Monday, February 8, 2016

Franciscan Appointee Resists Media Storm in Chile

Edit: he's not going anywhere.

VATICAN CITY, Feb 7 (Reuters) - A man who says he was sexually abused by a priest on Sunday delivered two letters addressed to Pope Francis from Chilean Catholics asking him to remove a Chilean bishop accused of protecting a notorious pedophile.

Juan Carlos Cruz delivered the letters with Peter Saunders, a prominent and outspoken British member of a papal advisory commission on sexual abuse by the clergy. Saunders on Saturday refused to step down despite a no-confidence vote, and said only the pope could dismiss him.

The letters were left for Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, the president of the commission, at a Rome guest house where the commission was meeting. O'Malley was asked to give them to the pope, Saunders and Cruz said.



Jeff (trcthoughts) said...

I trust that with Cardinal O'Malley's stellar work in this area, he will rush to Pope Francis to deliver these letters.

Anonymous said...

"During one incident at the Vatican last year which was broadcast by a Chilean television station, Francis told a group of Chileans that the accusations were cooked up by "lefties."
"Last November, the country's Supreme Court formally requested that the Vatican hand over all records that the pope relied upon to defend Barros."

Wonder if 'lefties' McCarrick & O'Malley will be in Cuba w/commies Frannie, Castro & Krill... wonder if any O'Malley will pass the letter to frannie, or if no mercy, no justice, no nuthin' for anyone but Team B and their kronies.

Wonder when Time Magazine, CNN, NBC, Rolling Stone, Nat'l Catlick Distorter, Crapx etc. are going to get around to blaring this very important story about a vicious pedophile rapist.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio being used by German the German "Leftie" party to garner votes:

Anonymous said...

"Patriarch Kyril" i.e. EX-KGB errand boy promoted to visible post due to his glaring anonymity.