Saturday, October 3, 2015

For the Record: Aberrosexual at CDF Dismissed

Edit: I'm sure there are plenty of openings for aberrosexuals in the Polish Catholic Church. With all the hysteria, which is something we can appreciate if not participate in, this is a welcome bit of news. 
The priest in question appears to already have been living a double life. It's a pity he wasn't sent packing sooner, since it's very likely he wasn't the most orthodox priest in his office.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican on Saturday fired a monsignor who came out as gay on the eve of a big meeting of the world's bishops to discuss church outreach to gays, divorcees and more traditional Catholic families.
Monsignor Kryzstof Charamsa was a mid-level official in the Vatican's doctrine office. In newspaper interviews published in Italy and Poland on Saturday, Charamsa said he was happy and proud to be a gay priest, and was in love with a man whom he identified as his boyfriend.
"The decision to make such a pointed statement on the eve of the opening of the synod appears very serious and irresponsible, since it aims to subject the synod assembly to undue media pressure," the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said in a statement.
As a result, Charamsa could no longer work at the Vatican or its pontifical universities, Lombardi said.
Despite his dismissal, Charamsa remains a priest, although Lombardi hinted that his superiors could take further action.
Charamsa had planned a press conference in Rome for midday on Saturday to discuss his sexual orientation and criticize the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for spreading "pervasive and blind homophobia," but was pre-empted by the Vatican action.

Edit: Also, the Vatican has released a statement about the Pope's meeting with Yayo Grassi and his fellow deviant companion. 


Liam Ronan said...

"...whose glory is in their shame..." Philippians 3:19

Anonymous said...

This guy wrote a book about his story, propaganda for lgbt......amor omnia vincit, but what a shame! May the Lord forgive them because they don't knoww what they're doing. God bless+

CJ said...

Too little. Too late. He was only tossed because he outed himself. His sinful lifestyle and satanic beliefs were surely no secret in Rome. He suddenly became expendable because showed his hand too soon.

This token act to give the appearance that those in the phony synod intend to be legitimate and Catholic is just thowing the dog a bone. The queers still infest their ranks. They fool no one.

Roman said...

Alas, you are probably right. (I imagine that the news report would have been more accurate if written "a red-faced," "upset," or "angry" Fr. Lombardi "puled," "whinged," or "sighed and rolled his eyes.") A hunt ought to begin for the ecclesiastical godfather of the buffoonish priest, and then those in the network, They need punishment and a life of penance, or laicization. Fr. Krzystof needs to be shipped back to Poland for debriefing by Fr. Oko and a chaplaincy at a convent.

Liam Ronan said...

Well put and a timely reminder. We have a solemn duty before God to pray for the conversion and deliverance of these poor sinners that they may repent and be saved.

Anonymous said...

"Father" Krzystof should be laicized immediately by his bishop.

The root of all this (besides the filth of Vatican II), is Pope Francis.......and his associates.

Read the names of the officially approved priests who will be drawing up the results of the Synod.....all liberals. Wuerl is in there. So is Homo lover Archbishop Bruno Forte is at the top of the list.

And this list came from Francis.

Damian Malliapalli

Counter-Intelligence said...


I think 9:18 pulled the wool over your eyes. Read it from the perverts' point of view. The "they" are us straight Catholics, the "shame" is the, as they see it, persecution of this flamboyant homosexual Polish priest. Etc,

Clinton R. said...

With the apparent approval of Pope Francis, these sodomites feel free to come out of the closet and beam with pride over their sin, which cries to Heaven for vengeance. The 'fruits' (pardon the pun) of Vatican II are in full effect. The schism is widening more and more with each day. May God have mercy upon us when His Wrath is delivered. +JMJ+

Anonymous said...
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Barnum said...

Looks like this gay gift to the Church was shipped back to Poland, express! The Polish Bishops will know how to take care of this parcel of defective goods.