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Praise for Martin Luther at St. Peter's Basilica: "Martin Luther HadBrought the Truth to Light Again"

Pope Bergoglio Looks on as Cantalamessa insults God
(Rome) The Good Friday sermon in St. Peter's Basilica, was also given in the presence of Pope Francis in 2016 by the Pontifical House Preacher,  Father Raniero Cantalamessa OFM Cap. The famous Capuchin declared some things that are very surprising to Catholic Christians. That  Martin Luther's "merit " is "to have brought to light" again the "truth" about the "righteousness of God".

Luther's "merit" and the Church policy ecumenical agenda in Rome

The Catholic Church had "for centuries" "lost" a truth before Luther?

Cantalamessa said:

But all of this means nothing if one does not first understand what the term "righteousness of God" actually means. When you hear talk of the righteousness of God and misunderstand this, then there is a risk to be put off by it, rather than feel encouraged. Augustine had already pointed out: "The righteousness of God," he wrote, "is that we are justified by grace, just like the salvation of the Lord '(salus Domini) (Psalm 3.9) that is, God saves us "1) In other words,  the righteousness of God is the act by which those people who believe in his son, are justified and made pleading to him. It is not a matter of  making "justification" but "to making the righteous."

To Luther comes the merit of having brought this truth to light again after the Christian message had lost the sense of it for centuries. That is essentially what Christianity owes the Reformation whose fifth centenary will soon take place. About this discovery, the Reformer later wrote: "I felt even reborn entirely and as I had entered through open gates Of paradise itself." 2

2013  Cantalamessa attempts to set aside  the "partition" between "various Christian churches" and eliminate the "relic of rituals"

Already in his first Good Friday sermon on 29 March 2013 Cantalamessa had made controversial remarks on ecumenism and the unity of the Christian Communities. It was then  the Pontifical House preacher said:

"[Zenit] We must do everything possible so that the Church may never look like that complicated and cluttered castle described by Kafka, and the message may come out of it as free and joyous as when the messenger began his run. We know what the impediments are that can restrain the messenger: dividing walls, starting with those that separate the various Christian churches from one another, the excess of bureaucracy, the residue of past ceremonials, laws and disputes, now only debris."

The full text of the Good Friday sermon in 2016 was published by Zenit. The original sermon was posted on the video channel of Vatican Radio. Preaching Cantalamessas in length of 25 minutes starting at minute 51:30 and ends at 1:17:30.
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Text: Nardi
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Trans: Tancred


Ivan said...

I think Pope Benedict wanted to publish the Third Secret of Fatima. He wasn't decisive in the beginning and as the "Bishop dressed in white", he walked "half trembling with halting step". In 2005 Pope Benedict said, "Pray that I may not flee for fear of the wolves".

This sermon by Cantalamessa illustrates perfectly why Benedict XVI had to go. The Vatican wants its message to be unambiguous. The Catholic Faith as we have known it for 2000 years is officially gone.

Anonymous said...

The War on Christianity, Part 1 | James Perloff

Anonymous said...

Much as I am continually appalled by the words and actions of this current Pope, can I please ask that we stop using terms like Pope Bergoglio or Frankenpope.

He is Pope Francis and is our Pope whether we like it or not.
Descending to insults and incorrect titles seems to me to put as on the same footing as Luther, because it means we are denying the Papacy as established by Christ.

We must, of course, continue to correct the false teaching coming out of Rome; and I, for one, am not a Papalotrist, I do not believe that every word that comes out of the mouth of the Pope is infallible.

Having got that out of my system I certainly applaud the message and warning in the above article. The fact that Cantalamessa is so ignorant of the evils preached by Luther and the utter destruction he wrought on Christendom is deplorable. I won't start on all the things Luther taught that were wrong, nor will I start on his disgusting personal life and his pornographic sexual statements. Suffice it to say that for Rome to start to sanctify such a man is a sign that more than just the smoke of Satan has entered the Church.

John Fisher said...

He has obviously not read any Luther.

Anthony Cooper said...

Frankenpope aptly describes Bergoglio, a dead thing missing a Catholic soul created in the likeness of Judas.

Eirene said...

How long, O Lord, how long . . . .?

HermitTalker said...

