Monday, February 22, 2016

Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarch of Kyiv Being Kicked Out of His Own Cathedral

At a recent press conference in Kyiv, Klyment, Archbishop of the Simferopol and Crimea Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyiv Patriarchate announced that the Russian Arbitration Court in Crimea had ruled that premises belonging to the Crimean Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyiv Patriarchate (KP) would be seized and confiscated.
The Archbishop explained that the ruling concerned the Cathedral of Saint Volodymyr and Olha in the centre of Simferopol.
 “We’ve been asked to pay half a million rubles to the Ministry of Property and Land Relations, vacate the premises within ten days and prepare for the fact that the building will be confiscated because all communications, water, light, power and heat supplies are located on these 112 square metres.”


Anonymous said...

I thought they were "Orthodox Brothers?"

Unknown said...

The first fruits of the Francis and Kyrill love fest in Havana.


Sybok said...

"Ukrainian Orthodox - kiev patriarchate" are pro ukraine and in schism from the russian orthodox ran "ukrainian orthodox - moscow patriachate"

Sybok said...

And obviously since russia now controls crimea the kiev patriachate isnt welcome. We could mock them for their lack of unity, but catholics lack unity these days as well though in a different way, at least these orthodox groups have same faith. Cant say i have same faith as the novus ordo clown mass

Sybok said...

Supposed to be "as novus ordo clown masses"

Anonymous said...

Novus ordo isn't catholic I agree.
(This is the same person who asked about "Orthodox Brothers?")