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Ettore Gottie-Tedeschi: Letter to My Granddaughter -- After the Synod on the Family

Letter to my granddaughter -- Ettore Tedeschi
(Rome) The internationally renowned banker and financial ethicist Ettore Gotti Tedeschi- who was from 2009 to 2012, President of the Vatican bank IOR, wrote a few days after the end of the Synod of Bishops on the Family, a letter to his granddaughter, who has just  come into the world. In this letter he expresses his unease about the current situation, about the spiritual constitution of the globalizing world and the universal Church as well as the basics of their actions. One criticism that goes far beyond the Family Synod.
The letter is a fictional look into the future: clear, sober and astute. And all with a dash of provocation, because of expressions of maldevelopment, false assumptions, misguided priorities and misguided meaning and shifts of emphasis are things he recognizes. The tenor underlying it all: humanity needs a reckoning, they will face the challenges ahead.This applies especially for the Catholic Church, especially and primarily for her pastors, because they are custodians of a primary responsibility for the world and humanity.

Letter to My Granddaughter about the Family Synod

Ettore Gotti-Tedeschi by-
This letter I write to my granddaughter Olivia, who was born a month ago, so that in 20 years when she reads it, can better understand the world in which she will live.

Dear Olivia,

in 20 years you could feel the desire to marry. What sacramental marriage will be in 20 years yet depends on us today, or rather, it seems to depend on a referendum, from the assembly of the faithful ...
A synod on marriage ended a few days ago and with the Newspapers reading that one might come to the conclusion that all have triumphed (Progressives and Conservative), just as we are used to from political elections. If you read the letter of the Synod Secretary, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri to the Corriere della Sera on 27 October, one might get the impression that the one concerned (the people of God) decides himself, being interviewed by questionnaire of the sensus fidei. Because the herd possesses the right "sense of smell" in order to discern what the Church has to do in the things that concerns them. And eventually,  finds the Holy Spirit in the faithful echo of the voice  - of course. But this, I fear, we will, in order to know what sacrament  you can expect, must await the decision of the meeting of  the assembly on the matter of interested faithful ...

Dear Olivia,

every era has always had its misery, its tragedies and its greatness. That's right, since man has tried to give his life and his actions meaning. And that has  always happened   since the moral authorities of different religions try to explain the reasons for good and evil. But your era is in danger, since the moral authorities disappear, that they have been mediated by a global world and brought into line under the pretext of wanting to avoid global conflicts that were inflicted by dogmas and fundamentalisms, as if these were spread especially in the wake of evangelization. I fear that the moral authorities will no longer be the same and to the detriment of the knowledge of the truth and the victory of faith. You'll find out for yourself when you receive religious education in a few years.
To whom else should  the responsibility for all this be attributed, if not the Gnosis, that triumphs everywhere? In philosophy it has succeeded to even put into perspective what is absolute. In anthropology, it has succeeded, the people have downgraded themselves  to a more or less intelligent animal, which is a cancer of the nature. In the economy, it has managed to make believe that the economic misery has spawned morality. In science and technology, it has managed to make them believe that both must have a moral autonomy.
The moral authorities (of various religions) have reacted in different ways to this suppression. In some circles and cultures they react with violence. In others, they can be intimidated out of fear of being ostracized. And in order not to be regarded as fundamentalists, they go so far as to sin, to justify and clever disguise the errors and disorder.

Dear Olivia,

the world in which you are growing tall will assert the theory of evolution, but in reality,  mankind , God's creature, is wild. In this world in which you grow up, you'll encounter some dangers. In order to survive these risks, you'll need to be well prepared. 
The first risk will be to not understand whether the truth comes before or after  freedom,  to look for them as if they are only made ​​in dialogue with other truths created or existing independently of it. 
The second risk will be to not be able to understand what is the cause of the ills that afflict the people, whether it is really economic injustice, or actually moral injustice. 
Another danger is in the effort  to understand the subtle difficulty in deciding between mercy and justice if these seem to be conflict with each other. 
These and many other risks are all the greater when the moral authorities cloud the water, when  they   abandon the ideas and behaviors which give correction and orientation to people; If you instead, this adapt by excusing them  and accepting, are changed by them. In other words: by adjusting to the time that demands an evolutionary dynamics in understanding the laws of nature.
 Holy Church has known through the times, thanks to the Saints,  to act for changes to straighten the errors of men: think of the heresies of Protestantism, the Modernism.
Today, however,   Gnosis succeeds, even  to deny the truth where it is, and even to place   freedom of conscience, where it does not belong. The Gnosis has succeed today, the Church is denied the right to evangelize  (from respect for other cultures) and demands she  leave the (as bad or hardly ever formed) conscience to decide what is good and what is evil. That's like calling a blind man to cross a busy intersection without any help, and thus expose him to the risk of being struck down. They expect the Church to leave men in freedom to decide according to his conscience, what is good for him, without thinking about it, and that is tantamount to putting a mouse in front of a fragrant cheese with a well-camouflaged, deadly trap connected to it. They expect the Church to abandon the believers,  to rule on the maturity of their conscience to return to the flock.
All this allows me to explain to you, dear Olivia,   at the same time why there is global warming. It exists because the number of souls is so great, that are on the way to burn in Hell, because of the spreading confusion in teaching.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Scolpict
Trans: Tancred


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