Monday, December 21, 2015

Papal Critic's Press Credentials Restored for Year of Mercy

(Rome) At the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy on 8th December, the Vatican expert Sandro Magister  was accredited back the Holy See Press Office.
The accreditation was Magister last June been withdrawn after the weekly magazine L'Espresso, for whom Magister works, published the eco-Encyclical Laudato si  by Pope Francis  a few days in advance and thus disregarded the Vatican embargo. Magister insisted that publication had been decided by the editor in chief, yet he lost his approval after 41 years.
The punishment was also seen related as related to Magister's critical attitude to the pope. Observers spoke of a reprimand of an internationally known papal critic.
Only on December 4, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ had been asked if, in the context of the Jubilee Year of mercy, about  the case Magister and a possible change of attitude. Lombardi responded with a "We'll see."
On December 9, Magister was informed of the new re-registration by Lombardi, but it was made public only today.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MilTrans: Tancred
Trans: Tancred
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Tony V said...

You do something petty and vindictive, and 6 months later back down.
Not sure that qualifies as 'mercy'...

Nicolas Bellord said...

Now that Father Lombardi has repented I trust the Lord will be merciful.