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Papal Appointee Enzo Bianchi Calls Fatima a "Swindle"

(Rome) For one of the darlings of  Church light, Fatima is only a "swindle". Enzo Bianchi, the "monk" and "Prior" of "monastic, interconfessional monastery" Bose, who is a layman in fact, holds the Angelic and Marian apparitions in 1917 in Fatima for a "swindle" because, so says Bianchi, a God , "who talks about the persecuted Christians, but forgets the six million Jews annihilated in Germany is not a credible God".  Bianchi's opinions thus  twists and turns, and the bottom line of the self-proclaimed Prior is to consistently follow the Mainstream.

Bianchi, the Papal Consultor

Enzo Bianchi kept at a distance  by Benedict XVI. but under Pope Francis,  Bianchi is feeling an updraft for promoting a "horizontal, anthropocentric Christianity" (Msgr. Antonio Livi). The "false prophet" (Msgr. Antonio Livi)  was recently the subject of an editorial in an edition of Credere, the official weekly newspaper for the Jubilee of Mercy, along with photo on the front page.
Pope Francis appointed Bianchi in July 2014 as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Bianchi is the "prophet" of a "demagogic search for peace, according to an illusory, universal amity and a secular solidarity," said Msgr. Livi of the friend of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who was one of Bianchi's patrons.
Bianchi calls for  overcoming of the papacy and its reduction to a symbolic and representative primacy. This does not prevent him from scattering roses before the reigning Pope  and celebrating him as a "new Psalmist" and "new Bernard of Clairvaux."
 Bianchi, however, thinks that the Mother of God is  "not a suitable model for the promotion of women in the Church". According to Bianchi, Christ "said nothing about homosexuality, and thus the Church should remain silent on it." The family was only "a  form that society gives it," which is why it can be changed at any time by the society.

"A God Who Spoke About Christianity in 1917, But Not about Persecution of the Jews is Not Credible"

Marian apparition in Fatima on 13 August 1917
The Bian
chi-utterances, wrote the well-known Catholic journalist Vittorio Messori: "For the Prior of Bose the phenomena of 1917 is a swindle because a God who speaks about persecuted Christians, but forgets the six million annihilated Jews in Germany is  no credible God. However Bianchi should remember that Communism (Lenin seizes power in 1917) has at least 100 million deaths on its conscience, and there would not have  been Hitler, if there had not previously been Lenin."
Vittorio Messori wrote a 1985 interview book with the then CDF Prefect Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: "On the Situation of the Faith."  It's a book that is considered an essential turning point in the perception of the post-conciliar period, because it articulated a diffuse discomfort and lent a voice to it.
Messori has now presented a new edition of a book first published in 2005, "I potesi su Maria" (Hypotheses on Mary). He is to expand it 13 chapters and 150 pages, wherein Messori shall point to Bianchi's criticism of Fatima, to which refers to other critics, including the Dominican Jean Cardonnel.

Criticism of the Dominican Jean Cardonnel on Fatima

In  the year 2000 just as Pope John Paul II published the Third Secret of Fatima, or -. According to some - at least one part of it, the left-leaning daily Le Monde released an article in France by Father Cardonnel, who was at this time of his life, the head of  clerical dissidents and political opposition. Cardonnels idols were  Mao, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh and even the destroyer of the Cambodian people, Pol Pot, had place at the summit for the French Dominican.
Though he was a nuisance to his brothers with his eternal 'no' to everything that was sacred to the rest, he was allowed to live in the monastery of Montpellier. Cardonnel, who cared about no dogma and no Church law, forbade under outbursts of anger for anyone call him "Father". The prior of the monastery eventually took advantage of a trip the already 90 year old Cardonnel was on, and had packed his things neatly and quartered him in the nursing home. Cardonnel cried "scandal", portrayed himself as a victim and finding he had squandered time on a frivolous case appealing to the Canon Law, then called on the French government to help. He accused the Prior of trespassing. After a long negotiation, the court agreed with his case and sentenced the Prior. The court asserted an absolute precedent into legal history, a monastic cell was a private room. A provocative and dangerous decision, because it restricted and limited the ecclesiastical of authority over their own areas.

