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Bishop of Aachen: Eliminate the Prayer for the Return of the Jews -- Break Discussion with SSPX

Bishop Mussinghoff
(Frankfurt am Main) Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff of Aachen expressed incomprehension of Pope Benedict XVI. at a meeting in Frankfurt commemorating 50 years of the Council's Declaration Nostra Aetate.  Mussinghoff said he "never understood why Pope Benedict had introduced these prayers in the old rite again". This was, "if I may say so and with all due respect not a good thing".
Bishop Mussinghoff is not a good  friend of the traditional form of the Roman Rite nor does the situation of the verb "entering into"  with the Good Friday prayer for the Jews. Benedict XVI. introduced in 2008 a reformulated Good Friday prayer. Bishop Mussinghoff insisted that he would  fundamentally eliminate the prayer for conversion of the Jews, even in the traditional rite.

President of the Central Committee of the Jews for Complete Elimination

It was Josef Schuster, the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , who had demanded in Frankfurt, the complete elimination of the Good Friday Prayer. Bishop Mussinghoff who in the German Bishops' Conference is in charge of relations with the Jews, tried to second him.
The bishop agreed with Schuster because he "desires" a "withdrawal of reformulation". Mussinghoff  also made to understand that he is concerned not only with Jewish sensibilities, but also an end to the "negotiations with the SSPX".
The Bishop Aachen told the public  that were it up to  him, he would conclude  the negotiations with the SSPX and this would end. In other words, if it was up to Mussinghoff, it would not have come to any negotiations.

Suspicion that the Church Wants to "Continue Mission to the Jews"

The rejection of the reformulated Good Friday Prayer was founded by the Central Council President on the suspicion that it address the Jews, and the Church would "ultimately continue the old Jewish mission" and emphasize a "sense of superiority" over the Jews. Such formulations have been promoted for centuries in "Christian anti-Judaism. And what comes then we all know," said Schuster as quoted by the Catholic news agency KNA. The Central Council President was allowed to suggest the complicity of the Catholic Church in the Nazi racial anti-Semitism and the crimes committed by the Nazi regime.
Mussinghoff, whose distancing from "traditionalist circles" came lightly on the lips, described the Good Friday Prayer in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite as a "burden" to the Christian-Jewish dialogue.
In the original version of the Good Friday prayers were prayed for the "blind" and "perfidious" Jews by conversion, because they do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Son of God, and thus reject the offer of salvation of God through the sacrifice of the Cross of Christ.

Change with Post-Conciliar Liturgical Reform in 1970

With the post-conciliar liturgical reform of 1969/1970 the request was redrafted on controversial manner and hidden Jews from the fact of salvation, as if they were not in need of healing. "Let us also pray for the Jews to whom God, our Lord, first spoke. He shall keep  in faithfulness to his covenant and in the love of his name, so that they reach the goal to which his counsel wants to lead them." This intercession is still the formulation commonly used in the German church on Good Friday.
Although the wording corresponds to the Jewish self-understanding,  neither Christ's message nor the consequent Christian understanding of salvation needed by all people is present. In Frankfurt he touched on the word formulation, however, ignored the substantive level, rejecting it as an inclusion of the Jews in the mission of the Church openly (Schuster) or implicitly (Mussinghoff).

Are not all people in need of healing?

But is there evidence in Christian doctrine that there are two groups of people, one being the need of salvation and the other Jews? From a Christian perspective, a continuation of a post-Easter bond for the Jews is just as absurd as being undefined. What there is, rather, is  those Jews who have accepted God's offer of salvation through Christ and have accepted for two thousand years and therefore are Christians, and those Jews who have rejected the offer of salvation of God and stand therefore outside communion. The fact remains that, of course, they see it differently, as Mormons view their relationship with God differently than they see the Catholic Church. For Christians it is unthinkable to exclude a group from their request for conversion.  It would be a serious breach of the principle of love of neighbor and love of God.
The two debaters, Bishop Mussinghoff and President of the Central Council  Schuster are agreed that the Christian-Jewish relationship is "very good overall". But "encumbrances"  should not be overlooked.

"Only in Germany is it a problem"

The defense of Benedict XVI. fell to Fr. Norbert Hofmann, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Relations with Judaism. He read out a statement by Kurt Cardinal Koch, who emphasized not only the "good intentions" of the pope emeritus, but pointed out that the Good Friday Prayers were formulated as "theologically correct."  Finally, the older formulation would "have been much worse." Father Hofmann was, however, to understand that the question is only in Germany  because of its history, but not for the rest of the world.
Father Hofmann advised Schuster to finally put forward his concerns directly to the Vatican.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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  1. What a veritable scandal that a so-called bishop of the Catholic Church would cooperate with unbelievers who have the audacity to dictate to Catholics how they should worship! What this worthless wolf in shepherd's clothing should be telling the insolent meddlers he has his ecumenical dialogues with is that they are the ones who should be cleaning up their blasphemous Talmud, in which Our Blessed Lord and His virgin Mother are blasphemed and insulted in the most heinous manner---in what is true and authentic hate speech. But these traitorous cowards will never defend the Church or Catholic Church, which in their perversion they hate while claiming to serve Her; they are only good at betrayals and grovelling on a daily basis, the result (probably intended) of which is the demoralization of the Catholic people around the world. No wonder there is a mass exodus from the Faith in so many parts of the world: why would any decent, sane person desire to remain in an institution whose leadership knows only how to grovel before the enemy and in fact, in the name of ecumenism (the most pernicious heresy to come out in full force out of Vatican II), systematically denigrates Catholic history, persons, and worship? Anyone who still defends the present hierarchy can no longer be defended as a naive or fooled by blind obedience; that person aids and abets apostasy and will have to answer before Almighty God for the sin against the Holy Ghost: the defamation of the Holy Bride of Christ, which is the defamation of Christ Himself. RC

