Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Did the Evil Puppet Masters of the World Financial Powers Shut Down Vatican Bank to Obtain Benedict's Resignation?

Edit: stripped wholesale from Orwell's Picnic. Let's not underestimate the effects of Vatileaks, which was certainly part of a multi-level attack against Pope Benedict that is decidedly anti-American, perhaps even more so than Pope Francis himself.

It wasn't enough that the exonerated Ettore Gotti-Tadeschi was under suspicion of corruption.

Indeed, if these details are confirmed, the ensuing scandal will cast a longer shadow on the Franciscan Papacy and the powers and principalities who now appear, with Cardinal Daneel's admissions which we touched on last year, bent on making the papacy a vehicle to create public consensus for social engineering on a global scale.  Man, if they could unmake a pope, they could certainly make one.

The journalist, Maurizio Blondet, who has broken this story is himself a Traditionalist Catholic, according to Italian Wiki.  

Thanks to JEFF KLUMP who initially drew our attention to this interesting story.  Here's OP's contribution:

Ratzinger non poté “né vendere né comprare”
Ratzinger he could “neither sell nor buy”
Maurizio Blondet
Roughly translated by Google:
“Few know what SWIFT (the acronym stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is: in theory, is a global “clearing house”, uniting 10,500 banks in 215 countries. In fact, is the most occult and sole center of American-globalist financial power, a bastion of blackmail on which the hegemony of the dollar, the most powerful means of political and economic espionage (to the detriment especially for us Europeans) and the means by which the most feared global finance breaks the legs of states that do not obey. …
“‘When a bank or territory is excluded from the system, as it did in the case of the Vatican in the days before the resignation of Benedict XVI in February 2013, all transactions are blocked. Without waiting for the election of Pope Bergoglio, the Swift system has been unlocked the announcement of the resignation of Benedict XVI.
“‘There was a blackmail come from who knows where, through SWIFT, exercised on Benedict XVI.The underlying reasons for this story have not been clarified, but it is clear that SWIFT has intervened directly in the management of affairs of the Church.’
This explains and justifies the unprecedented resignation of Ratzinger, that many of us have been able to exchange for an act of cowardice; the Church was treated as a state ‘terrorist’, but worse — because note that the dozen banks falling into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ‘are not excluded from SWIFT’ and continue to be able to make international transactions — and the Vatican finances could no longer pay the nunciature, to convey transport missions — in fact, the same ATM of Vatican City had been blocked.
The Church of Benedict could not ‘neither sell nor buy'; its own economic life was counted in hours.”


susan said...

I think you're spot-on in saying there was "a multi-level attack against Pope Benedict"...this was no doubt only one prong. My God, these men are so unspeakably vile. How can there be any doubt left as to what the agenda is and who has played the major roles? The whole Danneels denial of what is reported in his AUTHORIZED biography is one example of the clintonesque sleaze quotient of these snakes....francis is the current head; but just like any prolific viper's nest, there are plenty of other little heads just waiting and salivating to take his place. God help, protect, and defend the good guys....I think there are far fewer of them than we dared to imagine. If this is ever righted, it will be a clear sign of God's work, using tiny Gideon's army again.

Ironic isn't it?...a man being named Pope in the early Church was assured of a bloody, torturous martyrdom from the outside in the acceptance; a GOOD man being named Pope in the modern Church is assured of a bloody, torturous martyrdom from within.

Dane said...

Two words: Money. Changers.

No one else has the lust for money, nor the cunning, nor the lack of fear of God, nor the ability to entwine into knots every notion of finance on the face of the planet, a two thousand year hatred of the Christianity and the aid of Satan as well as the backing of his minions.

Anonymous said...

Got such a big pain in reading these things, but we knew it since a long time, the worst is yet to come, because the guardian Angel and his mafia's picciotti are always there in the same place, money, sex, drug, and rock and roll just as saecular NWO world, disgusting......God bless+

Clinton R. said...

St. Michael, pray for the Holy Church. The gates of hell are spewing its bile against the Bride of Christ. +JMJ+

Anonymous said...

This is OLD news. When Benedict resigned many stories about this issue.

"Last month, Italy barred its own banks from doing business in the Holy See, citing a lack of transparency by the city-state’s financial apparatus that has routinely declined to release data on accounts held there by church bodies, clergy, foreign embassies and lay entities related to the Vatican. The move cut off credit card processing at Vatican commercial sites including the Sistine Chapel, effectively forcing them to go cash-only. This week, plastic was finally welcomed again in Vatican City, but only after church authorities cut a deal with a Swiss firm that is not subject to European Union banking laws...On Friday, the pope backed a decision by a commission of cardinals to name Ernst von Freyberg to head the Vatican Bank. The German-born lawyer and member of the ancient Knights of Malta was selected, the Vatican said, because of “his vast experience.” However, Italian commentators were quick to question why the choice was not left to the incoming pope.

“It seems like an attempt to force the situation, not to leave the new pope an option,” said Massimo Franco, author of “The Crisis of the Vatican Empire” and a columnist at Corriere della Sera. “I find it quite strange that this is the last major act of the pope.” [benedict announced resignation 2/11 - article pub 2/15]

But the “Vatileaks” letters suggested strong resistance from Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone and his allies. They appeared to water down Benedict’s watchdog agency and slowed the transparency process. Last year, the Council of Europe noted that the Vatican had “come a long way in a short period of time.” But it also called the Vatican’s watchdog powerless to sanction the Vatican bank. Just last month, credit card transactions were frozen in Vatican museums because of outside concerns over inadequate money-laundering controls.

