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Catholic Pastor Practices Santaria and Exploits "Boyfriend" for Decades?

(Bogota) W Radio Colombia , a radio station in the Spanish media group Prisa ( El Pais, Spanish edition of the Huffington Post ) yesterday reported on the double life from the "Homo-Idyll". The 42 year old Julio César Cardona reported in detail during the interview that for years he has maintained a homosexual [aberrosexual] relationship with a Catholic priest.
For over 20 years he and the priest José Elías Lopera Cárdenas, pastor of Santa Maria de los Angeles, have lived together as a couple in the Archdiocese of Medellin in Colombia. The relationship was "secret", but Cardona's family, friends and other priests are said to have known about them.
After 20 Years and severely burned by "gay pastor" he is shown the door?
Cardona has now gone public, because the pastor showed him the door, to live with another man.
Pastor Lopera seems, according to Cardona's description, to have grown tired and now wants  more youthful sexual playmates. Cardona feels he is being treated unfairly, financially. In a radio interview, he announced that it was his wish  to demand a "bonus" for a "love affair" of  more than 20 years.
Lopera was chaplain at the college, to which Cardona had come when he was 16 years old. There they met each other and had become a "couple".

Special sex games in which Cardona was seriously injured?

The two seem to have preferred special sex games. In one of these "games," a Santeria ritual, an "accident" happened in 2012. Lopera had covered Lopera with a lot of alcohol. It took light and inflicted severe burn injuries. According to W Radio, 40 percent of his skin was affected.
This "blemish" on his body was the reason that Lopera had lost interest in his sex companion and sought at length new partners.
Santeria is a syncretic religion of African animism with Catholic elements, which evolved among the slaves deported to America. It is rejected by the Catholic Church, but pastor Lopera seems to have, besides  to his sexual vices, issues with the faith. In the diocese he is, says Cardona,   "respectable."
Cardona announced that his lawyer had sent a claim for more than 150 million Colombian pesos (approximately 42,000 euros) to Pastor Lopera. These were also brought to the diocesan leadership and the Apostolic Nuncio.
Cardena disclaims moral charges against the pastor or the Church. He just wants money. Pastor Lopera has apparently funded him to study, covered his credit card and gave him a monthly eight million Colombian pesos (about 2,200 euros). With this money Cardona has given his family financial support, which is now also missing this money.
As Cardona announced in the interview,  he is the father of a 20 year old daughter who studies medicine in Medellin. She had sprung from a relationship with a staff member in a rectory.
The interviewer asked where the pastor had so much money to so luxuriously  sponsor Cardona and to pay him the "compensation" now demanded. Cardona explained that Pastor Lopera was highly regarded and receives many donations and contributions, even from the business world. He financed his sexual companions with the parish donations.  The news site KienyKe recalled rumors in the past, according to which pastors Lopera did maintain good contacts with the Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Gaviria and the question of whether he could have anything to do with "the money,"  which the priest had nonetheless gladly received.

Everything a question of money, not of morality?

In other words, if there is a satisfactory financial settlement from the "lover", he will be silent  and "the illustrious priest can resume his usual double life," so says Secretum meum mihi .  Cardona showed  no doubts about the homosexual relationship during the interview, which he explains with uncritical self-awareness and total moral indifference. The case seems to be settled in the gray zone for prostitution. Anyway, gold plays a central role in the whole matter, especially since Cardona does not even seem to be homosexual.
The radio hosts did not attempt to exploit the story  for the debate  which is taking place in Colombia  on the legalization of "gay marriage". The damage to the Church and its rejection of "gay marriage" has created all by itself  the impression of hypocrisy. It's a negative example, which can be availed by critics of the Church  and homosexual [gender ideology] activists.
The interview with Cardona aired on Tuesday. So far, no reactions of diocesan leadership of Medellin have become known.
W Radio explained that they had  also invited Pastor Lopera  to the show, but did not receive a response. The station was even in contact with the diocesan management. They did not want to make any public comment before they had  "closely examined" the case. "You will now listen closely to this program, and then probably to take a position," said Julio Sanchez Cristo, the presenter of W Radio toward Diocese.
Cardona's complaint aired openly  against Lopera could lead to extensive criminal investigations, "including abuse of parish funds, illegal enrichment, pedophilia, deliberate bodily injury. In addition are still investigations that fall under Church law," said KienyKe .
Text: Andreas Becker
Photo: Youtube (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Wolverine said...

So proud to be a Catholic these days!

C.J. said...

Well, I sure am!

If I felt shame by association everytime someone sinned I would be ashamed of my family, my neighborhood, my school, my state, my country. I am not. For one thing...I do not flush away all the GOOD people because of the bad. Also, while evil actions repulse me I do not despise those who commit them. To do so would bring down God's anger upon me...who is not less a sinner than ANYBODY else.

While the Catholic Church, divinely instituted by Christ, sits covered with the sins of it's members, She is still holy. The Catholic Church is the extension of Christ on earth. In these prophesied end times why should she not resemble Christ as He sits covered in filth and spittle before the Crucifixion? Would you have loved...or hated the Lord then? You should answer that you would still have...maybe even MORE so loved Him. Then why turn your face from His holy Church?