JP was the only one who could authorise release if the Fatima Secret. He got the permission to do so from the only living visionary. Benedict knew he was a compromise Pope- that one demented cardinal broke the secret and revealed the runner-up was BEEGOGLIO. BXV1 PLANNED HIS RESIGNATION - placing a stole on the tomb of the last pope who resgned voluntarily was one subtle signal.

bvs said...

St Martin Luther????

HermitTalker said...

Perhaps you did not actually listen.

Liturgical Commentator said...

Re: "in his first Good Friday sermon on 29 March 2013"

Fr. Cantalamessa became Preacher to the Papal Household in 1980. The above line in the text implies that he owes his position to Pope Francis, which is not correct.

Nelzenger said...
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Nelzenger said...

Lots of laugh on St. Martin Luther who does not believe in the intercession of saints. hehehe.. I would prefer St. Marcel Lefebvre and I am serious in this.

bvs said...

So after 500 years the Church finally accepts that Luther was right.

Phew, what a relief for the powerful priests whose morality is highly suspect.

As an example: The German church is heavily invested in publication of pornography media. Despite this being brought to light under pope Benedict the practice continues. So is it any wonder that the German hierarchy in most part are closet Lutherans? If they " buy into "
the whole justified by grace position,the manner in which they choose to live remains inconsequencial. They have a free pass to the promised land.

I wonder,do they really believe the nonsense they preach about this post conciliar church being anything like the early church of martyrs?

I notice too that increasingly these men insist on proclaiming the death of the "old"church :" residue of ...past ceremonials, laws only debris"

My background in strategic analysis tells me that these remarks actually demonstrate deep fears about the resilience and vitality of a Catholicism they sought to destroy.

After Vatican II, targeted efforts to wipe 2000 years of history, exegesis, theology and teaching from the collective memory of Catholics have resulted in a far less successful "cultural reveloution" than had been hoped for.

The old mass is not a relic of the forgotten past. It lives.
They replaced it with a new mass for common use that is almost unrecognisable: incl. vested the priests in protestant robes, brought lay members incl. women into active participation in the sanctuary itself during the mass. They forced most people to stand at communion by removing the altar rails and have even allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry to freely handle and in some cases "man handle" the sacred host.

Wickedly, they have neglected their collective duty to properly catechize others, most especially,the young. They have changed the feasts dates and abolished the commemoration of beloved saints. They clamor about participation of the laity but they killed off the vibrant lay particpation groups,sodalities etc. and effectively consigned the sacred language to the dustbin

But,while they have wrought grave havoc nothing they done has killed off the desire for the old mass and the full authentic faith amongst younger Catholics.

And they know it. Hence the vicious mockery, verbal attacks and many attempts at hampering priests, prelates and religious whose orthodoxy is sound.

Hence the attempts to confuse and obfuscate Catholics furtherin those impromptu aeroplane "chats".etc etc. etc.

But these prelates forget this is NOT their church, but Christ's. Like all great "reformers" they conflate God's will theirs,, and in the end His holy will trumps

But the collateral damage ...well that's another tale

Ivan said...

Any Pope since 1960 is authorized to make the Secret known. As far as orchestrating the placing of the stole, the Vatican was just being clever. The Vatican's strongest suite is being clever. Now the Vatican has changed from being clever to being "in your face" with the new reality.

James said...

Cantalamessa has been unhinged for years.

Anonymous said...

Any "priest" who makes this statement nor any "pope" that listens to the statement (silence is compliance) is not actually a priest or a pope. They may have the title but they can't call down our Lord on the alter, they can't forgive sins, they do any of it. Bl.Anne Catherine Emmerich mentioned these priests and bishops and said they had no power. So be aware if you know a priest or bishop like this because you're getting zilch, zip, nada, from the sacraments they try to confer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous John,

You are incorrect. Wildly incorrect. The Sacraments flow from the power of Christ. The sanctity or lack thereof on the part of the priest or bishop has no effect on the validity of the Sacrament. A priest may commit a personal sacrilege and grave sin by effecting a Sacrament while not in the state of grace, but that in no way effects the validity of the Sacrament.

