Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Arab Men Sexually Assault Mentally Disabled Girls at Swimming Pool

Two mentally disabled girls were assaulted at a swimming my pool in  Herrenberg by three men.  The girls were unaccompanied.  Other guests observed the situation and called the life guard.

[Die Welt] In Herrenberg in the neighborhood of Böblingen, two mentally disabled girls were sexually assaulted by unknown men.  

The  12 und 17 year olds sat in a whirlpool as the unknown men accosted and grabbed them.  Other guests observed the situation and informed the life guard, said Peter Widenhorn, communications director for the Ludwigsburg police to  "Welt". The girls were alone.  According to the speaker, they go regularly to the pool where their parents drop them off. 

The life guard immediately banned them from the pool. "He had neglected to inform the police," said the police speaker.  They were called upon initially by the parents of the girls, when they made a criminal complaint.  The life guard described the men as young adults from the Arabic world. 

The police have still not found the perpetrators.  For this reason they are seeking witnesses who happened to be in  Hallenbad Herrenberg on Sunday Afternoon between four and five o'clock.

In Cologne, the police were involved in a similar case: a twelve year old had alerted the life guard the life guard that a 45 year old man had touched him above his swimming trunks as he went down the pool's slide.


MikeB said...

Four of Mother Teresa's nuns were just martyred too. See the home page. I don't know how to cut and paste the link.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Cardinal Chito Tagle weeps with emotion when he speaks to immigrants (and, yes, I know not all or most immigrants are rapists). RC