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"Neither Penitance Nor Contrition" -- Pope's Press Secretary and Friend's Heretical Theses

(Rome) "Global Prayer Network of the Pope" appears at the end of "The pope's video," which video with the pope's prayer intentions for January 2016 appears with an unprecedented break in the papal proclamation. A Catholic priest then enters, the former press secretary of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. A man with abstruse ideas.

In German-speaking countries the initiativve is called Gebestapostolat and was conceived by French Jesuits. It was founded by the L'Apostolate de la Prière, the Jesuit François-Xavier Gautrelet SJ already in the 1860s. In 1890 it was officially transferred by Pope Leo XIII. to the Jesuit order. Thus began its actual international spread. Since then, the respective Superior General is also responsible for the Apostleship of Prayer, which is currently being conducted on behalf of the Superior General of the French Jesuits, Frederic Fornos SJ.

"Unspeakable video with syncretic message"

The novelty of 2016 lies in the fact that the prayer intentions of the Pope are not only in writing, but also spread by a video. "An unspeakable video with a latent syncretic message," said Messa in Latino.

Was produced the controversial video, under the supervision of the Vatican Television Centre Vatican Television Centre (CTV), the media and advertising agency La Machi Barcelona. The publication was carried out directly on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other Internet channels.

The pope speaks in his native language, Spanish and tells people what they should pray. The subtitles are in ten different languages.

The first video, which will be followed each month by a new one, was published on January 6, Epiphany. Which sees to promote "inter-religious dialogue" for a minute and a half. The religion of the people is different, but all apparently believe in "love", says the message at its core.

Since then, there has been no lack of strong criticism that accuses the Pope and his communications experts of asserting through a syncretic message the equality of all religions and thus their "equal validity".

Jorge Mario Bergoglio Upon His Raising to Cardinal (2001)
with Guillermo Marco (far right)
Guillermo Marco, the former spokesman for the Archbishop of Buenos Aires

Impetus excite the statement of the Pope, according to which all people, regardless of their creed, "children of God" are. An assertion that is contrary to holy scripture, so the critics. There was clearly told in the name of the Triune God baptized are "children of God". In the Vatican under Pope Francis one seems unstoppable with such "details". The Jesuits appears particularly eager.

The Vatican expert Sandro Magister has meanwhile posed the question, Who is the Catholic priest, who can be seen in the video next to a Buddhist, a Muslim and a Jew. Magister also delivers up the answer. It is Argentina's Guillermo Marco, whom Pope Francis personally knows "very well." Marco was in fact Bergoglio's official spokesman as Archbishop of Buenos Aires for years.

The Argentine "communication range" against Pope Benedict XVI.

At the end of 2006, Cardinal Bergoglio had to separate from him. The reason was a "communication breakdown".

Marco was after interviewwed after the historic Regensburg speech of Benedict XVI. by the news magazine Newsweek. Here, the Bergoglio-speaker made rude suggestions about the German Pope, criticizing his words about Islam. Marco said: "He has destroyed in 20 seconds that which had been built in 20 years with Islam. What he said I do not represent."

That Newsweek interviewed the spokesman for Cardinal Bergoglio suggests that he should have been even the real interlocutor of the Cardinal. This one had previously distanced himself from Pope Benedict XVI. Marco presented in the US magazine, nothing more than the position of his employer. In Buenos Aires, the Cardinal had publicly positioned himself as anti-Ratzinger. It was an operation that did not go unnoticed in other parts of the world. That was all the more remarkable, since Bergoglio was the direct opponent of Benedict XVI. in the conclave of 2005. The public criticism did not go well internally to the church. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires held back from then on.

The Vatican was not pleased with the Argentine shot across the bow. The dismissal by Marcos Bergoglio was the "cleanup" of the matter accordingto the Vatican. The spokesperson had to fall on his sword for the Cardinal.

"But Don Marco did not disappear from the stage," said Magister. His removal as press secretary did not mean the end of his personal connection to Bergoglio which his current appearance in the video at the side of Pope Francis shows.

Pope's friend repentance, remorse, repentance and confession to abolish - or almost

Pope Francis with Guillermo Marco in Santa Marta (2014)

It is not known, says Magister, what Pope Francis thinks about what Marco wrote recently in the supplement Valores Religiosas the largest Argentine newspaper El Clarín.

