Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Praise for the Enemy: Ossevatore Romano Heaps Praise on Anti-CatholicNewspaper

Edit: some  things that don't make the coverage on this issue: 
1. The sexual proclivities of the offenders. The overwhelming majority of offenders are everybody's current favorite victim class.
2. The political and religious inclination of the offenders. (Most are not orthodox to begin with.) 
3. Media pets in the hierarchy are actually protected or their complicity in sexual abuse is ignored or downplayed: see Pope Francis' record in Buenos Aires, it's not pretty, or Cardinal Mahony's handling of sexual abuse, which did lead to his resignation at 75, but he by no means gets the same lurid coverage that the Boston  Globe is unjustly praised for attacking the bumbling but mostly Pro-Life Cardinal Law.
4. The Boston Globe has been an anti-Catholic and anti-Irish paper from the beginning, no surprise that it's following the lead of similarly leftist papers like La Stampa  (which has its own hit-man in Andrea Tornielliby spawning Crux with its own Old Liberal ecclesiastical perspective.

Old Liberals love the abuse crisis, because it allows them to settle scores with orthodox or neoconservative clergy by employing the weapons of popular opinion, which as we've seen with this pope especially, are very important in the way he governs his Church.
What's especially sickening is to see such uncritical and cowardly praise for Boston Globe which has confused and muddled the situation more than anything else, leading to the public perception that sexual abuse is first and foremost, a Catholic problem when all too many of the perpetrators, even where they wear cassocks, are no more Catholic than the evil and luxurious Cardinal Marx.
[Guardian] The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, has praised the 2016 best picture Oscar winner Spotlight for its convincing attempt to show abuse and cover-ups in the Catholic church. 
The newspaper published a front-page editorial on Monday hailing Tom McCarthy’s film and calling it “not anti-Catholic”. The editorial said Spotlight, which centres on the work of a group of Boston Globe reporters to uncover abuse by Roman Catholic priests, faithfully presented the church’s attempts to defend itself in the face of “horrendous realities”.
“Not all monsters wear cassocks. Paedophilia [Most of them, however, are aberrosexuals, others are from Hollywood itself and quite a few wear yarmulkes.] does not necessarily arise from the vow of chastity,” wrote the editorial’s author, Lucetta Scaraffia. “However, it has become clear that in the Church some are more preoccupied with the image of the institution than of the seriousness of the act.”
Now This:
How would Osservatore Romano be counted upon to know an anti-Catholic film when it itself is demonstrably anti-Catholic? How much does Hollywood pay them to promote their films?


Liam Ronan said...

The charge that celibacy is the root cause of paedophilia, and a celibate Catholic priesthood per se, not only fails to understand the diabolic evil which drives this perversion but also conveniently plays into the hands of those (within the higher echelons of the Church and without) who are either openly or surreptitiously agitating for the 'right' of priests to marry.

Timothy Dawson said...

I don't know why old liberals love the abuse crisis. One liberal after another was involved in the crisis.

Tancred said...

They love it because it forwards their agenda: laicism and modernism.

M. Prodigal said...

This makes my heart ache and my eyes mist.

Tancred said...

Bergoglio has a record that's worse than any of the recently ousted bishops (Finn, Nienstedt) when it comes to predator clergy, so what's the difference?

Stabat Mater said...

How about the MANY married women who are public school teachers (and often mothers themselves) who are engaging in sex illicitly with students. Yet no one is out to destroy the demonic institution of the public school system. Heck, people just leave their kids in that rot. Disgusting!

Tancred said...

But it's "free".

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the perfect sick crime, when not only one gets away with their crme, but actually shifts the blame on the victim, considering that the same enemy infiltrated into the Church men [and women] devoid of faith or morals?

Clinton R. said...

So far no movie has been made featuring Hollywood's long and dirty secret of the sexual abuse of young actors and actresses. I will not hold my breath waiting for that movie to be made

Stephen Lowe said...

The UN forces in Africa are perhaps the biggest unpublicized offenders and the silence will remain.