Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Benedict XVI. And the Synod Conclusion --- Schönborn Grey Eminence

(Rome)  Marco Ansaldo, the Vaticanist of La Republica has caused a stir among Catholics on the crucial final phase of the Synod. Ansaldo reported a lunch between the archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Pope Benedict XVI,  in the last week during the Synod. The meal was taken in his voluntarily chosen retreat, the monastery Mater Ecclesiae, instead of the Vatican. This is an established fact, that was recognized as a student visiting with his old teacher.
Not backed up, however, is what Ansaldo suggests, or at least wanted to suggest, that Cardinal Schönborn had moved the emeritus pope to act on Cardinal Müller and through him, to the group of defenders of the  sacrament of Catholic marriage, so that in the end the two-thirds majority was brought about for the Synod final report and the looming public disavowal of Pope Francis was averted.

The Facts

The fact is that Cardinal Schönborn already played a central role in the  Circulus Germanicus  of facilitator, to bring about a joint document between the conflicting positions of Cardinal Kasper and Cardinal Müller. The fact is also that the report of the German working group, albeit significantly modified, was the decisive formula to "rescue" the final vote, and thus the two-year synod work. The fact is that the indignation was great among the synod, as  the unaltered final documented of instrumentum aboris was submitted to Pope Francis after three weeks of synod  work, being so heavily criticized by so many.
The fact is, therefore, which is confirmed by representatives from all sides,  that this document would not have found a majority in the Synod. The fact is so established that thus, a serious rift would become visible in the Church. A crack, its unforeseeable consequences triggered nervousness and anxiety among some Synod Fathers, also among the defenders of marriage and morality. A crack of reason, and finally a new text was caused by frenetic negotiations, who found the necessary majority in the end, even if in the decisive section of remarried divorcees, around which the whole Synod had turned, only because of a single vote.

Fact or desired impression?

Tn no  way has it been corroborated so far as to whether and in what way Benedict XVI. actually imported on a compromise solution or has executed acts. Or whether and how Cardinal Schönborn may have achieved or event hinted at the support by the retired Pope over other synod.
The fact is that Ansaldo would give such an additional impression on the  luncheon  to create concrete evidence. The crucial point in his article was ultimately not lunch or Benedict XVI., but the form of the Vienna archbishop, who is counted without hesitation among the  "Progressivists"  in the disputed Synod issues.
The fact is also that Marco Ansaldo was one of those journalists who participated last May at the Gregorian University at the secret meeting of Kasperians which organized the representatives of the "new Mercy" for the Synod. Ansaldo in fact is thus a party to it. The more weight comes to his assessment, Cardinal Schönborn attributable to the progressivist camp, who has been classified yet very differently in general. Schönborn had himself taken part in the secret meetings. And the more it may be assumed that Ansaldo wanted with this certain intention, to involve Benedict XVI. in the matter. Apart from the fact that he for has von Schönborn in his thesis as the ideal mediator between the two great "fractions" of the church, between the Argentine and the German Popes.

To bring Cardinal Schönborn in position as  Francis's successor: The concerns

Schönborn's diplomacy succeeded, says Ansaldo, between the progressives, with whom he  is known in terms of remarried divorcees and homosexuality several times and the Ratzingerians of which he is commonly reckoned as a student of Ratzinger, as part of the staff at the Congregation and for his promotion. He has, at least according to the portrayal, saved the Church from a veritable break and Pope Francis from  a loss of face, which could have had incalculable consequences also due to the personality aspect of the reigning Pope.
Ansaldo wanted this bonus especially, to credit that   Schönborn has internal connections in the Church , and is the scion of an old Frankish noble family that has produced many diplomats and bishops, bringing him into the picture as a predestined candidate for Francis's successor, in other words, to bring him into play. Knowing that Pope Francis daily reads, according to his own admission, only La Repubblica.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: la Torre


susan said...

Oh sweet God in Heaven, this all just goes from bad to worse.

JEFF KLUMP said...

Can anyone explain what this means? I Am not understanding what is being said here?

Boniface said...

^I agree. The English seems kind of garbled.

Gabriel said...

178 to 80 isn't garbled.

Tired of Blowhards said...

Then explain why, ass.

Tancred said...

An Italian journalist thinks Porno-Kardinal negotiated with Benedict to get the rest of the votes necessary to pass the final report, and is also viewing him as a successor to Francis.

Mary said...

That is not what it says. It says that the Italian journo reported the lunch so that he can make people THINK that Benedict was behind it, so that people will also regard Schonborn as a successor. The journo was also part of the secret meeting.

Tancred said...

That doesn't contradict what I said.

Marie said...

"... Ansaldo suggests...that Cardinal Schönborn had moved the emeritus pope to act on Cardinal Müller and through him, to the group of defenders of the sacrament of Catholic marriage, so that in the end the two-thirds majority was brought about for the Synod final report and the looming public disavowal of Pope Francis was averted."

But was the "public disavowal of Pope Francis" averted?

Tancred said...

Yes, sorry I wasn't clear. I have the flu, and am more tired than usual.

Ansaldo feels this is so, since his "New Mercy" just barely received the necessary votes. You see, Bergoglio had a year to make some .. Ern... Let's call them personnel changes... To obtain the requisite vote to pass his agenda, even with a compromise.

Anonymous said...

all i can say about the peronist papacy is.... i am happy i dropped out of seminary (it was during benedict's and for non doctrinal reasons errrr non disciplinary reasons as walter "no africans" kasper would say. now i would of probably be a transitional deacon and trapped by tuition and loans from leaving). bergoglio would of wanted me out anyway, we are pharisees and "leftist morons" after all - the oracle of rome will give us none of his mercy or room in his church.

too bad cekeda and his boys are too far out there belief wise for me

Z said...

Bp. Morlino at Madison will take you for sure.

Murray said...

Schonborn was reportedly the cardinal who persuaded Benedict to resign by assuring him that his successor would be another Ratzingerian. If so, it makes you wonder why Benedict would ever again trust him as an honest broker of any kind.

And why would any orthodox Catholic fear a looming public disavowal of Pope Francis, given his clear intention to subvert the teaching of Jesus Christ? In such a situation, disavowal is exactly the appropriate response. Why would the Synod Fathers be so terrified of a serious rift [becoming] visible in the Church, that they would cobble together an unreadably muddled compromise document that satisfied no-one and still enraged the Holy Father?

Lord, save us from company men.

Tancred said...

Most of the German Bishops have ignored Rome for the last 50 years, and Canada's bishops have largely ignored Rome on Humanae Vitae, and you could probably count the faithful Catholic Universities throughout the world on one hand.