Thursday, August 13, 2015

On the 15th of August Bells Will Sound For Persecuted Christians of the Orient Will Sound

(Paris) On the feast of the Assumption 40 diocese of France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland will ring their   church bells for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. The 15th of August was chosen because the Blessed Virgin Mary is the patron saint of Christendom and is particularly revered in the Orient.
The diocese will thus set an example of solidarity and solidarity with the persecuted Christians. The bells  call for prayers especially for the oppressed, exiled and enslaved Christians. "If everything goes bad and there is apparently no hope, one turns to Mary, which brings down the walls," said Archbishop Jean-Pierre Cattenoz of Avignon the initiative.

Initiative for persecuted Christians from Bishop Dominique Rey of Fréjus-Toulon

The solidarity campaign starts from Bishop Dominique Rey of Fréjus-Toulon, one of the most prominent bishops of France who trains priests of his diocese in both forms of the Roman Rite, and has even celebrated in the traditional rite and promotes this in his diocese. The small diocese in the Provence has by far the highest number of seminarians throughout France.
His announcement, ringing the bells to the Assumption of the persecuted Christians was followed immediately by the bishops of Gap Embrun, Ajaccio, Avignon and Bayonne. All dioceses where the traditional rite has a home.
Meanwhile, the group of dioceses taking part in the action has greatly increased. There are now 40 dioceses and not just in France but also in French-speaking Switzerland, in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Charity concert of singing priests - disability symptomatic of the state of Europe

The singing French priests "Les Pretres" from the diocese of Gap have donated the proceeds from two large benefit concerts for the persecuted Christians in the Orient. Originally, the Parisian society for public transport (RATP) had refused to accept posters for the charity concert, because  it is "religious advertising"  (see "France suffers from its secularity" - priest of Parisian subways "too political"? ). But this is contrary to the secularism of France. The refusal sparked an intense debate. Many people were outraged because they thought it absurd that a benefit concert for persecuted Christians was considered   "religious advertising" and that a relief operation has been hampered by the refusal.
This was partly a fundamental discussion about the fact that in the Middle East  Christians die, but rather than  providing assistance,  the West holds abstract and antichristian discussions. "While we are discussing, people are dying in the East. Solidarity is different, a young woman wrote in the Internet log of the singing priests.
The discussion at least led to such  great interest in the charity campaign of the singing priests that one concert became two. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve  and also Senate President Gerard Larcher attended. Unfortunately, the bishops of other parts of Europe have not taken up the initiative of Bishop Dominique Rey and excepted themselves from  the "French," a European mark of solidarity and solidarity with the persecuted Christians.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Infovaticana
Trans: Tancred

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October 7 is a good date to ring the bells against Islam.