyland to even think of him. But there's more movement towards that kind og pope the next time than many think!
Damian Malliapalli

susan said...

Are you kidding again with this Damian???
This bunch will no doubt pick a apostate woman.

susan said...

You got that right Barnum! But a girl can dream can't she? I think I'd take "Smiter I", and my installation celebration would include the defrocking of Kasper, Forte, Marx, Maradiaga, Fernandez, and about 50 others, with accompanying public anathemas. That's Day 1.

Day 2, I have bergoglio's bones dug up and place him on trial for multiple and manifest heresy, and as a persistent enemy of Christ and His Church.

Day 3, I regularize the SSPX; make a battlefield promotion of Fellay to a red hat; and place him as head of the CDF.

Day 4, I have a nice big bowl of Linguine al salmone affumicato.

Day 5, get back to righteous smitin'.

yep....a girl can dream.

susan said...

of course, all the above would presume my being named cardinal AND pope.

Let me tell you...I'd have some kickin' vestments.

Walt said...

They've got a notable Harpy in mind already.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Kasper should be Excommunicated for being Lutheran !