Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Polish Minister: New Government Believes in God and Fatherland

Royal Banner of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Poland's new foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski has rejected criticism of the European Commission of the government's ruling PiS party ("Law and Justice"). The previous government followed a certain "left policy concept."

Berlin ( Poland's new foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski has rejected criticism of the European Commission to the government of the ruling PiS party ("Law and Justice"). "We just want to heal our country of some diseases, so that it can recover again," the minister said of the controversial approach of his government against the state media in an interview with the "Bild" (Monday).

The previous government pursued a certain "left policy concept" said Waszczykowski. "When the world must automatically move only in the direction of a Marxist model - to a new mix of cultures and races, a world of cyclists and vegetarians who only focus on renewable energies and fight against any form of religion. This has nothing to do with traditional Polish values.

"The PiS party promotes a contrast that moves the majority of Poles: traditions, awareness of history, love of Fatherland, faith in God, in a normal family life between husband and wife. And these days we even prefer 'Merry Christmas', and not 'Happy Holidays' - because we still celebrate the birth of Jesus," said the Minister. This was possibly "a shock to our opponents 'who believed in progress:' whose 25 years of left and liberal indoctrination could not eliminate these traditional values. And that we have have even won the elections." Trans: Tancred AMDG


Anonymous said...

YES...we are returning as a nation FULLY TO GOD! However, EU leaders, BBC and CNN are attacking Polish government calling it fundamentalist and antidemocratic, and backward. These are the names they use to smear Poland in front of the whole world for not following their masonic, one world government agenda. How they hate us for that! THANK YOU, O LORD FOR BEING OUR KING AND LORD! PROTECT POLAND FOR EVER AND EVER... Our queen is, and always has been, Mary, Mother of God! AMEN... PRAISE BE GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if they started deporting non-white ethnicities from their country. Don't let the Christian tokenism fool you. And traditional Catholics will celebrate this as though the gospel is racist rather than egalitarian when it comes to the value and dignity of humans from all races--simple because liberals take it too far.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly. If God did not choose one group of people over other people, then Our Lord would have been born to some other group than the Jews. Or was that just an accident, and Jesus Christ could easily have been born into the Aztecs, the Celts, or the Chinese and everything would have remained the same?

The universality of Christ's message does not mean giving up a people's national identity (And a "nation" is a people, not some abstract political entity the way people like to use the word.)

I am a race realist (of color) and I believe that the Poles are acting on behalf of preserving their racial identity. You can't deny it- if the Polish people consider themselves Polish first before Catholic, then being white takes precedence in a Polish nation. Such is how people have divided themselves.

After all, if miscegenation is, as many liberals like to chant as a mantra, a good- then do you really deny the reality of rootless generations who don't know who they are because they are mixed between people who don't fully look like them? To live in a society wherein they are the aberration?

People tend to be divided by things which makes them different, rather than be united by the things which they have in common. That's the point of noticing that which does not belong from the rest- to separate it. This understanding of race wouldn't make sense for someone from a country like Brazil or the United States, where racial identity takes a back seat and supposed to not matter, when it really does.

You have places in the United States where people can live their whole lives without having to speak English or deal with other ethnic groups. And when people of different ethnic groups get together, conflict is inevitable. That is why the United States is destined to be balkanized- there's no "Ethnic American" to assimilate into; the previous generations of white Americans are dwindling, Mexicans like to believe they're in the midst of "Reconquering" the Southwest and have the numbers to prove it, and the Catholic Church, instead of uniting different peoples as prospective citizens of Heaven, instead pander to the politically correct, and have abandoned the unity of Latin for the politics of diversity, pluralism, multiculturalism, to the detriment of the Roman Christian faith.

We might as well adopt the autocephalous model of the Orthodox and have the Vietnamese Patriarch, the Korean Patriarch, the Hispanic patriarch, the Polish Patriarch, and so forth.

I'm not opposed, however, to any ethnogenesis comprised of the mixing of different people. The problem arises if such mixing does not make a coherent identity but confusion, rootlessness, self-loathing, and the phenomenon of creating an identity for oneself (Like Bruce Jenner), since in the case of a "melting pot" not even one's parents could tell where they came from outside of Adam and Eve.

Anonymous said...

OT secretummeummihi.blogspot. El video papal.

Anonymous said...

