Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Martyrium of Oriental Christians and Europe's Loss of Identity

In the Midst of the Old City in Jerusalem is a
Memorial to Christians Murdered by Muslims

(Jerusalem) While little is seen and read in the Western mainstream media   about the fate of the persecuted and murdered Christians in the Middle East and North Africa,  the Coptic Orthodox Church has set an example in the middle of Jerusalem. At the 6th Station of the Via Dolorosa, the way of the Passion of Jesus Christ to Golgotha, there is  a big banner which laments the murder of Coptic Christians by the Islamic State of (IS).
Europe wants to help, offering a rather helpless and naive image. An irresponsible "welcoming culture" appeals to a  voluntary solution for the serious problems of the country. The attacks in Madrid, London, Brussels, Paris and Graz speak for themselves. The reason is that Europe through the progressive de-Christianization of its own identity is no longer clear. It has never been clearer than in the case of boundless immigration, that there is no longer a Europe without Christianity.  A de-christianized Europe is like a shapeless toy ball without identity  at the mercy of ideologies and non-European forces. The ideological upheavals of the 20th century were the forerunners of this truth. At that time they paid a psychic price, now physical.
In contrast to the externally colorful,  but internally, increasingly colorless Europeans, the Christians of Egypt and the Middle East know who they are, what history they have, and they are aware of their position. The Christians of Europe could learn a lot from them in terms of Islam and its relationship to Islam. In Europe, the Christians of the Levant are largely ignored, to maintain an equally wrong as much as romanticized, embossed in the German-speaking world with a  Karl May image. In this misconception,  the Arab world is only Muslim. At best, there is still room for Yazidis and of course since 1948 for the Jews of Israel.
Whether the Western view of the Middle East is now appreciated the Islamic or has the Jewish-Muslim conflict in focus, the Oriental Christians play hardly any role for Europe.  A form of haughty self-denial, as is also expressed in the indiscriminate opening of borders, while identifying  illegal mass immigration as a "humanitarian emergency" of "refugees."
Veneto's President Luca Zaia said just a few days ago, that at least two thirds of the "refugees" who are pushing daily into Europe are not refugees. At the same time the Italian police arrested several Muslims, sometimes living many years  in the country, who are accused of having recruited Islamists for jihad and recruiting new terrorists. This is a reality as it manifests itself in all European countries. The difference in the best case, is with what emphasis the opinion-forming media downplays or hides this reality.
That the persecuted Christians in the Middle East do not belong to the precious immigrants of the "welcome cultures" and that they are the same key media who report little about the fate of Christians in the Middle East, completing the vicious circle.
Text: Andreas Becker
Trans: Tancred


CB said...

Material heretics and schismatics cannot, with certainty, be identified as martyrs. A martyr is a witness to the Catholic faith, a faith which they do not possess. This does not jeopardize their ability to be joined with the Church somehow before death and be saved. Hence, some may be truly martyrs but no one can judge interior dispositions of these people before death, only the exterior sensible things, and all exteriors indicate that a witness to the Catholic faith did not exist. Thus, to use the term “martyr” is dubious, feeds indifferentism, and waters down the faith, transforming it from Catholic truth into mere Christianity.

Gabriel said...

Tell that to Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

EWTN reports semi-regularly on the disaster of the cradle of Christianity but out of the other sides of their mouths they give no commentary on unjust and lopsided wars that the US and Israel have inflicted on all ME people and their cater to neocon politicos and their leader AIPAC-Israel. They support this garbage and its phony do-nothing pro-life pols etc. and endlessly and they contribute to the destruction o the descendants of the first Christians and to the wreckage of the Catholic Church in its incredible alliance with Christ Rejecter Judaism.

Barnum said...

On your terms, how can he, Feybriel? (When you defend homosexualism you will be called Gabriel, on other matters, to be charitable, Feybriel.) You don't believe in life after death, much less the Resurrection. Why are you even commenting here, if other than to find the silver bullet to your disbelief? That bullet has to arise from your soul, not comments. And you know I am right.