Sunday, February 21, 2016

SSPX and FatherZ in Agreement at Last in Criticism of Pope Francis

Edit: FatherZ has criticized the Society of St. Pius X for years, oftentimes unfairly in our opinion.  Now he's criticizing Pope Francis.  Now he's joined the ranks of the Pope Critics. They seem to have a common foe.  There are plenty of negative results from the Bergoglio Effect, but perhaps there is an upside to it as well.  This from the official Society webpage:
How confusing is the whole interview! It is another bombshell. Tomorrow's explanations will try to minimize the damage. Tonight CNA has already published an article entitled: “Stop freaking out over these two sentences from Pope Francis”. 
What most people will remember is that one day the pope said on a plane that contraception is sometimes morally acceptable and it is not always a sin! 
However the infallible and definitive teaching of the Church on contraception has been clearly given by Paul VI. The comments of the pope on a plane, the myth about Paul VI and the nuns in the Belgian Congo (based only on a claim made in a 1993 Jesuit magazine article by Fr. Giacomo Perico SJ.) and the unproven transmission of Zika virus cannot change God’s law taught by the Church.
Here, FatherZ says that the story about Paul VI excusing African nuns of making use of contraceptives is spurious, thus accusing Pope Francis of spreading an urban legend:

I’ve heard this before. I never believed it. 
Years ago on the COL Forum (which I ran) we had a discussion about this. One of the staffers tried to dig up the old files. In the meantime he – The Great Roman™ – sent this information. It was not originally written in English, so I touched it up here and there… but not very much.

This reads like a soap opera, the one hand. It reads like a vicious campaign of lies and disinformation designed to confuse the faithful and undermine the Church, on the other.

The urban legend (lie) is now so common that even high-ranking churchmen cite it as if it happened. They aren’t lying, per se. They are passing on something that isn’t true but that they think is true… even if it really doesn’t pass the smell test.

Opus Dei has been pushing contraceptives for a while now.


Michael Ortiz said...

Opus Dei has been pushing contraceptives? Hmm. in my thirty years around Opus Dei, I have never found that to be remotely true. One professor's opinion does not represent a whole family within the Church of 90,000 members. Incidentally, the typically large families in Opus Dei are a fairly obvious refutation of this slander.

Tancred said...

I've spoken to an Opus member and posted several articles about them which indicate that certain individuals, at least, highly placed, do promote contraceptives. The ordinary of Graz for example.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Z can only say so much, he doesn't want to get his hand slapped by whichever bishop oversees him does he? So he has to kowtow and defend a Church which in this age is corrupted in many ways an indefensible. If it were 100 years ago, nothing coming from the Church or Pope would be in the least way indefensible, nowadays, much of it is pure rubbish and Fr Z can't call it that outright, mindful of getting his hand slapped he has to say "oh that's not what it means, what they meant, what it's going to mean" etc etc.

Catholic Mission said...

Neither of the two(Fr.Z and SSPX) are aware of the factual error in Vatican Council II which comes from the 1949 Boston Letter.
Pope Paul VI offered the Novus Ordo Mass with Cushingism and the new ecclesiology

Michael Ortiz said...

"certain individuals" are not Opus Dei. There are over 2,500 priests in the Prelature. Criticize all you want those who depart from Traditional teaching, but I would think fairness and accuracy would not be optional to any Catholic of any persuasion.

Paul said...

98% of Catholics, certainly, in the developed countries have not only not received it but have rejected Humanae Vitae as morally binding on their conscience.
The Church decided long ago that the Contraception debate was and is essentially part of the chatter of the clerical salon set

Tancred said...

Yes they are when they're not just boozy cooperators looking for a business advantage and some fellowship on occasional weekends, but senior leadership, bishops and professors at Holy Cross.

Have to assume by the silence and continued employment of these individuals as well as their outspokenness and ubiquity that their POV is fully approved.

Tancred said...

FatherZ has said enough in his career on behalf of Catholic Dogma to have earned plenty of disapproval and real consequences.

Anonymous said...

In your thirty years of experience, what has Opus Dei done to support and defend the traditional faith?

Tancred said...

And the darkness did not comprehend Him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So the Pope supposedly allowed for contraception as a means to prevent/avoid the Zika infection? Iam not surprised that this "pope" would in his interview so callously utter such garbage, at the same time destroying yet another discipline and teaching of the Church. This is obviously his aim.
Then he goes on and says that Donald Trump is not a Christian, and just yesterday, spouted off that there should be a moratorium on the death penalty. The man doesn't know when to keep that huge, gapping hole in the middle of his face shut.
I have read where some people are wondering why traditional Cardinals such as Burke,Pell, and others do not stand up and counter this "pope".
The answer is, uite obviously, that Bergoglio is such a total heretic that these good men would have to counter him every day. Every day there is a new heresy, or a new departure form Catholic practice Francis is extolling.
It would become extremely tiresome for these good Cardinals to constantly have to counter this Pope.
There is some thinking in Catholic quarters that the best thing to do is just let the idiot "pontificate" on the world;s stage as much as he wants. He's an old man...nearing 80, and will be gone soon.
True, but the damage he has done to the Church is beyond measure. And to remain silent is in this case cowardly.
I think all the less of Benedict XVI now, than I did when he resigned. For he has never once, uttered anything to counter the heretic Bergoglio. He truly is a jellyfish.
But that's the reason why so many good Cardinals and others don't say anything. They just assume that Francis is just a glitch in the Papacy that will soon be fixed.
Let us pray so, for the sake of the Church.

THIS BUSINESS ABOUT TRUMP, AND THE APPARENT A;;OWANCE FOR CONTRACEPTION ISSUE ARE NUMBERS 43 AND 44!! I feel sorry for whoever runs that office. They never had to do that under any other past Pope !! :)
Damian Malliapalli

Unknown said...

To paraphrase the Donald: This Pope is a disaster.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

You know what I fear? That devil in the Vatican will stroll over to Krakow in a few months and tell the young and impressionable Catholics of the world that sin is not really sin. Please God, let that evil man depart from Your sight.

the boy

Anonymous said...

actually I retract that last remark. It goes too far.