Cardonnel: "The Supposed 'Secret' of Fatima is a Fake"

The deadly power of the Red Star
This Cardonnel wrote in 2000 in Le Monde: "This alleged 'secret' is a fake. It is as fake as the Donation of Constantine, which was designed to justify a diabolical absurdity: a Christian empire. A great Italian theologian - one should not forget his name: Enzo Bianchi, the founder of a new monastic community - has the superstition and seen  immediately immediately through  what the Vatican  is doing with Fatima. In the daily La Repubblica, Brother Bianchi put his finger inexorably into the wound. He wrote: 'A God who thinks in 1917 that there will be a persecution of Christians, but does not speak of the Holocaust and the six million Jews annihilated, is not a credible God '. Yes, you have disclosed this wound: what more  glaring evidence does one need not recognize that the so-called Third Secret of Fatima is a fake and can not come from God? It's a fake, which discredited the Eternal. A credible God, I repeat Bianchi, the God of  Catholic racism who cares only for his family, for his Catholic race, while the kin of Jesus may fall prey to oblivion. "

According to Bianchi, only God who would have predicted and condemned the Shoa is  "Credible"

As far as the Dominican Cardonnel, who died in 2009.   Bianchi never disagreed Cardonnel but rather confirmed him. Messori writes: "In the meantime, there also circulated among certain Christians the conviction that the persecution of Jews by the Nazis during the twelve years 1933 to 1945 does not know any comparison and no comparison was possible. It would involve the absolute evil of the greatest crime of the entire history to the most radical example of human malignancy. It is no coincidence that the guilt of the Nazis as inexpiable why even today at ninety years old, if not even to hunt and condemn centenarians, because they are made responsible for it in any way, that which is referred to with the religious term, 'Holocaust', in any case, for the Holocaust. For this crime, and only for this, no statute  limitations is provided. Following Cardonnel and Bianchi, I repeat, even God must - if he wants to speak to us through Mary -  recognize the Shoah  and especially curse it, otherwise he is not a credible God.'  He is not a true God when he explicitly blames Auschwitz," said Messori. A revelation, message, vision or appearance in the required connection with the Shoah or Auschwitz , has been neither been here nor elsewhere mentioned in connection with  Fatima.

Without Communism, No Nazism without Lenin in 1917 no Hitler in 1933

It should be unnecessary, but for safety's sake, he'll do it yet, and emphasize that it is not about going to trivialize the crimes of National Socialism in any way: "The swastika was a tragic perversion of the Christian cross. One can therefore only connect the condemnation. It is nevertheless paradoxical to reject Fatima on these grounds, because the Mother of God in 1917 had not predicted the German camps and condemned it in the name of the Son and of the whole Trinity. 1917 was the year in which Lenin came to power and the Communist monstrosity was allowed free rein, which devoured at least 100 million people and in implementing the most brutal and bloodiest repression of religion throughout history into action. A repression that took place in the name of the atheist state, because as such the Soviet Union and its satellites had been declared in their Constitutions. 
And as demonstrated by the studies of the German historian Ernst Nolte, that Nazism arose essentially as a direct response to Marxism-Leninism Without Lenin in 1917, there would have been no Hitler in 1933 without the October Revolution of St. Petersburg, the ideology of the Austrian painter would have remained limited to a small fanatical   group in the back room of Munich's restaurants. In as much as Our Lady warned of Communism at Fatima, she also warned of the other deadly ideologies, which go back directly or indirectly to Communism or stand in an interaction with this."

