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"The Last Prophesy" -- Antonio Socci Recognizes the Pope as Pope, but Steadfastly Continues His Criticism

(Rome) Antonio Socci, Rector of the School of Journalism of the public service broadcaster RAI at the University of Perugia, is among those journalists and publicists who to suffer even at the risk of personal disadvantages in directing criticism against the pontificate of Pope Francis. Despite all the assurances, observers like Antonio Socci do not believe that there is "a sheet" of difference between Benedict XVI. and Francis.

Among the most mentally tough critics of Pope Francis was the legal philosopher Mario Palmaro, who died in March 2014 at the early age of 45 years, so now it seems that Antonio Socci, albeit on a different level, will briefly take over his role.

In 2014  Socci called the validity of the Pope's election into question

In October 2014, he published the book "Non è Francesco" (He is not Francis. The Church in Great Storm).Therein, Socci went so far in his criticism of the pope as to challenge the validity of the his election in conclave on March 2013. It's an enduring position that has been ignored in fact in the Catholic world. While Socci  has run of the track some time in wanting to prove his alleged thesis, it was attacked by a canon lawyer.
Now Socci has introduced a new book with "La profezia finale" (The Last Prophecy. Letter to Pope Francis on the Church in a Time of War). Both books were published, of course, not by religious publishing companies, yet also not in some unknown "samizdat" publisher, but at Mondadori and Rizzoli, the two largest publishing houses in Italy. The discussion was open and even Socci's theses were given place, since they promise business in the book market.  Socci's book questioning the Pope's election was on the best seller list for weeks on the Apennine peninsula.

Antonio Socci: "It is not Francis", 2014

While Mario Palmaro was in the grip  of a fatal, incurable disease,  he still received a personal phone call from Pope Francis, Antonio Socci has been ignored by the Vatican. He has since been cut off in the second and third rows of the Catholic hierarchy,  A longtime employee of Radio Maria was shown therefore the door, because he attended a festival in which also Socci was invited. The criticism of the validity of the Pope's election has been considered "fundamentalist" and cost a lot of sympathy for Socci even from those who wish him well.

Socci corrects himself, and recognizes the validity of the election 

In his new book "The Last Prophecy"   Socci takes a step back and gives up his 2014 formulated thesis. Socci sees the validity of the conclave and the papal election of 2013. The book is a long "letter" from a "son of the Church" to the Catholic Church leader, whom he addresses as "Father".   Socci made a daring approach in his Pope-criticism: it was direct, eloquent and pointed as before.
He reminded  Pope Francis that he is not only called "Holy Father", but also to behave  "like a father."  Francis should "watch less twitter and pay attention less to the number of followers  and the media flatterers galore circling around Santa Marta, ready to à la bowing Leonardo Di Caprio including ring kiss and always in the front row,  when it goes down, to celebrate every gesture and every sigh ".

Antonio Socci: "The Last Prophecy", 2016

Instead, should Francis "reflect more on what the Blessed Mother, Father Giussani, Don Tantardini, the Blessed Emmerich and Don Bosco have prophesied that the trumpets of the apocalypse will announce as never before that the world's end is near and the demons are dancing  to rhythm of the Tango on the dome of St. Peter  (Leo XIII. had seen this during Mass at the end of the 19th century  and was horrified)."
Soon,  three years after the conclave  Antonio Socci also recognizes Francis as the validly elected and therefore legitimate Pope. Socci has given up his argument about irregularities in the Pope's election. Irregularities complained of by  no conclave participants and not picked up by any canon lawyer.

