Friday, April 29, 2016

Archbishop Osoro Will Now Participate in Cardinal Müller's Book Presentation After All

Cardinal Müller may not present his book at the Archdiocesan
University.  But will at least participate at the presentation.
(Madrid) Archbishop Carlos Osoro of Madrid is backpedaling. According to the media reports about his ban against Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the Archbishop of Madrid has once again considered it.  He will now take part in the book presentation, which will take place due to Osoro's ban, now at the University Francisco de Vitoria.
As reported yesterday,  Madrid's Archbishop Carlos Osoro had made ​​an unprecedented affront to Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the CDF.
From German Cardinal talking book "appeared recently in Spain Informe sobre la esperanza " (About Hope's Place). The book situates itself on the side of the Church's position, calling a spade a spade. In the course of treatment within the Church discussions, for example, through the sacrament of marriage, divorce and homosexuality, it also contains criticism of Pope Francis' administration. Thus the Cardinal explains  that 500 Years of Reformation is "nothing  for Catholics to celebrate." It's an answer to the common Reformation commemoration that Pope Francis is planning along with the Lutheran World Federation, and will travel on 31 October 2016, to Stockholm.

Osoro accused publisher of asserting a "non-existent" conflict

Next week Cardinal Müller will present his book in several Spanish cities. A German edition, and other translations are in preparation.
The presentation in Madrid was to be held at the Archbishop's University San Dámaso, which is also connected with the seminary of the Archdiocese.
However, Archbishop Osoro  justified his ban of Cardinal Müller on the grounds that his book was "against the Pope."
A week ago things had sounded quite different. At the Spring Plenary Assembly of the Spanish Bishops' Conference of 18-22nd April Osoro criticized the publisher, the prestigious Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC), on the grounds that the book had asserted a "conflict" between Pope Francis and Cardinal Müller that did not exist in reality.
The "non-existent conflict" must exist since Archbishop Osoro even tried to exercise censorship against the Cardinal Prefect of the CDF.

Osoro, because  of criticism over a "fake resume," will now participate

Osoro, appointed by Pope Francis as Archbishop of Madrid in the fall of 2014, is currently in the spotlight himself. On his appointment, he referred to four Licentiates, which he had acquired during his academic training. According to Infovaticana  his resume had been "faked" and he does not have a single licentiate. Anyway, according to the Spanish news site, they can't find any trace of them in any of the  universities mentioned.
Following the ban by the Archbishop the organizers did not cancel the presentation, but sought for a new venue. The book launch will be taking place at the University Francisco de Vitoria. Also the competent diocesan bishop was also invited, as in all places where Cardinal Müller presents his book. However Osoro declined to participate.
According to recent media reports, however, there was a turnaround. Archbishop Osoro is now to attend the book launch at the University Francisco de Vitoria as Infovaticana announced.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Infovaticana
Trans: Tancred
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Walt said...

Is it acceptable not to hate Archbishop Oroso now?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope this issue over the totally orthodox and also truthful book by Cardinal Muller, as well as the "fake" resume will turn into a huge scandal for this bishop which will force his resignation in disgrace.
His lies about his resume and licenses shows that this Pope Francis scrapes the bottom of the barrel to find his bishops....not the top flight men who are worthy.
I wish there would develop a big enough scandal to bring Pope Francis down....and out. As well as his associates.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Sweet Heart of Mary, be the salvation of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world.

Given by Our Lord to Sister Lucia of Fatima

Anonymous said...

Francisco's main method is destruction of the Faith by appointment of the mediocre, the heretical, and the idiotic. His scraping of the barrel for unworthy candidates is part of his modus operandi. So, when your fairly acceptable Novus Ordo bishop appointed by fluke or by a brief moment of responsible pastoral care by Benedict (even if not quite traditional) either dies, becomes ill, or is forced to resign through some manufactured crisis or scandal, be prepared, dear Faithful of Christ, to welcome a heretical clown to succeed him---all aglow with "love" and "mercy," yes aglow as if radioactive! RC

Anonymous said...

The man is a sycophant. Seems to be a necessary credential for any advancement in the new church.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and sycophanty yields mediocrity and worse. God for His Own good reasons is allowing this scourge, but millions of souls are being lost. RC