Bianchi's Grotesque from the "God of the Catholic Racism"

Bianchi and Cardonnel are "Grotesque" when they denounce Fatima as an expression of "a God of Catholic racism". "What kind of gossip is this?" asks Messori. Which apart from the fact that the vast majority of the victims of Lenin through Stalin to Gorbachev (who in his youth was also a persecutor) were not Catholics, but Orthodox, forget that the  all religions were present.  The papists were massacred like the priests, rabbis just as  imams or Buddhist masters. The same thing happened wherever communism came to power. And that happened exactly in that fateful year of 1917, when the Blessed Mother warned against this perverse ideology, precisely because then - just as now - presented itself in a noble guise with evangelical sounding words of justice, liberation, equality and fraternity. Words that were understood by the Communist, however, were proven without exception as demons, including the German regime, which even introduced itself by the name of socialism. "

The Austrian Example and the Atonement Crusade

Father Petrus Pavlicek
What is valid for Fatima  is what applies to all ecclesiastically recognized private revelations. One need not believe in them. They can therefore also be criticized."But this should be done in more informed and in more subtle ways," than as  it is done by Bianchi.
"And when speaking of Fatima and Communism, then Bianchi would do well to remember also Austria in the period between 1945 and 1955.   Because throughout the war,  the Soviet Union had shifted their influence far to the west and brought huge parts of Europe under its control, with permission first of Hitler, then with the permission of the western powers. At the end,,  the Red Army had occupied Berlin and Vienna. The Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov, who had signed the Hitler-Stalin Pact in the summer of 1939, allowed Hitler the war against Poland, explained and repeated that the Soviet Union would not give up territory they occupied. It was therefore expected that in Austria the Communists would use military force to stay in power just as they had done  in Prague and Budapest, would usurp power by military force. Even in the western chancelleries this seemed to be assumed. No one wanted to start a new war on the other hand. But a Franciscan had not given up: Father Petrus Pavlicek. He first heard of Fatima in captivity. For his safe return from the war he undertook a pilgrimage of thanksgiving in 1946 and heard within  the voice that told him, 'Do what I tell you, and there will be peace.'" Pavlicek saw it as a connection with the apparitions of Fatima and founded the Expiatory Rosary Crusade for peace in the world and for the freedom of Austria.
Hundreds of thousands of Austrians joined him and prayed day and night for these intentions. Years went by, but the petitioners did not abate in their zeal. In 1955,  suddenly Austrian Chancellor was summoned by the Kremlin, where he was informed of the withdrawal of the Red Army from Austria. The western chancelleries were surprised by the decision which was so unexpected and above all was unprecedented and would not be repeated afterwards until the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989 in any other country. The signing of the State Treaty on 15 May 1955 brought the re-establishment of an independent and sovereign Austria. Politicians, diplomats and military around the world marveled. Those who had led the Expiatory Rosary Crusade praying for years, however, were not amazed. The date on which the Austrian Chancellor announced the withdrawal of the Red Army, was the 13th of May the anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima. The withdrawal of Soviet troops,  which most reluctantly granted such a beautiful and strategically important country, was completed in October of the same year, that same month which Catholic tradition dedicates to the Holy Rosary, since the Battle of Lepanto. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / RSK / CR


susan said...

Bianchi's always been nuts. He is the poster boy for what perfect demonic possession looks like. Of course, we would appear to have an awful lot of those running around these days, eh? ah? no?

Tancred said...

So few know of him outside of Italy, or his current favor at the court of the humble one.

Aged parent said...


I guess we'll just have to dump 100 years of investigations, proven miracles and the dogged research of hundreds of men.

Where do these loons come from?

Clinton R. said...

From Hell would seem the likely answer.

Anonymous said...

The complaint of Enzo Bianchi is bogus, because he simply ignores what our Lady of Fatima actually said. The holocaust of Jews, and of many others, was included in her prophecy.

Our Lady did say "various nations will be annihilated".

LeonG said...