Criticism of Francis remains justifiable, because "the situation of the Church is frightening"

"Socci is an honest Catholic," said the Vatican expert Matteo Matzuzzi to the daily newspaper Il Foglio . He takes  his faith and membership in the Catholic Church very seriously. He is questioning, struggling with himself, because his conscience demands it of him.
"He has just shown this honesty  that he has the courage to correct himself, but noted at the same time his criticism of the pontificate of Pope Francis." The question of the validity of the Pope's election is off the table. "The low affinity for the reigning pope,"  is something Socci  still holds as ever like a banner in front."Not because he wants to, but because he must," because, says Socci, "The position of the Church is frightening".
Socci directed the question to Pope Francis: "If today all the enemies of Catholicity you adore as the one who adapts the Church in the modern world, does not then mean that something is wrong in your message? Have you never asked?"
Socci quotes the Magisterium of the Popes to Benedict XVI. including a counciliar gap, and he quotes especially Fatima and the mysteries surrounding the phenomena of the past century and a half.  "To withdraw the Church on their behalf from the resistance (and witness) against falsehood and evil, means to sail on the 'banal grande'  [pun on Grand Canal in Venice] and to leave the boundless 'mystery of iniquity' to rule," says Socci.
According Matzuzzi, Soccis criticism gets "jammed" especially when it comes to evil, because none of the recent popes speak as frequently about the devil and evil as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Accident?Argentinian heritage?

Socci and the "Bergoglio- (D) effect"

There is little prospect that Antonio Soccis book will be published in German translation [Or English for that matter.]. His form of papal criticism stops at the Alps. However, it is knocking with effect at the doors of the Vatican.
Whether Socci will be released from  quarantine by church hierarchs and Catholic organizations remains to be seen. In Italy it is at least more probable than it would appear in the German language. Socci is a powerful voice whose merit credit for  disclosing the "Bergoglio- (D) effect". These mainly include the "false friends" of the Pope. Socci documented this in early 2014 on the basis of anti-clerical Radical Party of Italy of Marco Panella and the former European Commissar Emma Bonino. The Radicals are the abortion, divorce, euthanasia, homo- and gender party par excellence. The rejection and combating of the Catholic Church is its defining feature. . Under John Paul II  Pannella and Bonino stood on St. Peter's Square and shouted: "Wojtyla go home." Under Benedict XVI .: "No Taliban, No Vatican". Under Francis they stand there and shout "Viva il Papa. We radicals love you."
Socci repeatedly directs the question to Francis, if he had never asked himself why this is so.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Il Foglio / Rizzoli (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Liam Ronan said...

I have long awaited the English translation of Socci's two books mentioned above. Are they available in English or not in printed form?

Anonymous said...

Socci's books are only in Italian, sorry.

Murray said...

According Matzuzzi, Soccis criticism gets "jammed" especially when it comes to evil, because none of the recent popes speak as frequently about the devil and evil as Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

People always bring this up, but it's far from clear what threat the Devil actually poses in Pope Francis's cosmology. If non-Christian religions are channels of grace in and of themselves, and even atheists can be saved by following their consciences ("Do good! We will meet one another there!"), then what does the Devil have to do?

Tancred said...

The one on Fatima is in English.

Liam Ronan said...

Yes. "The Fourth Secret of Fatima". I've had that book for years now. I wonder why the later books of Socci haven't been translated into English.

Unknown said...

Antonio Socci pagina ufficiale
January 30 at 1:29am ·
Per recensire un libro bisognerebbe almeno leggerlo, prima, quantomeno per rispetto dei lettori. Altrimenti sarebbe meglio non scriverne.
Ma l'anonimo che oggi si è esibito sul Foglio in merito alla "Profezia finale", non deve avere molta dimestichezza con la lettura, né una gran considerazione dei suoi lettori.
Io invece credo che i lettori del Foglio, che sono persone intelligenti, me...
See More

The irregularities of the procedures of the Conclave 2013 stay without explanation and without answers
To Review a book you should at least read it before, at least, out of respect for the readers. Otherwise it would be better not to write about this.

But the anonymous that today he performed on the sheet on the final prophecy ", Must not have very familiar with the reading, nor a great consideration of its readers.

I actually think the readers of the leaflet, who are intelligent people, they deserve respect. Used to read a great paper, very well done, they didn't deserve the litany of nonsense that have nothing to do with the book, article in question. Written with mocking tone and with superficiality.

The readers of that paper can easily realizing it checking if directly. But one thing I would like to point out.