The Polish Bishops are real spiritual heros too....many, including the President of the Polish Bishops Conference have stood up against Pope Francis and his radical liberal anti-Catholic tradition...and even anti-Catholic agenda. God Bless Poland, the land of the late, lamented Pope John Paul II. He and Benedict XVI (especially Benedict) were great Popes compared to who were stuck with for the last nearly 3 years.
God preserve Poland to keep the Catholic Faith and traditions. I hope their vocations start to go up again...they were going down when Poland started to adopt the liberal agenda of the European Union and also the liberal wing of Catholicism.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I wonder if ever there is a movement to restore the monarchy in Poland? I know there is a very strong push to restore the Czar in Russia (lead by Putin.....he's not all bad indea!), and in Romania, Greece, and even (believe it or China...although that won't happen in my lifetime!)
Damian Malliapalli

Unknown said...

Man killed in Fatima Basilica in Portugal, amid Satanic ritual

P.J.David said...

May God Bless Poland and the Bold and truthful Bishops. Our Blessed Mother of Fatima is being fulfilled!

Anonymous said...

no, not at all, had Germany won WWI there would of been though. Actually the monarchy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was elective, several monarchs being protestant (including the monarch the standard posted belonged to) and state was multi ethnic and religiously pluralist - only country in europe where Jews were openly encouraged to live at, who ended up being the strong men of the hated szlacta (nobility) against the peasantry. There was also plenty of Calvinists and Orthodox in those days.

Polish nationalism as we know, like all romantic nationalism, it emerged during 19th century where much of what is Poland today was part of the Russian Empire, their Roman Catholicism being primarily what made them different from their other Slavic neighbors in the empire, so it became entwined with their ethnic identity. Similar situation to Balkans but Poles and Ukrainians have the advantage of much greater language differences to help define them unlike the Serbs, Bosnians and Croats who all speak the same tongue.

As to the poster saying they want to stay 'white', true on one level but Poland is probably the easiest country in Europe to get citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Citizenship is not the same as ethnicity. It's one thing to be protected by Polish law, and contribute to Polish society, but it is another thing to be considered "Polish" unless you "look Polish" "speak Polish" and have Polish roots. Jew, for example; they are "Jewish Poles" but they kept a distinct identity from all the other Poles- in contrast to peoples like Lechites, Vistulans, and others- they got absorbed into what became "Polish". They got absorbed, and they willingly gave up their previous identity to that they will be a part of the country they want to be assimilated into.

Anonymous said...

I'm a convert of color and it always struck me as racism being a pagan way of life, not a Christian value. I am not naive enough to suggest there is no such thing as race only that racism is not Catholic value but a failure of men to live the gospel.

Why do I say this? One reason is that polygenism is not compatible with Christianity. All humans descend from Adam and Eve. Even though a man may have slanted eyes or the ability to better digest rice or walk in the sun he is still genetically related to you. A pagan who denies Genesis can assert a real difference between races but the Christian has to accept that even naturally speaking a man who is genetically different is still related ancestrally.

A second reason is because Christianity is a missionary religion. It's directed to all men of every race, nation and tribe. It claims that all men are made in the image of God. God is not a man, but God is a spirit. That means that no matter how different a man looks or how savage his culture is he is still made in the image of God. Indeed, all who are spiritually reborn in the blood of the Son of God are in a family closer than natural blood relations. There won't be a segregation of the saints in heaven because the communion of the saints is superior even to natural relations.

But to even concede that the gospel is directed to all men is to imply an equality of spiritual potential. No one can blame his genes for sin and evil. No one can say that so-and-so race is more corrupt than the rest. Someone could claim that a culture is corrupt or evil (multiculturism and racial equality are not the same thing) because cultures are mostly dependent on religion, not genes. Whatever evil habit and living a man has, he cannot claim that God made him like that. His upbringing may be faulty, his culture depraved, his own choices can be blamed—but he cannot blame God for making him a member of a certain race. And neither can we.

If you really want to see what a hellhole a society is that discriminates based on everything, go to India. Racism appears to be a pagan virtue, because Christians are not of this world. Our first identity is Christian—then everything else.

Anonymous said...

Mateo M: why do you say Satanic ritual? The newspaper article you linked didn't say that, do you additional information? Thank you.

Tancred said...

That's what he does. Thanks for reminding me.