Bianchi is a swindler - he's not even a Roman Catholic; just another sham liberal modernist de facto schismatic and a manifest heretic. Excommunicated latae sententiae.

susan said...

y'know, what really scares me, is that even if most people ('c'atholics) knew this jackass's background and the heresy he exhales like CO2, they wouldn't care; in fact they'd defend it (and him), and rejoice in the streets that the Church was finally getting with the program.

Each day that passes confirms to me that the remnant is very small, and the mass apostasy is very big, and that the absolute worst-of-the-worst are being raised to the highest positions. Can the Lord's return really be that far away? Though I do suspect that we've enough time left that this whole dog-and-pony-show is gonna get a whooooole lot worse. Buckle-up and stay very close to the Sacraments....the wheat is being sorted from the chaff. It's gonna get very very spiritually painful for those who genuinely love the Bride.

Ben said...

Well observed, Aged parent.
Where indeed do these loons come from?

jac said...

How is it possible that a papal consultor, an atheist, might utter blasphemous words against God, our Lord, and our Lady and he is not immediately dismissed ?
Is the Pope a catholic or at least a christian?

George Brenner said...

I implore you to please join forces with The Remnant Newspaper in their open letter to Pope Francis on line.

In Love of our Catholic faith,
George Brenner

Anonymous said...

"who talks about the persecuted Christians, but forgets the six million Jews annihilated in Germany is not a credible God"."And when he drew near, seeing the city, he wept over it, saying: If thou also hadst known, and that in this thy day, the things that are to thy peace; but now they are hidden from thy eyes. For the days shall come upon thee, and thy enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and straiten thee on every side, And beat thee flat to the ground, and thy children who are in thee: and they shall not leave in thee a stone upon a stone: because thou hast not known the time of thy visitation. And entering into the temple, he began to cast out them that sold therein, and them that bought. Saying to them: It is written: My house is the house of prayer. But you have made it a den of thieves." Luke 19:41-45

"You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell? Therefore behold I send to you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them you will put to death and crucify, and some you will scourge in your synagogues, and persecute from city to city: That upon you may come all the just blood that hath been shed upon the earth, from the blood of Abel the just, even unto the blood of Zacharias the son of Barachias, whom you killed between the temple and the altar. Amen I say to you, all these things shall come upon this generation. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered together thy children, as the hen doth gather her chickens under her wings, and thou wouldest not? Behold, you house shall be left to you, desolate. For I say to you, you shall not see me henceforth till you say: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord." Matt 23:33-39

Sounds like He's speaking to Team B AntiChrist -- no wonder they label Him (and His mother) a swindle.

Anonymous said...

The sure sign of a heretic is their lack of respect for the Virgin Mary and disdain for the Hail Mary,so says St Louis Marie De Montfort .

john said...

What a communist p.o.s. These demonic vermin have resurfaced everywhere. The Vatican is currently controlled by the enemy.

Anonymous said...

He's just going along with Vatican II's new found respect of out "elder brothers in faith".

Nicolas Bellord said...

This reminds me of the response of the Portuguese Rationalist Association at the time of the apparitions at Fatima. They claimed it was all a Jesuit plot in that the Jesuits had coached the children in the same way as the Jesuits had coached St Joan of Arc. Perhaps anyone who has a chronological objection to this interesting theory is underestimating the Jesuits.

Brother Kevin said...

If you want a Biblical explanation of why this attack of liberal theologians is occuring, there is a lecture on YouTube by Catholic Apologist Dr. Robt. Sungenis titled "Did God Allow Ambiguities In the Document of Vatican II" It's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

The Jesuits did not exist at the time of Joan of Arc!
If I am not mistaken, Joan of Arc lived around the 1420's. and the Jesuits did not begin under St. Ignatius until the 1550's.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...


Left-footer said...

He's barkng mad.

Anonymous said...