The article is titled " socci detects the Pope " and the text reads: " after three years of endless, disputations socci acknowledges that bergoglio is dad legitimate and therefore duly elected ".

Aside from the shabbiness of the "three years", When my previous book came out a year ago (the orecchiante has not taken the penalty not even to check the dates), I don't have any power to recognize or not recognize the Pope.

I've never demanded to define who is the Pope. Nor have I written, today, that there has been a regular election. It is not for me to decide nor the regularity or irregularity of that election.
It shouldn't be hard to understand...
I explained a thousand times, even in " is not francesco " and then again in the " final prophecy ", To P. 122, that my business is that of a journalist, so to bring the truth of the facts and show the inconsistencies and the consequences. Also expressing my opinion. But to others it is for the determination and the formal evaluation.

I have also repeated a thousand times that, as a Catholic, for me the Pope is the one who at this moment in time is indicated by the church, that is, papa bergoglio. And I explained that I pray for him every day in the mass, as he tells us to do the liturgy.

Nevertheless, I await - like many others - that the doubts on the conclave will be clarified, be proved the regularity of the procedures and look ahead that I explain the enigma of the "two popes" which is a totally unprecedented in the history of the church.

I look forward to, finally, that should be made aware of the (still) mysterious reasons, the surrender of Benedict XVI. On whose spontaneity and freedom there is more than a doubt.

Antonio Socci
Translated from Italian

Anonymous said...

Dear God save us from this nightmare Pope Francis! Amen.

Deacon Augustine said...

"Under John Paul II Pannella and Bonino stood on St. Peter's Square and shouted: "Wojtyla go home." Under Benedict XVI .: "No Taliban, No Vatican". Under Francis they stand there and shout "Viva il Papa. We radicals love you.""

Jas 4,4 "Adulterers, know you not that the friendship of this world is the enemy of God? Whosoever, therefore, will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God."

Michael Ortiz said...

Thank you, Mr. Socci!

I watched a youtube interview from 2003 with Cardinal Ratzinger, who spoke in English. From the fluid flow of his words, you could see the intellectual power of this man. I do not believe he was "tricked" into resigning.

Perhaps we are dealing with something supernatural here, though his spokesman has denied it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you "unknown"!! This post would have led people to believe otherwise were it not for your translation, God Bless You!!

Tancred said...

It makes things more clear.

Anonymous said...

New apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in Russia confirmed

Shock around the world:

Message to be published today.

Anonymous said...

I too have been hoping to find Socci's work in English. If de Mattei, Amerio, Ferrara and Sire have an English speaking audience, surely Socci will find a buying public. Will some fearless publisher find the fortitude to "man-up" and print these works for us?

N.D. said...

The election of a Pope is not valid if prior to being elected pope, he was not in communion with Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

N.D. said...

Page 117, of the pope's book, On Heaven and Earth, in regards to same-sex unions
“If there is a union of a PRIVATE NATURE, THERE IS NEITHER A THIRD PARTY NOR IS SOCIETY AFFECTED. Now, if this union is given the category of marriage and they are given adoption rights, there could be children affected. Every person needs a male father and female mother that can help them shape their identity. - Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Approval of same-sex sexual unions is approval of same-sex sexual acts.

Why not tell those men and woman, who have developed a same-sex sexual attraction the truth? It is because we Love you, and respect your Dignity as a beloved son or daughter, that we cannot condone the engaging in or affirmation of any act, including any sexual act that demeans your inherent Dignity as a beloved son or daughter.The desire to engage in a demeaning act of any nature, does not change the nature of the act. We Love you, and because we Love you, we desire that you will always be treated with, and will always treat others with Dignity and respect in private as well as in public. We will not tolerate the engaging in or condoning of sexual behavior that does not reflect the upmost respect for the human person.

Kathleen1031 said...

That's true. I admit I barely pay attention to what he has said or says, but he only mentions the devil in the most abstract terms as far as I've heard. Oh, this papacy. I look forward to it's end.

Anonymous said...

Here's a review in English of Socci's latest book