"The Jubilee, a major challenge" is the piece written by Bergoglio's former press secretary, a new version of the parable of the Prodigal Son. This return home was, "not because he repented, but out of necessity." It was sufficient for the father embrace him again in his arms, without requiring conversion.

Marco openly represents in the Holy Year of Charity a mercy theory, which critics also suspect is hidden behind the "New Mercy" of Pope Francis: a mercy without conversion, the abolition of repentance, conversion and penance, ultimately, the abolition of Jesus' adonition "Go and sin no more".

Marco proposes to the Pope, "to revise the sacrament of penance" because for too many centuries, "the Church has threatened sinners threatened with all sorts of punishments in the present and in eternal life, especially for the private sins, more precisely for those which are connected to the free exercise of pleasures and of sexuality."

Should sin therefore be abolished? No, says Don Marco, but it should, as his proposal to the Pope suggests, make confession necessary "only for sins of public scandal." This is what was, at least in the opinion of Don Marco, the practice of the Church till the 12th century. The private behavior, however, should be a matter between the person and God, which he can decide for himiself, because man is capable of distinguishing between good and evil internum forum.

"Impression that something is going the wrong way"

Pope Francis, who just presented a booklet on mercy in an interview with house vaticanista Andrea Tornielli, which is primarily aimed at sinners and confessors, which hardly follow the theses of his former press secretary. Marco nevertheless casts a further shadow on the Argentine pontificate. After all, he was for several years the "voice of his Lord." It is astonishing at least, that such heretical beliefs proliferate abundantly, so narrowly connected to Bergoglio's environs. "Some [of this pontificate] gives the impression that something is going in the wrong way," the Spanish historian, journalist and Catholic blogger Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña said in the context of the Synod of Bishops in Rome.

Marco was Bergoglio's spokesman, he fell because of an unreasonable and as it was understood in Rome, "shameless" criticism of Pope Benedict XVI., in which Cardinal Bergoglio had also participated. A match in the thinking between Bergoglio and Marco has found in this first video on the Apostleship of Prayer an "unmistakable."

This applies to the adoption of an "equal validity" of all religions, since the peaceful coexistence of people is seen as a greater good. The same applies to the assertion of an autonomous conscience as the highest judge, as Pope Francis represented for Eugenio Scalfari. And it is also a latent understanding of mercy without conversion and remorse. Key concepts such as indulgences, punishment and purgatory have been shunned by Pope Francis in the context of the Jubilee Year of mercy so far.

Pope Francis could scarcely take up the suggestion of his "friend" (Master's), said Magister, "but it's easy to imagine that Don Marco is already implementing it into practice. Without fear and without remorse." Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: The video of the Pope / Youtube / Pinterst / Periodista Digital (Screenshot) Trans: Tancred Link to Katholisches...



Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day when there is a breaking news alert on the radio or television, or I get a late night phone call telling me that Pope Francis has died. I will immediately put the champagne in the refrigerator and then pray for the repose of his soul.

Ben said...


Anonymous said...

for too many centuries "the Church has threatened sinners threatened with all sorts of punishments in the present and in eternal life, especially for the private sins, more precisely for those which are connected to the free exercise of pleasures and of sexuality."

Without producing life of course (unless you want to murder the little Jesus baby or sacrifice in some Satanic black mass)! What perverts and yet all say these perverts are the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Does no-one read the Bible? The flood, the destruction of Sodom all occurred in Genesis -- the first book of the Bible, i.e. it ain't "the church" threatening anybody. The Church passes on what God has revealed like a faithful wife. It was St. John the Baptist who preached a baptism of repentance, including to Herod and Herodias and the scribes and pharisees: "You offspring of vipers, who warned. you to flee from the wrath to come?"

Anonymous said...

Not charming... Consoling.

Anonymous said...

We're in for terrible times. The man who most people recognize as pope preaches heresy. A spirit of angry nationalism is rising throughout the world. There are a bunch of lunatics calling themselves ISIS who want to conquer the world. People are becoming more extreme and angry at those who disagree. There is moral corruption, thievery, sodomy and murder everywhere. Satanists are getting more bold in their blasphemy.