  2. Please, notice my typo in the comment above: I meant to write "But these traitorous cowards will never defend the Church or Catholic teaching." Haste is indeed from Devil, as the adage goes. Best, RC

  3. The majority of the German bishops are the worst of the worst of the worst...and that's sayin' something.

    "Mussinghoff insisted that he would fundamentally eliminate the prayer for conversion of the Jews, even in the traditional rite."....because of course we don't want the Jews to be saved; that is what one must conclude from his words if one truly believes the Faith. If one doesn't get that from his statement, then it's all kabuki theatre with vestments and's all about man at the center....all religions being equal, and 'ecumanism' being the end goal. He and the majority of the german bishops have entirely lost the Faith that Christ gave us, and have started one of their own, to their own liking, and to the liking of their 'constituents', in a full-on effort to keep the kirchensteuer rolling in. They are earthly costume.

    He and his confreres will be all out celebrating the anniversary of total rebellion in 2017.

  4. Another de facto schismatic hierarch of the neo-church who has never understood The Gospel accounts of The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. Even St Paul had to admonish St Peter about his attitude towards accommodating the Jews. Benedict XVI did not have anything to do with the prayer of Good Friday in the normal traditional Rite calling for the Jews to be converted. They were already there - it was he who tried to dilute their sense & signification.
    The post-conciliar popes are all wrong about the Jews and conversion to Our Blessed Lord - he is the gateway to salvation and all who do so have to pass by Him. There are no exceptions.

  5. "Bishop of Aachen: Eliminate the Prayer for the Return of the Jews -- Break Discussion with SSPX"

    ## Mussunghoff is only following the logic of the false teaching of JP2 at Mainz in 1980, that the OT covenant was still in force for the Jews.

    "Bishop Mussinghoff insisted that he would fundamentally eliminate the prayer for conversion of the Jews, even in the traditional rite."

    ## Which is disobedient to what BXVI said in Summorum Pontificum. Will Bp. Mussinghoff be suspended a divinis for disobeying a Pope - or does that happpen only to Traditionalist (i.e., Catholic) bishops ?

    "The first dimension of this dialogue, that is, the meeting between the people of God of the Old Covenant, never revoked by God [cf. Rom. 11:29], and that of the New Covenant, is at the same time a dialogue within our Church, that is to say, between the first and the second part of her Bible."

    "A second dimension of our dialogue — the true and central one — is the meeting between present-day Christian Churches and the present-day people of the Covenant concluded with Moses....

    I would also like to refer briefly to a third dimension of our dialogue. The German bishops dedicate the concluding chapter of their declaration to the tasks which we have in common. Jews and Christians, as children of Abraham, are called to be a blessing for the world [cf. Gen. 12:2 ff.]..."

    ## The covenant was "never revoked", because it is fulfilled in Christ, in Whom - Alone - are fulfilled all the promises of God. The only Jews who are describable as "children of Abraham", as per Gen.12.1-4, are those who have Abraham's faith; the faith St Paul speaks of in Romans 4, and the Church refers to when she calls Abraham "patriarch[a] nost[er]" in the Roman Canon. The Jews the Pope was addressing are not the children of the promise, the seed of Abraham of Gen. 12.1-4, because Christ is the Seed of Abraham, as St Paul explains (Isaac being immediately, but not ultimately, in view) in Galatians 4 - and it is in Christ that believing Gentiles & believing Gentiles are one Church of those who have the faith by which Abraham believed God. Those Jews who do not have faith in Christ are not His members, and are not the children of Abraham, except in the theologically trivial sense of being descended from him.

    St Paul says all this, & it seems reasonable to suppose than an inspired Apostle is wiser in the things of Christ than any mere Pope, who is neither inspired nor an Apostle, could ever be. St Paul says in 1 Corinthians that "by His [= the Father's] doing you [= Christians in Corinth] are in Christ Jesus, who became to us Wisdom from God, and Righteousness and Sanctification, and Redemption, so that, just as it is written, "Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord."

    JP2 - nil St Paul - 1

    The bishop is mistaken - but his mistake is derived from an uncorrected error by a Pope. This is what happens, when Popes are not rebuked; and so the mischief spreads, resulting in this kind of news. To refuse to preach to the Gospel to the Jews would be the worst kind of anti-Semitism.

    1. Traditionalists must realize that Vatican Council II (AG 7) supports the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews. AG 7 and LG 14 say all need faith and baptism for salvation.

  6. How can you have a prayer for the "return" of the Jews when they were here first?

    1. Because they rejected the rock that would become the cornerstone.

    2. The Catholic Church is the continuation of the Jewish religion.

    3. exactly....the Jewish religion of today is not the Jewish religion that God instituted. That thread continues through the Catholic Church; all the foreshadows and types of the Old Covenant being fulfilled in Christ, the New Covenant.

    4. Hah, the Catholic Church IS the Jewish Religion.


  7. Cardinal Napier agrees with me

    Cardinal Napier : Vatican Council II and the Jews in America

  8. Please tell Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff that the SSPX position on the Jews is that of Vatican Council II