Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Final Report on Synod is Out in English

Edit: NCR says it's "remarkably strong". Incredulous:

[NCR] For the English-speaking world, the Ordinary Synod on the Family just came to a formal end, two months after its actual end, with the release of its final report in our native tongue.  

The world was gleefully told by the enlightened—again and again and again—that it looked as if the Church was finally going to join the modern age by surrendering to the self-evident verities of the sexual revolution. Giddy at the prospects of Pope Francis’ supposed reforming spirit, the gay community’s leading magazine canonized the Holy Father as their “Person of the Year” before the Synod even started. While this chatter of reformation made the heterodox hopeful, it made the orthodox anxious. But all that is over now and there’s a very good reason that you’ve not been blasted with the news of the synod’s conclusions. It not only dashed the hopes of those who hoped the Church would jettison its historic and biblical teaching on sexual ethics, it blew them to hell.


Unknown said...

I loved this part of the NCR article:

"The Synod also establishes these beautiful biblical realities in the traditions and recent teachings of the Church. Starting with Vatican II’s Gaudium et Spes (see sections 47-52)..."

STARTING with Vatican II's Gaudium et Spes ... since we all know that the Church started at Vatican II and that nothing was EVER said about the family prior to that.


Anonymous said...

Vatican II = trash

Anonymous said...

It blew them to hell? I don't trust these media men and career journalists. They are far more interested in persuading their readers than proclaiming the truth.

Anonymous said...

Vatican II is garbage, that has been proven by the results. It's been what, 50+ years and neaspapers like this are still trying to persuade us how great it was. That's a load of use polite language!
Let's compare some results between the Council of Trent, and Vatican II.
Within 50 years of the Council of Trent, the Church had the Jesuits founded by the great Saint Ignatius Loyola and the explosion of new Catholic missionary endeavors lead by the equally great Saint Francis Xavier, Discalced Carmelites founded by the great St. Teresa of Avila, the Ursuline nuns which were the first non-strictly enclosed, cloistered Order of nuns in the Church, the Oratorian and Theatine Orders, the Hospitaller Brothers of Saint John of God, not to mention a great flowering in the arts and architecture for the glory of the Church (ememplified by the "new" Saint Peter's and Gianlorenzo Bernini....but also by thousnds of new Churches and religious houses built in what we call the Baroque style (The Italian Baroque was the best and most refined, but there was also the Spanish Baroque which was carried to all the new Spanish colonies in the New World-Mexico,Peru, the Phillipines, and in music we have the magnificent outpouring of sacred music inspired by the Council of Trent=Gabrielli, Palestrina,Corelli, and later the religious works of Mozart and others...all inspired by the Tridentine Latin Mass. There were also thousands of new monasteries opened, and dozens of new male and female religious Orders. The Capuchins, founded at this time, had already 30,000 members by the 1720's!There was also the great expansion and strengethening of the seminary training system, where each diocese was encouraged to establish their own seminary for the education of priests(dosecean), and many religious Orders also opened their own seminaries.Before Vatican II, our own Archdosecean seminary in Philadelphia had close to 600 seminarians, most studying for Philadelphia. Nut today we have only 120 students, 75% studying for other dioceses and only about 40 for Philadelphia, the smallest numbers since before the USA Civil War in 1861-65 !
But we must remember that all that doesn't count .....the Tridentine Latin Mass does;nt count, nor the decrees of the Council of Trent,nor the teachings of the Church over the last 1,500 years, nor the great achievements of the Church, art,architecture and religious Orders.
All that matters is Vatican II, and the teachings (or babblings) of Pope Francis.
If that's all what the Catholic Church has become, and what we're expected to appreciate and believe it...thanks but no thanks! I'll take the teachings and traditions of the pre-Vatican Ii Chuch any day. I' proud of that! Wgi in their right mind, standing back and looking at the Church of 1950 with that of today can be proud of Vatican II, and the Church of today, as this NCR is always trying to hammer into us. It's a violation of valid judgement, if not deeply disturbed.
By the way, the NCR used to be run...any maybe still is, managed of the Legionaries of know, the Order founded by the infamous paedophile and hisexual pervert Fr. Marcial Maciel. They are alnd always were a cheerleading group for Vatican II and all that came from it, all the while passing themselves off as traditional!!! Case closed! LOL :)
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

"It not only dashed the hopes of those who hoped the Church would jettison its historic and biblical teaching on sexual ethics, it blew them to hell."

You're startin' to doublespeak like vc2 new church~! Go ambiguity!Still waitin' for that post about courageous faithful traditional Cardinal Pell not goin' back to australia to testify for 'health' reasons? The Church hasn't jettisoned the traditional mass -- courageous, faithful, traditional transvestite nun maker Burke celebrates one at least once a year!

Anonymous said...

"the Church would jettison its historic and biblical teaching"

The Church is now an "it"?

"historical teaching" -- I guess next we will have the "historical Jesus" and the "institution (his) story (narrative)"

Your VC2 slip is showing

Lynda said...

This is such a wrongheaded analysis - it is to treat the Faith and moral law as if same were just a political stance, that one managed to get acknowledged in a party political manifesto. The whole arbitrariness of the Synod in voting on fundamental matters of truth and hoping to have enough numbers to avoid the most evil things being explicitly sanctioned - is a mockery of God, the Holy Faith and the Mystical Body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Damien, I was impressed with your arguments until you called Cardinal Burke a "traditional transvestite nun maker." What is that about?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl,

Believe me, that wasn't me! Sounds more like Gabriel....remember him?

I respect and admire Cardinal Burke....he'd make a great Pope. Francis doesn't have long to go, regardless how long his thugs hope he has. Maybe Burke has a slim change next time. Regardless, he'll be a powerful influence....and the next Pope, even if he's another elderly man....will be 100% the opposite of Francis. And he'll have the time to clean up the rot. We'll have to pray for him, and for that time to come soon.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

In my view Burke is out of the U.S. like Pell is out of Australia and Benedict is in the Vatican for a reason (they are all hiding out from criminal prosecution and possible jail time). In my view it is covering up sexual assault of male children by "priests".

None of these creeps are "good" men let alone pope material. How corrupt you all are that you cannot recognize evil when it is staring you straight in the face. Guess you'll wake up on Judgment Day when you see your pet 'conservative' clergy booted into hell for serving the devil. Remember the St. Michael prayer "seeking the ruin of souls" - isn't that exactly what "pope" francis is doing? So how can someone be "good" who goes along w/him? Is it good to ruin souls?

Tancred said...

If that were only true, then scum like Mahony would be in prison where they belong for gross malfeasance, failure to report abuse and misrepresentation.