Monday, June 22, 2015

Pope Francis Embraces Heretical Sect

In his last day in Turin, Pope Francis made history by visiting a Waldensian church. It's the first time a Pope visits an Evangelical church of that particular denomination. In doing so, he received a warm welcome.

Waldensian Church (Turin)
"In this path of individuals and churches, we find brothers and sisters who join us along the journey. Today, with great joy, we find ourselves with you, as a new brother in this journey.”

The Pope got to know this Church well in Argentina. With about 30,000 faithful worldwide, it's quite small, with most of its presence in Italy and France.

In his speech the Pope addressed past persecution. He asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Catholic Church.

"I ask for forgiveness for the non-Christian attitudes and behaviors, some even inhumane, that we carried out against you. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, forgive us.”

Unity, added the Pope, is something they should strive for. Reaching unity though, does not mean uniformity, he explained.


  1. That this pope really doesn't like the Catholic Church is becoming more apparent by the hour.

  2. Made the history? I say destroyed for ever the RCC, the black monk from Erfurt will be very happy about this, it's a pity for the 60 million people dead because of the 30 years war.....statistics, said Stalin, a guy very skilled .

  3. .....will the beatings never stop?!

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  5. Whatever.... Just more Pope Francis theatre. It is old at this point and all of the ecumenical groveling and apologizing has gotten really old at this point.

  6. My impression is that, though Protestant, they predate Luther and have nothing to do with any other form of Protestantism. Oriana Fallaci was a Waldensian who praised the Catholic Church and accepted it to the extent it is a mammoth part of her Italian heritage. I just wish she and other Waldensians could find their way back in.

    Still, I wish he would ask forgiveness for the enormities inflicted on Catholics.

  7. Francis is a heretic and an apostate!

    This is wrong.

  8. Please Lord Stop this Man!

  9. This man is a revolutionary renegade without any papal credibility. All he is doing is moving around pounding to dust the rubble of a church left by John Paul II the great phenomenological liberal modernist. We can discern from afar the purpose of men by their words and their deeds. Rotten trees with rotten fruits only fit to be cut down and burnt.

  10. God permits evil to allow for a greater good. If any of us will live on earth to see that is problematic, but we will from the perspective of Heaven. In the meantime, the agony only increases. All for Jesus through Mary!