Thursday, April 7, 2016

Clarín: "Will Pope Francis Carry Out a Historical Turning Point for the Divorced and Remarried"

Edit: the real attention-getter is that the heretical Danube Cardinal will be reading it.  We'll remind you that he is not only the man who allowed the vile pornographic creations of the Communist Alfred Hrdlika to hang in his cathedral church (he's also buried in the cemetery)  and bookstore, but he also confirmed the approval of an aberrosexual in a civil partnership as head of the parish council in one of his parishes, in front of the flashing cameras of the media.  We don't understand why a man who adores Conchita Wurst is still a priest, much less a man responsible for the souls of millions of Austrians, but it's not our decision.

(Rome) On Friday in two days, the post-synodal letter of Pope Francis on the family will be presented. So far the only thing  known is that the letter begins with the words "Amoris Laetitia" and that it will be presented on Friday by Cardinals Lorenzo Baldisseri and Christoph Schönborn at the Vatican. Cardinal Baldisseri has been raised by Pope Francis to the state of cardinal and appointed Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops. He is considered a close confidant Pope. Cardinal Schönborn has since 1995 been Archbishop of Vienna and since 1998 chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference. He was brought into the College of Cardinals by Pope John Paul II in 1996.
The Dominican from an ancient noble house was particularly appreciated by Benedict XVI. to whose student circle he belonged, and in addition to which he was editor of the World Catechism. However, Pope Francis does not seem to appreciate him any less. The approach is in direct connection with the Synod of Bishops, in which Vienna's Archbishop stuck his neck out too far with daring theories on homosexuality and a "gradation" of the marriage.

Papal thanks for Cardinal Schönborn

Anyway, he is currently the highest dignitary of the German-speaking world, who was afforded visibility by Pope Francis in Rome. During the Synod of Bishops he had entrusted him with an honorable task. Schoenborn was allowed to hold the speech at the ceremony, which was organized on the 50th anniversary of the Conciliar statements. It was Schönborn   above all else, was organized the compromise fomrula on 23 and 24 October, for the final report of the synod, which prevented a breach between a majority of the Synod Fathers and the Pope at the last moment. It was  clear how close it was since one of the controversial articles was nevertheless adopted only by a razor-thin majority of one vote.
That Cardinal Schönborn will present the highly anticipated post-synodal letter "Amoris Laetitia" on Friday, which is meant as thanks the Pope.  From a diplomatically predisposed house - his family represents not only the church, with many bishops, but the old Empire also with ministers and diplomats - Schönborn is the link to the rebellious German princes of the church together with the smug apparatchiks who again are rehearsing their uprising against Rome.
The Argentine newspaper Clarín's headline the day before yesterday: "Francis could announce a major turn for divorcees". The unnamed author's piece awakens the "hope" that Pope Francis "will give the green light on Friday for the bishops to grant the remarried divorcees the sacraments."

Squaring the circle

Specifically, says Clarín , it will be "hoped" that the pope transmits the power to the bishops   to decide independently whether they would offer a "penitential" course, leading to the re-admission to the sacraments. The newspaper tried to play square the circle:
"The 'penitential way'  confirms on one hand that the Catholic marriage is indissoluble by divine will, while on the other hand it offers the possibility that the divorcee who married civilly for a second time, can regain admission to communion, which was withdrawn from them because they live with their new partners in a state of serious disorder. "
The newspaper asks: "Will the Pope consummate the historic change that a church marriage can be dissolved in certain cases, which it rejects doctrinally, but  allows in practice?"

German bishops threaten "going alone"

For the majority of the German bishops the "penitential path"  for the admission to the sacraments must end. If Rome does not agree, they would practice independently, "as they have been threatened on several occasions". [Which they've been doing for decades and even centuries.]
However, there was "strong opposition by conservatives and defenders of doctrine". The newspaper calls by name the Cardinals Gerhard Müller, the "influential" CDF prefect, and Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, who stands behind the "the bulk of the African Church."
For them, "marriage is indissoluble and neither the Church nor the pope can change the will of God". The "penitential path" is not a "second chance" to enter a new marriage, as in the Orthodox Church. "There could therefore come some stormy times of the Church," said Clarin.
But Pope Francis will decide? In his book " Codigo Francisco " wrote Marcelo Larraquy: "When he was Cardinal of Buenos Aires,  doctrine was not one of his special interests. He employed more pastoral solutions to the problems of the faithful. "Priests in his diocese had not denied the doctrine, to which they are held. But they could  "feel free" to act on the pastoral level, because "Rome was far away." The canonical prohibition against "remarried divorcees recieving Communion,  did not prevent them from receiving in some parishes."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Clarín (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Geremia said...

