Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pope Prays Among the Faithful at the Altar of Saint Pius X

Edit: found this at Vatican Insider, Italian version, and thought it might be interesting. Looks like the priest saying Mass here was saying it ad orientem.  The article continues on to draw similarities between Pope Francis' predecessor and himself, as the sainted Pope was not one to stand on formalities and intended to reform the curia.  It should be noted that Tornielli, writing for the center-left La Stampa, is quite a devotee of Pope Francis and an advocate for "pastoral solutions." Nothing to be trepidatious about or look much into, but there it is:

Yesterday morning Francesco prayed on his knees in front of the body of his Venetian predecessor, remembered for his Catechism and extending the Eucharist to children. "I am his devotee," he confided Bergoglio, who moved the nativity  in St Peter so as not to cover the the saint's tomb


"I am a devotee of St. Pius X ...". With these words, Francis explained to Monsignor Lucio Bonora - Treviso Prelate of the Secretary of State,  scholar of Pope Sarto - his presence among the faithful at the chapel in St. Peter's, which exhibits the relics of the Venetian Pontiff.  Bergoglio, after he celebrated early morning Mass on Friday, August 21, the day when the Church celebrates  the memory of St. Pius X, , took to the basilica to pray before the body of his predecessor. While he was kneeling before the altar, a Mass  began, celebrated by Fr Bonora, who arrived in the chapel before  fifty faithful, including the Pope. Francis, as reported by the website the diocesan weekly of Treviso "The life of the people",  had decided to remain, participating in the celebration. He got up from the bench to receive the kiss of peace, and got in line to receive communion, continuing the time of worship and offering thanksgiving on his knees. "At the end the celebrant - writes "The Defence of the People" - he urged those present who had meanwhile gathered in large numbers to the chapel, to entrust to St. Pius X all the needs of their families and the Church, and especially the person of His successor, Pope Francis." Bergoglio, at the end of the Mass confided to Monsignor Bonora to pray especially for catechists. In Argentina, St. Pius X, the "Pope of the Catechism" is the patron saint of catechists, and as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, on the feast day of Saint Pius X, the Pope met with the catechists of the diocese. "I came to my prayer - he told Francesco Bonora  - because I had already celebrated mass early, but then I saw that you were coming to the altar to celebrate, and then I stopped ... I told you that I  am devoted to St. Pius X ."

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C.J. said...

Apparently his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

I submit that it is more than just hypocrisy: Bergoglio does nothing by chance or spontaneously (his pretensions to the opposite notwithstanding); he calculates every word and every gesture. His is cheap but masterful theater all the time. This act of devotion is to disorient those who know him to be the Modernist he really is, to make his critics unsure of the radical modernism that he exhibits at almost every step. If he were the devoted son of the great St. Pius X that he claims he is, he would not have let the 100th anniversary of his death in the year 2014 go unnoticed. Tragically, he truly is the pope that the anti-Catholic Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser, in his heretical hatred of the True Faith, dubbed "Archimago" in "The Fairie Queene": a true magician with his smoke and mirrors act to fool the naive and the fanatical papolators. RC

Barnum said...

Can't argue with your assessment of the Pope as "Jose Bergoglio, Showman," but I see him as something like what the Spaniards call "a creature of the last wind," or a latter-day [insert your favorite adjective] version of St. Paul's "all things to all people."

Feybriel must be a whirling dervish after seeing the Pope's treachery in saying a Mass of the Ages. ROFL

Gabriel said...

Pope Francis participated at the concelebrated Novus Ordo Mass. It was 'ad orientem' as the altar was fixed to the wall. Check some more photos.
The Pope received Holy Communion at that Mass before which he had spent considerable time praying at Pius X's tomb.

Anonymous said...

This gentleman is hermetically sealed in delusion. A “class A” example of the pathology fueling a certain component of the ecclesial left that just can’t swallow that they are grievously aberrant in the extreme. Realistically, what can this element do at this point in their personal histories but cling to the garbage they self-constructed to insure their personal comfort zones? Why do the likes of them hold any positions of responsibility anywhere, let alone in the Church?

Anonymous said...

He is as devoted to pius X as bugnini was to the Latin mass. Wake up sheeple while you still can.

Jim said...

By Associated Press

August 23, 2015

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis, who encourages prelates to get closer to rank-and-file Catholics, practiced what he preaches Friday, taking a place early among surprised faithful in a front-row pew in St. Peter’s Basilica for Mass.

The pope’s presence at the early-morning Mass was completely impromptu, a Vatican spokesman said.

The spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said the Mass was celebrated at an altar near the entrance of the basilica that is dedicated to Pope St. Pius X. When it was time to receive Communion, Benedettini said, the pope lined up along with the other faithful.

Francis arrived in the basilica without an escort to pray, and then stayed for Mass, Benedettini said.

Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said about 70 people were at the Mass when it started, but when others in the basilica noticed the pope, attendance grew.

Dane said...

"I am a devotee of St. Pius X ...". Liar.

Edward Timmons said...

What a beautiful impromptu gesture by Pope Francis. It is also wonderful that he declared his devotion to Pope Saint Pius X. That announcement will certain lead may Catholics to learn more about and develop devotions to Pope Saint Pius X.

Ed Timmons

Tancred said...

I believe in miracles.