You are spreading scandal and doubt. Stop it.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Form Matter, and intention and also a validly ordained priest.If you want to believe a clown who says a liar like Luther has the correct intention well then go drink from that well spring of graces good sir.
You are scandalizing with ignorance, please stop doing so.

Hans said...

The both died outside the Church.

Anonymous said...

We are most definitely in the Apocalypse. The Pope is a Lutheran.

Tancred said...

The canonists of the American gutter.

Ivan said...

The Council of Trent, Session VII, Canon XIII: If anyone says that the liturgy can be changed or a new one created by any of the Pastors of the Church, let him be anathema. I think you would be very surprised to find out just how many people that call themselves Catholic, are formally outside of the Church. That doesn't mean the Pope is not the Pope, he is.

Clinton R. said...

I too wonder if they will 'canonize' St. Martin Luther. The false ecumenism lovers in Rome can't praise him enough. It is truly sickening.

Tancred said...

I'd be surprised indeed if it were up to you.

Ivan said...

Not me, Session VII, Canon XIII.

Anonymous said...

One was a heretic heathen who never repented, the other was a faithful Bishop who was falsely excommunicated and died a dry martyrdom, no comparison between the two situations at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Pope Benedict is pope and may he live long.

Anonymous said...

We are not obliged to believe private revelation.I do not deny Fatima but it's not something I base my faith upon.

Anonymous said...

Also, please examine my use of " ". I didn't say popes can't proclaim error, many popes have proclaimed some errors in the past and yes were still pope. Whether Jorge is pope is another matter which I trust Fr. Stefano Violi has correct since he is a professor of canon law at the theological faculty of Emilia Romagna.

Eirene said...


UnamSanctam said...

But is he the Pope?

This is a moot question.

He is a radical heretic and he loves being so. He evidently hates the Catholic religion.

Anonymous said...


Pope John XXIII was supposed to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e., the exact words of Our Lady which follow what She said on July 13, 1917: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved...").

Until the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e. Her exact words) is revealed, things will go from bad to worse.

Also, Fatima is not a private revelation. Fatima is a public prophetic revelation. Even Pope John Paul II said that the Message of Fatima imposes an obligation on the Church.

Check out for more information.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous and Daniel,

You are both right. In fact, +Marcel Lefebvre passed away 25 years ago on March 25 - the Feast of the Annunciation. It's been 25 years since he passed away. I have read a few of his books and quite frankly, they exude such a sensus Fidei and joie de vivre that you can't put them down. (The Little Story of My Long Life is really funny as well as a good read.).

Even if people disagree with him, at least read his books. They will be very surprised.

So as Anonymous said, there's no comparison between him and Martin Luther (who destroyed Christendom).

C.J. said...

I have made that very prediction almost two years ago on this very blog. This has probably long ago been plotted out. The pride and anger of the revolutionaries prevents them from converting so their only recourse is to STEAL what is not theirs and try to morph it into something to their own liking. Stealing our Bible and our Saints and morphing our holy Doctrines was not enough. They must put their pope...Pope Luther on the throne by canonizing the poor evildoing bastard and crowning his erroneous doctrines. Christ's enemies do not win of course, but they will do this. And no one should be surprised.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your post. You said that: "The German church is heavily invested in publication of pornography media. Despite this being brought to light under pope Benedict the practice continues."

1) Do you have a link for that?

2) Since Pope Benedict XVI reprimanded the German bishops for this, the words of Our Lord ring true once more: "A prophet is not without honor save in his own country."

3) The "collateral damage" can be measured in millions, if not billions, of souls who lost their faith and those who never came to the Faith because of the various scandals, churchmen and laity who gave erroneous teaching (I.e. "stones") instead of sound, orthodox Catholic teaching (I.e. " bread").

Lord, have mercy!

Anonymous said...

So a 'Pope' can make Catholics obligated to believe private revelation?

STEPHEN - Roodepoort said...

I reckon that Judas is in line for "A Servant of God" status with the faeces we have spewing from Rome

Tancred said...

I assume he's still Pope, unless there are other claimants... in Spain or Oklahoma?

Mr. Mcgranor said...

In a way though the Reformation was reckoning, and in its return we need to understand what's what. It is not like we don't have our own more afoul components. Look at the Jesuits with their sponsored Counter-Reformation: that is one caricature right out of Reformed confession.