Are you planning to translate this: regarding Cdl. Brandmüller's April 6 pre-Amoris Lætitia statement?

Tancred said...

1Peter5 did it already. I'll look at it though.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Title: On Why Neither Presidents Nor Popes Can Give Anyone Permission To Crucify Jesus

This will blow you away.

Anonymous said...

If Pope Francis allows for what many people fear, he will have caused and unleashed such a rebellion in the Church by good and faithful Catholics against him (and this includes Cardinals, Bishops.....whole Bishops Conferences, etc), that he will have wished that he pursued his original goal in life when he was be a butcher, not a priest.
In away he did become a butcher, because he is butchering the Catholic Faith.
He and his thugs will get their reward very soon!
Damian Malliapalli

Ivan said...

"I've read it and it's horrific".

This from When it comes out tomorrow, paragraphs 186, 79, 302, 303 and 311 are the heart of the poison.

The rest is just a bunch of, “Oh mah gah, you guys, someone should totally DO SOMETHING about that. Like, seriously. Someone should do something about divorce. Because, er mah gah, it is like, so… sad. And there should totally be like, less.”

southwillriseagain said...

Why don't you wait till tomorrow before you judge him?

southwillriseagain said...

Does barnhart have special access to the Vatican?

Edward said...

How about we call it the "Exhortation of Desolation" (cf Matt 24:15) if this thing turns out to meet our worst expectations?

Edward said...

If the exhortation does turn out to be heretical see Psalm 108:8:
May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take.

Anonymous said...

If it's as bad as many think, there will be a real storm of protest against Francis....I think he'd have to resign.
I wasn;lt even born when Richard Nixon quit, but he was a crook who did terrible things, and resigned in disgrace.
If this thing is bad...Francis will be a repeat of Nixon. Otherwise, the Church will be torn apart, and we'll have a Pope 80% of the church will refuse to obey because he is a heretic.

Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Nixon did terrible things? Like what?

Geremia said...

The "reading guide" already sent out to Novus Ordo bishops says this:

The Pope’s vision of society is inclusive. Such inclusion involves the effort to accept diversity, to dialogue with those who think differently, to encourage the participation of those with different abilities.

The journalist reports:

The document was sent to bishops along with summaries of the Pope’s recent Wednesday audiences on the family, and of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body [i.e., divinization of sex, somalatry], described as an “important source” for Amoris Laetitia.


GMUA said...

It's out.
Rorate Caeli has the summary.

Barnum said...

You do realize you revealed yourself with that question, don't you?

Barnum said...


I take it you lived through the Nixon days. As a Christian, you know that all Presidents are like him. I would cut young, impressionable, non-American Damian a lot of slack. A real lot.

Barnum said...

Thanks for alerting us, GMUA!

All I have to say is, as the audience the Vat seems to lust after, is: OMG!!!!! Citing "Babette's Feast!!!!" How much more Christ- forgetting, Christ- denying, out of context, syrupy, sentimental, drool-producing by committee can something be?

Anonymous said...

If this Pope Francis quotes "Babette's Feast" in his letter, what a clown....what a loser. Everyone knows he's no theologian!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! What an embarrassment for the Catholic Church to have this hack as Pope !!!! After all, we've gotten garbage for the last 50 years since Vatican we've sunk so low to have this kind of Pope.
Unless a groundswell rises up among good Catholics to oppose this crap, we deserve what we get!
I'm sure serious,traditional Church such as the Greek Orthodox etc. are laughing behind Francis' back!
What a joke of a Pope!!! We've gone from saints like St.Pius X and Ven. Pius this.
What a disgrace!
Damian Malliapalli

Geremia said...

The most disturbing ¶ in it I've seen so far:

Because of forms of conditioning and mitigating factors, it is possible that in an objective situation of sin – which may not be subjectively culpable, or fully such – a person can be living in God’s grace, can love and can also grow in the life of grace and charity, while receiving the Church’s help to this end.

He says one living in sin can be in the state of grace!!!

Geremia said...

This picture just about completely summarizes it.

Tancred said...

The only thing Nixon failed to do in my opinion was stay in power when he should have.

Joseph said...
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Anonymous said...

Damian I attend a Roman catholic church that keeps the pre-1950 traditions alive.
The Roman Catholic Church is alive & well.
Our numbers have shrunk but that's all that has changed.

Anonymous said...

Nixon didn't do anything different from any other national or state politician.
He is on tape insulting The Bohemian Grove & Jewish lobbyists.
Lo and behold,an excrement storm rained down upon months later.