Most likely God will let us suffer the consequences of our own actions. It's going to be terrible.

Anonymous said...

And millions of innocents are murdrered in the womb. No negative criticism to you, but...We are so numb to that fact that we do not even mention it when listing sins, crimes and atrocities. That is beyond sad.


Anonymous said...

*The media and advertising agency La Machi Barcelona.*

What is disconcerting is a possible connection of La Machi and Opus Dei? Perhaps Opus Dei needs to look into this matter rather quickly since more of these videos are expected each month.

Catholic Mission said...

The Traditionalist and the video.
Roberto de Mattei wants the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate( F.I) to be faithful to Tradition while he is not affirming the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS)

Anonymous said...

So worn out and tired of the Francis show.

Anonymous said...

I think millions of Catholics will break into long and sustained applause and cheers at that news.......and then pray for his soul...of course. :)
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Laughs, smiles, jokes, hey lets all celebrate his raising to a cardinal. What a dark day that was in the history of the Roman Church

Anonymous said...

Just say a prayer for his soul, then completely ignore him. Pius IX was asked after officially proclaiming the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception what the faithful should do if a Pope promoted false doctrines or heresy, He replied, "you just don't listen to them". So, I'm taking the advice of the future saint Pius the IX and completely ignoring everyint Bergoglio says.

Anonymous said...

At least this clown Francis is now in his 80th year.
I'm not even 30 yet, so all the Popes I;ve ever know were JP II (who made a lot of errors and miscalculations but was basically a decent Pope), and Benedict XVI who was a wimpish Pope but who did bring back a spark of hope for Catholic tradition...and he looked and acted and spoke like a real Pope. I didn't love I've read so many Catholics in the past loved the Popes....filled with devotion for the Papacy and men like Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII, etc. But I deeply respected them, especially Benedict XVI.
It's a terrible feeling, but I have nothing but contempt and loathing (not outright hatred because that would be sinful) for Francis and his associates. It's a shame because I know many,many faithful Catholics in many countries who once were devoted to the Papacy...especially in Western Europ and the USA...Italy the most....and elsewhere, feel the same towards Francis. One of the results being his disappearing crowds at audiences...and his "Holy Year" starting out as a flop.
My heritage is Indian( from Mumbai, India), and Irish (unique combination :) But in both countries, Catholics there at one time had great respect for the Popes...and for Catholic tradition. In India, we were/are a small minority, so we really didn't make the Church tremendously felt. But in Ireland, the Catholic Faith was extremely strong, and a deeply felt part of everyday life.
It's all gone in Ireland took less than 20 years. That's a true mark of an evil influence, that 1,500 years of tradition and belief and devotion could be wiped out in 20 years!!
Vatican II and all that came from it is the cause, of course. Men of mindsets like Francis...who is in a position of power to either raise up, or help destroy the Faith (and he is intent on destroying it...make no mistake), have accelerated the decline enormously in 3 short years.
Catholicism in India is for the most part, marginally significant. But in Ireland and Western Europe, it was a treasure house of Faith and belief that held the people together in all times...good and bad. But now, thanks to Vatican II and Francis, that is gone.
We must pray that the Good Lord takes Francis away soon, and we get a new Pope who is in the mold of a St. Pius X, or the great Ven. Pope Pius XII....or even like Benedict XVI.
The Archdiocese I live in (Philadelphia), is just about gone. So will the rest of the Faith be, if Francis lasts much longer, and we get another Pope just like him.
Let us pray for the opposite to happen, and quickly.
Damian Malliapalli

Ana Milan said...

