Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Celebrity" Priest Attacks Hollywood Hypocrisy on Gossip Magazine

Edit: whatever one thinks of Father Robert Sirico, he's right about this.  Of course, the entertainment industry has a huge problem with sex abuse that is covered up by a modern cabal of secrecy.  The Boston Globe, among others, also celebrates sexual predators like Allen Ginsberg and Harvey Milk. The Boston daily is full of favorable, if not laudatory pieces on Allen Ginsberg and others of his criminal ilk.

 I don't know Boston Globe and Hollywood, perhaps you should have done some fact checking before you gave positive reviews?


Father Robert Sirico
 -- a celebrity [sic]  in his own right for his political and cultural commentary -- eviscerated the Academy for embracing "Spotlight" while it celebrated a child molester in its own ranks.

We got the Catholic Priest -- who writes for the NY Times -- and asked about the church scandal that became the centerpiece of the movie.  

You gotta hear his answer ... and he's right. Roman Polanski won Best Director in 2003 for "The Pianist," the same time The Boston Globe was breaking the molestation stories.


Anonymous said...

I don't much care what "celebrity" priest Fr. Robert Siroco says or does.

He, himself is queer as a three-dollar bill, and as such, is yet another subverter and destroyer.

Tancred said...

He's right here, however, his fitness to be a priest notwithstanding, I have yet to see him guilty of any lurid behavior since he was with the Paulists.