The poisonous recipe never changes, does it? These leftists who are so smug in their supposed "creativity" and bold "progressiveness" always, like the robots they are, revert back to the same formula: belittle Catholic piety and tradition; unfurl the banner of ecumenism with which the Faith is diluted; grovel before the Zionist masters; rejoice with their sour faces about a new emergent world that will bring all humanity together (the utopian delusion); crush anything and anyone that dares to uphold Western civilization and the Faith that built that civilization. They are laughable but also eminently dangerous. This monstrous clown, friend of the papal clown of course, is one its agents. Archimago

Anonymous said...

He was a book keeper.....never will be a monk, he looks to me like Asmodeus, the blue eyes demon, so it seems to me, he's an heathen.

Anonymous said...

6 million Jews were murdered along with 12 million Non-Jews in National Socialist Germany and 68 million in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics so Bianchi thinks one should obsess on 6 Million out of 86 million merely because they were Jews. It is odd for an Italian like Bianchi to disbelieve the Blessed Mother when he hasn't even mastered mathematics or his Socialist Italy's responsibility for the abattoir of the Left.

Anonymous said...

I recently went to Fatima & the priest that was leading the pilgrimage told us that sadly they were renewing the interior of the main church to look less Catholic! Sad. Pray. Pray. Pray...and they pray some more...of course the Holy Rosary.

Lynda said...

You're underestimating the Jesuits!😃

Anonymous said...

If I am correct, I believe that the official numbers - at least those that can be pinned down through records and examinations of demographics and concentration camp activity, keep being whittled down. Apparently, there is no possible way that 6 million Jews died in the camps. But it is hard to really get solid figures, since talking about such research gets you fines and imprisonment in most of Europe.

What is interesting, however, is how closely connected the six million ethnics are with the actors behind the errors Our Lady referenced, and with the revolution in Russia that happened in 1917...

But what do I know. I don't look like a lawn gnome on steroids.

S said...

He certainly has taken "ugly beard " to whole new level. That thing belongs on the front of a kilt not covering a chin. Im sorry it is difficult to take these modernist seriously.

Anonymous said...

She did. She did prophesy the extermination of nations.
Why, however, Our Blessed Mother did not mention Mr. Bianchi specifically in her warnings of the scourge to come must remain in mystery. He thinks mighty well of himself, as do the rest of his ilk. Perhaps she thought it counterproductive to cast anymore of a spotlight on him and his confreres in apostasy.
How tragic.

Anonymous said...

Just another Modernist heretic seeking to destroy the Church! 6 million Jews were murdered while 12 million Catholics were murdered in the concentration camps. I bet this guy is happy that more Catholics were murdered than Jews. I wonder if he knows that a group of Carmelite Cloistered Nuns built a Convent near Aushwitz in the 80's and were thrown out by the Jews. I wonder if he heard of the Hill of a Thousand Crosses, when one Cross was erected the Jews ordered it taken down and Polish Catholics set up thousands of Crosses which to this day remain. This guy should be telling the Jews to respect Catholics the way he is ordering for Jews to be respected. That of course he will never do, he's a modernist!

Anonymous said...

He is a swine.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe something happened at Fatima but in no way is it required of Catholics to believe in apparitions.Sacred Scripture & Sacred Tradition are required for Catholics to believe & practice.
Please don't put Fatima on a level of required belief.

JBQ said...

Even the movie of the same name believes in "the good, the bad, and the ugly". Evil is not black and white. There is more than one form of evil. The deaths of six million Jews is horrific to be sure and not all were Jews. The deaths of 100 million Christians has its own separate horror. Each death is an individual soul and each death is horrific to that individual with only the mercy of God being the divine link to a soul in turmoil. In spite of mercy for those murdered for their belief, there is the matter of justice in the words of Shakespeare where in "The Merchant of Venice" he opines that "mercy seasons justice".

Dr. Judy Meissner, Psy.D., MPH said...

Mr. Enzo Bianchi just made the case against Vatican II! Having abundant "evidence," testimonies, and victims to condemn the so-called "Holocaust" of Jews by the Third Reich, Vatican Council II refused to even mention the "Holocaust" turning it into a "Holocaust" denying Council.