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"Compromise" for "Gay Marriage" With Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Bishop Galatino
Edit: it looks like aberromarriage is going to become legitimate under Italian law soon, thanks to the complicity of the Pope.

(Rome) Vladimir Palko has documented the decline of Western Christian Democracy in his book, "The Lions Come Why Europe and America are heading for a new tyranny."  In Italy a new chapter has been written in this book. It  even documents more.

"Gay marriage": The Cirinnà Bill

The Italian Parliament has been discussing heatedly for a month the bill legalizing "gay marriage" and adoption rights for homosexuals. The bill bears the name of its originator Monica Cirinnà, a left democratic senator. On January 30 for Family Day, two million Italians met in Rome met at the Circus Maximus  The resistance is supported mainly by the Catholic families who see in the draft an attack on the family, children and the natural basis of the state.
The support of the Catholic Church has clearly fallen short. A part of the episcopate, led by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, archbishop of Genoa and president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, stood firmly on the side of the Family Day . The Secretary-General of the same Episcopal Conference, Bishop Nunzio Galatino, however, tried to prevent this and even distanced himself from Cardinal Bagnasco.

Galatino is considered a "man of the Pope" in the Bishops' Conference.  He was lifted into the position by Pope Francis. The reluctance of the Argentine pope against confrontations with the political left on socio-political issues has been known for some time in Buenos Aires.
Monica Cirinnà belongs to the ruling Democratic Left. Party of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stands behind her bill.

The Christian Democrats and Bishop Galatino's "compromise"

Italian Parliament: The introduction of "gay marriage" is linked to the question of trust

While the resistance of Family Day called for a withdrawal of the bill,  Bishop Galatino was ready to  compromise  towards the government. The Left Democrats govern through a coalition with the Christian Democrats, who as a Center Union (Union di Centro) and as a new center-right (New Centre-Right) are represented in Parliament. Their leading figure is Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. Without Alfano's support, the government falls. Therefore the Christian Democrat possess  special weight that they could bring to bear in negotiations. So far, however, they have shown little willingness to continue us their influence in the government into play to protect the family.
Bishop Galatino has tinkered on a "compromise" that will be discussed  in the form of a major amendment proposal to the bill in Parliament. The formula is: no adoption rights for homosexuals, but recognition of "gay marriage", however, is to have a different name, to distinguish it linguistically from marriage.
The organizers of the Family Day speak of "false labelling" and "surrender." The Catholic media has already sarcastically contrived to call it the "Alfano Galatino Law."

Magisterium only wasted?

The government wants the issue quickly off the table, because they fear a further mobilization by the people and new elections. The sustained immigration crisis and other domestic problems could bring unwanted surprises on election night. Therefore, the parliamentary path  of the bill is to be abbreviated. The government wants to make the vote of confidence tomorrow. So that the parliamentary debate will be canceled and reduced to number and time limited following spoke on the vote for or against the government.
It's a democratically dubious way, but because of Church leadership, says Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, it  was approved behind closed doors. The approval came from "the top". Bishop Galatino is the herald who intensively  campaigned in recent days  on the compromise formula. Although he is only general secretary of the Episcopal Conference, - thanks to papal backing - he and not Cardinal Bagnasco has the oar in his hand.
The result?  With concealed support of the Church, "gay marriage"  is to be introduced into Italy. The Considerations Regarding Proposals Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons , that magisterially binding statement adopted under the guidance of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger explanation of the CDF from 2003, is being  ​​quietly made into waste without the Church officially changing its position. In practice, however, the opposite of the Church's position is put into action.
The weight that the Christian Democrats  have thrown into the mix is proving to be lightweight. Should tomorrow's confidence vote expected to go in favor of the government, the vote in the Senate, the second chamber of parliament, will follow between 25 February and 1 March.
50 senators have introduced a constitutional challenge because they see that it violated the constitutional path of the process of the law, since the Cirinnà draft was not submitted to the appropriate Senate committee in its new version "Alfano Galatino".