An Italian government official with close ties to the Vatican said that a prominent cardinal said to him of the Vatican’s flirtation with transparency, “We shouldn’t have done it, because it’s like opening up Pandora’s box.”

To boost its transparency efforts, the Vatican brought in Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a conservative Catholic and well-known banker. But Gotti Tedeschi did not do well under Bertone and was ultimately mocked by Bertone’s associates, who described him as a man whose days as bank president were numbered, according to one witness.




Of course there were also reports that it was due to a sodomite network. Wonder why the money angle is resurfacing now as VC2 gets ready to declare sodomy a virtue.

LeonG said...

Let us face the truth here. The Vatican Bank has been wading in murky waters for many years now. Murder, money-laundering and other scandals make it a corrupt network. When we consider also the plethora of child abuse cover-ups too by the hierarch under JPII and his cronies, of which Ratzinger was the chief, then it holds no surprises for me that The VB has little in the way of social or banking capital in the eyes of the banking world. I don't care what other banks have done - I care what an allegedly Roman Catholic bank does.

Servus Dei said...

To me as a self-confessed "traditionalist" Catholic, it means only one thing. Benedict XVI is still the true Pope. and Bergoglio is a total impostor, put there by Big Politics using Big Money as the trigger to fire the gun, and serving Big Politics' purpose. of which we have seen enough during Bergoglio's hypocritical visit to Cuba and the US, which was nothing more than a political move made by an errand boy clad in white. No one speaks, and certainly not Bergoglio, about the hundreds of Cubans thrown into jail thanks to the papal visit. As a Catholic, I've seen and heard enough from and about Bergoglio. I will not follow an apostate who is changing church doctrine and even the fundamentals of Christian faith to a parody to please everyone.

Hank Monteith said...

Thank you, Dane. I am in complete agreement.
This satanic race has wreaked havoc for centuries and will continue until Jesus Christ comes again and crushes them into dust and with a mighty breath blows them to Hell.

Jim said...
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Louie said...

Two more barking mad live ones have bitten their own feet off.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this fellow: 1) call for a New World Order, 2) worship at mosques and synagogues, 3) invent a concept of "partial communion" with those outside the Church and 4) state that Muslims worship the same God? Maybe he was not fast enough for the money masters but I don't see why they would hate him.

Anonymous said...

I still say that the next POpe will be a surprise, a shock to the liberals. He won't be a jellyfish like Benedict XVI and easily silenced and removed. He will not be 100% a traditionalist, but he will be more so even than Benedict XVI was. and all this garbage that has come from Francis will be gone in a heartbeat.....and so will his gang of four, thugs, goons, cohorts, or whatever else anyone would like to call them.
Both Francis and Kasper will be dead soon, and all this a horrible memory.
But Benedict XVI will still be here!

Anonymous said...

¨Wonder why the money angle is resurfacing¨ well said Anon. one just needs to look that almost immediately after B16 resigned the ATM machines in Vatican City began to work again.

So why now is this coming out? First the ´Cardinal Danieels mafia´ allegation and now this. Is a group of people upset that Pope Francis had such great success in Cuba and America (negotiations and diplomatic concessions were a smashing success) and meeting with the likes of Kim Davis. In a nut shell, a shift took place namely with Pope Francis and they don´t like it. God Bless Pope Francis.

Lynda said...

Success furthering Neo Pagan NWO tyranny.

Michael Ortiz said...

Papa Ratzinger largely cleaned up the mess left him by 40 years of mismanagement in regard to abuse clergy.

Tancred said...

He was firing one bishop every month, and even the ones he had evidence on weren't going quietly.

Gus Barbarigo said...

Supposedly Cass Sunstein, one of Obama's former advisors (and the husband of Obama's UN ambassador, Samantha Power), had called for a "Vatican spring".



Obama Uses Banks to Control Catholic Church:


The Gay Lobby has had its "fifth column" in place at the IOR for some time: Vatican hires world's leading pro-homosexual corporations as advisors:


Anonymous said...

Aside from the unsupported allegation, what is the evidence that this lockout from the SWIFT network occurred? Who are the witnesses? Where can the evidence be found. These are assertions. To believe them one ought to require evidence. Certainly there are enough problems now that an unsupported story implying an invalid resignation and consequent conclave ought not simply be embraced without some evidence.

Tancred said...

You didn't really read the article, did you?

Counter-Intelligence said...

This angry guy is venting, Tancred. He couldn't care less about evidence, and if he is demanding some, he needs to get in touch with M. Blondet or the fact-checkers at "Orwell's Picnic" and in turn, their source. If the fix is in, why would the fixers blab?

Christopher Boegel said...

I can only guess Leon is a friend of the 6 Irish Bishops forced to resign by Benedict, or the 400 abusive clergy forced to resign by Benedict, or the abuse cover up agent Cdl Danneels, who formed his "St. Galen Mafia" to oppose Benedict. Or perhaps Leon is Danneels himself?