You are indeed correct in what you say. We must remember, however, that Our Lady told the children at Fatima that Russia would in the end be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart & she would be with us when all seemed lost and the victory would be hers. Just continue to pray along with all Catholics for a speedy conclusion to the reign of Modernism, heretical Popes, Bishops & priests and a return to Christ Our Saviour who wills us peace if we proclaim Him to the world & take up our cross and follow Him daily. The annihilation of our Liturgy of Ages, the Commandments & Sacraments Christ left us, catechesis & need for evangelism were swept away from us with wilful intent to destroy the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church which Christ founded on His Apostles by those ordained to teach and spread His Gospel at the Vatican II Council. This Council needs to be proclaimed null & void and the reverential worship of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as once was restored.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Even though I am a young Catholic, and perhaps God willing,I will have the chance to see a return to Catholic Tradition in the whole Church, the True Mass, and a True, traditional and orthodox Pope...not one like Francis and his thugs.
I have several older cousins (some much older than me....approaching 60), in India who are devout Catholics, and who see the same errors there...that plagued the USA and Western Europe starting 40 years ago.
Except for the lunatic Jesuits in India, religious life and vocations were pretty traditional up until about 20 years ago. Many Orders (and still there are some), wore the old fashioned habits and had plenty of vocations. But towards the last decade of JPII, many Orders especially of nuns started with the liberalizing and modifying and then discarding habits and disipine, just like Western Europe and USA 20 years before. Some Catholic theologians who think they are brilliant (but really are idiots) proclaimed that India won't have a vocations crisis, because it is "mission territory" and there will still be plenty of vocations even if Orders go radical and liberal. WRONG!! Within a few years, slowly at first, some of the big major Orders which once had tons of vocations when they were solid and traditional, saw their novices dry up from maybe 60-70 per year, to 20-30 per year, and now to about 5-10 per year...which is still better than in Europe and the USA where the same liberal Orders have had zero candidates for years! But these Indians Orders are going thru what others did 40 years ago.....and as like in Europe and the USA, with regards to Mass...the more abuses, the fewer come to Mass :)
I think Francis and his gang of clowns is the last gasp of the rot of the Vatican II Church. When he is gone....hopefully soon...I think the next Pope will be 100% the opposite in mindset and example from Francis. He will dress as Benedict XVI did, act as Pope, bring many traditional trappings of the Papacy back, re-assert Rome and the traditional idea of Pope (which Francis rejects), and foster Catholic tradition and the old Mass...even though he won't come out and actually condemn Vatican II. He'll have a fairly long reign.
The condemnation of Vatican II will be pronounced by his successor.
Damian Malliapalli

P.J.David said...

Yes,Damian what you have stated about Idian situation is very true. May God have mercy on us that the change occurs soon.

Gabriel said...

The Indian Catholic culture you idealise has changed so dramatically not because of Vatican II. Some good friends in India have told me that most Indian Catholics have never heard of Vatican II and remain largely untouched by the 'modernism' which exercises you so much.
What has change Indian Catholicism is what is changing the whole of Indian society, namely, the rapidly growing prosperous middle class along with the consumer values it brings.
The same is happening in other parts of Asia too, eg, the Philippines, Sth Korea.
People don't have to join a religious orders and/or the priesthood to get three meals a day anymore which is largely what you are calling 'vocations'

Anonymous said...

I agree, India is totally different, now the rich middle class is just like western people, consumers of stupid and useless things, the same in many parts of Asia, even the Philippines, once the most populous Catholic country in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, P.J. David. I appreciate your comment.

Not to argue with Gabriel, but that's insulting to both Indian society and culture in general, and good Indian Catholics who went into religious Orders in large numbers.....your claim that some went into the priesthood or religious life as nuns to get three meals a day. Think before you write! Some people still have a stupid stereotype in their mind about India, that most people and poor and struggle to manage to have three meals a day. There is still a lot of poverty, but things are improving...not standing still. That image of India=poverty is only re-inforced by your coment that people went infor three meals a day. I'm not denying some people went into religious life in India for a free ride....but that has happened in every country...and still does today...even in the USA.
It's is a proven fact that many INdian priests who are elderly now, (and mostly Jesuits), were trained in the early 1970's, indoctrinated in the liberal-progressive mindset in priestly training that dominated seminaries, many went to Rome to the Gregorian University which was even more radicalized...came home to India (or the Phillipines of S. Korea), and spread the errors they had learned.
It took awhile to germinate in India and S. Korea, nut now they are suffering the same bad fruit now as the USA and Western Europe did 20 years earlier.
Unfortunatly, this buffoon who is Pope now...who is a perfect example of the same radicalized making things 100% worse. But he may be gone before we know it. The next Pope will have a job on his hands...but he'll probably be the opposite of Francis so that is one good thought!
Damian Malliapalli

Gabriel said...

Douthat is definitely correct. The technical term is cognitive dissonance.