The paralyzing feeling of betrayal

Catholics and all people of goodwill who protested on January 30 in Rome against the bill, feel betrayed.The betrayal by the Christian Democrats is nothing new for Catholics. but particularly painful is the betrayal by the Church. A betrayal, moreover, can not even be complained of loudly. To criticize one's own Church or even  the Pope, represents an insurmountable threshold for Catholics.
The hope, as evidenced by the 2007 Family Day, to turn the tide with mass demonstration, was not proven true. It overthrew the left-wing government who lost the election. Back then  Benedict XVI. sat on the Chair of Peter.
Prime Minister Renzi, fearing a repetition of the events of 2007/2008, urged already last week on the fastest possible conclusion of the matter. Therefore, he was ready to cancel the adoption question without long discussions. Galatino and Alfano presented this as a "Catholic" success. But the Catholics of the Family Day see it more soberly.
They know it - as soon as the law is in force - just any Italian judge or the European Court of Human Rights requires that gives a right of action, and the adoption law is "refiled" independently of Parliament and legislature.

The papal blackout

In Italy there are 24 million families next to all of 7500 registered gay couples.  "Reality" has  therefore not changed, as will often be claimed, but the Church leadership has changed, say critics. The ratio underscores the absurdity of intensity, with which the homo agenda is promoted the political circles. The "homo-rights" is a deliberate by-product, but the real goal is the fight against marriage and family. "However,parts of the Church make common cause with the enemy," said Messa in Latino .
With the Church-government negotiated backroom compromise, the majority of Christian Democrat deputies, but also the Catholic deputies in the ranks of the Left Democrats, will vote for the draft "Alfano Galatino", although the explanation of the CDF from 2003 calls them to make a clear rejection,
The declaration of 2003 formed the basis for the declaration of the Italian bishops when the 2007 attempt to introduce  "gay marriage" was scuppered. 2016 seems to have forgotten both explanations. What has changed since then? In the Vatican ruled Pope Francis and the said last week on his return from Mexico, he was "not good at remembering this explanation of the CDF." They played a central role for weeks in the Italian debate about the "gay marriage."

The "School of Bologna" and the "Stone Age" Ratzinger Era

Alberto Melloni, head of the ultra-progressive school of Bologna and self-proclaimed interpreter, since the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio also knew how to interpret the papal blackout. In La Repubblica, the only daily newspaper that  Pope Francis reads daily by his own admission, Melloni said in his unmistakable charm: when it relates to Benedict XVI,  Pope Francis's airborne reply had "made the statement from 2003 politely occupy her place in the history of the Magisterium of the Roman Congregations.  In the next few days, therefore, no one may resort to this instrument of the Ratzinger era for operations,   which will prevent an exchange, for things neccessary in terms of a passable law for registered partnerships, but also in order to  make a 'good' society."
Nuova Bussola Quotidiana said: "For Melloni, the Ratzinger era seems something like the Stone Age, and therefore to be useless, as if the magisterium had an expiration date." Other Vatican or Galatino related Catholics have worked in the past few days for the dismantling of the Declaration of the Congregation of 2003. For them, everything seems a dialectical game of power and majorities. Of course, the question of truth is naturally inconvenient.
The language of natural law is no longer understood in the world. Jurgen Habermas had admitted just this to Cardinal Ratzinger in 2004 when they clashed at the Catholic Academy  in Munich.   A significant reason for this seems that it is no longer understood in the Church, and will not even be tolerated to some extent. Instead of wondering how the natural law can be made for ​​modern man to understand this law that God imprinted on the heart of every human being and thus meets all your basic requirements for understanding, some Church leaders have  recommended, simply to accept the language of the world, This would bring the Catholic Church - like the Protestant regional churches -  to reduce themselves to constantly chasing after the world and constantly to changing and adapting their teaching. This is exactly what relativism is called. Such a Church loses its credibility. Therefore, those Church leaders eager to achieve compromise are playing a dangerous game with fire.
"In a few days, subject to unexpected surprises,  we will find ourselves with a law which contradicts the teachings of the Church, but has been endorsed by the leadership of the Church. Seen this way, the times have really changed,"  said Nuova Bussola Quotidiana .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Formiche (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


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The silence of "Pope" Francis is deafening. Sooner or later, real Catholics will have to admit the inevitable: Francis is not a pope, but an anti-pope.

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Legislating for civil unions of people of the same sex is a way of promoting and sanctioning sodomy.