Friday, March 4, 2016

Disgraced Chaoqui Attacks Cardinal Pell

Edit: we've felt that Cardinal George Pell was out of place in the C9 and due to be chased out of Rome. It's astonishing that one who is in as much trouble as the scandalous Chaoqui should feel emboldened to attack the Cardinal.

Rome: A controversial figure at the centre of Rome's "Vatileaks 2.0" scandal claims Cardinal George Pell influenced and hurried the work of a Vatican reform commission to secure himself a job in the Holy See, far from the royal commission dogging the church in Australia.
However the cardinal has denied that he sought the job in order to insulate himself from fallout of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


Anonymous said...

Tawdry---like everything else in this vulgar, insane pope's Vatican: deceit, scandal, subterfuge, lies, contradictions, harassment, iron-fisted authoritarianism, and, above all, a daily dosage of heresy. The Church of Christ, anyone? Archimago

Anonymous said...

She's only "disgraced" now because she was hung out to dry when she was no longer needed to do things like oh, I don't know, generate tweets which had no basis in fact. But up until this point she was not disgraced, she was a francis hand picked what have you, even after she posted a naked pic of herself with a man. Great stuff this false church of darkness has going on there in Rome.