Monday, August 24, 2015

Pope-Consultor Enzo Bianchi: "Family is a Form, Which is Based in Community"

Enzo Bianchi with Pope Francis
(Rome) For the "Prior" of Bose, Enzo Bianchi, there is no natural family. Family is an invention of society. While Benedict XVI.  kept Bianchi at a distance, Pope Francis made him Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in 2014.
Bianchi participates in the formation houses of numerous Italian dioceses as a frequent speaker, as at the Roman universities. He is one of the favorites of the anti-church media, because no matter what he is talking about, a dig against the Church and against the Church's teaching is never lacking.
On August 22, Bianchi spoke at the 73rd Course of Christian studies of the Cittadella di Assisi . The Cittadella di Assisi is a "religious guesthouse" in Assisi that is supported by  Pro Civitate Christiana. This association which was later founded in 1939  was recognized as an association of pontifical right by John XXIII.  The study sessions have participants, according to the official website, of "theologians, philosophers, intellectuals and people with public office, which are somehow attributable to a specific part of the Catholic world." By "specific part" the progressive circles of the Church are meant.

"The natural family does not exist"

The theme of the 73rd course was: "We charge the image of God for a more human world," which took place on the 19th-23rd August. Bianchi's lecture was "the image of God, of man: Why responsible?" Bianchi said: "The family is a form which is based in community. The natural family does not exist."
Enzo Bianchi although he calls himself "Prior" and is the founder of the "ecumenical" Monastery of Bose, appears in a religious habit, and speaks of "his monks", is in reality neither cleric nor monk, but a layman. In 2014   the Vatican expert Sandro Magister revealed  discussing the religious '68er,  that Bianchi together with Alberto Melloni, the head of the progressive "school of Bologna", held a "secret" ecumenical project, which aims to abolish, or rather, to dissolve the papacy in the name of ecumenism. Alberto Melloni was also Speaker in Assisi.

Enzo Bianchi is the "Prophet" of a New Christianity, which is not Catholic

Monsignor Antonio Livi, Grüder of the International Science and Common Sense Association (ISCA) and former Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Lateran University wrote about Enzo Bianchi: "Thanks to the not disinterested help of anti-Catholic media, acquaintance with Enzo Bianchi is very easy as they  cultivate his public image: when he appeals to Catholics, Bianchi appears as 'Prophet ', who is fighting  for the Adventus of a new Christianity (a Christianity that has to be modern, open, non-hierarchical and non-dogmatic and ultimately not a Catholic.)"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Unknown said...

�� Sometimes I wish we could bring back the auto da fé. This is one of those times.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat confused in that in the third paragraph down, third line, you write "This association was founded in 1939 by John XXIII..." Since John XXIII was not elected until 1958, it seems either the year or the pope must be wrong (???)

Tancred said...

It was founded in 39 and later confirmed by John XXIII. Thanks for the correction.