Monday, June 1, 2015

Poland's New State President Entrusts His Office to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Poland's New President Asks Black Madonna
For Her Aid
(Warsaw) For almost 250 years,  there has been  an ongoing attempt to banish faith from public life. It is tolerated as a private expression, but not as a public confession. All the more  disturbing then is the public confession of a statesman. Poland's new President Andrzrej Duda, elected on Whitsunday, is already overwhelmed in the international press with negative headlines, even before he has taken office.
La Repubblica, the "broad sheet" of Pope Francis, the only daily newspaper, which the Catholic leader reads   every morning, has described the choice of Catholic Duda as "a terrible shock", the "Polish Dossier fits to Europe's other nightmares".
Andrzej Duda is really a practicing Catholic. Barely elected, he went to Czestochowa ,, the Polish national shrine,  to the Queen of Poland    to kneel r for all to see before the Black Madonna  praying for  and asking counsel in his responsible office.

Obama and the ambivalence calculated politician piety

Obama Lights Candle in  Catholic Church 
When politicians make pious gestures, then  sometimes there underlies political calculation or provocation. Christians are aware of this ambivalence which plays into the  arms of whoever want to banish Christianity in the private closet.
There are pretty embarrassing  images of US President Barack Obama, from which one does not even know what Christian denomination he belongs or whether he belongs to one. On May 28th, he attended the influential Cuban exile Community  in the United States in the context of rapprochement between Cuba and the United States. Not all of them will see the resumption of normal relations with a benevolent eye, as long as the Castro brothers and the Communist Party in Cuba have the final say.
Obama ostentatikously visited on this occasion   the Catholic Church Our Lady of Charity in Miami (Florida), the "National Church" of Cuban exiles, and lit a candle by the sight of an image of Mary, the Mother of God.  That can't  hurt,  is what the powerful master in the White House himself  may have thought. Pious gestures are  hardly credible acts.
Austria's Catholics got on a roller coaster of emotions from the Christian Democrat Minister of Agriculture and Environment,  Andrä Rupprechter of the ÖVP. At his swearing-in, he said, unlike his Social Democratic Minister colleagues, not only the formula "so help me God", but added  his own "and in front of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ". Unbelievers as the devout Austrian marveled not a little. Should there still be politicians who do not leave their faith in the cloak room of the antechamber of parliament and government and feel obliged to  commit themselves in their  political decisions to their faith?
Less than four months later, the same Christian Democrat again drew attention, but this time with quite unchristian demands for the legalization of gay marriage and the possibility that homosexuals could adopt children. Finally, it turned out that the Minister with black party membership was a convinced Trotskyist in recent years. Whether the bigotry a one-time mistake or a belated antichrist Trotskyist provocation was present at the swearing in, remains a mystery to the Minister.

The first three actions of the new Polish president

Andrzej Duda is not Obama. The representative of the Christian Poland sat immediately after his election "out of conviction" ( tempos ) three acts. 

He rose to Jasna Gora, the Klarenberg, to thank Our Lady of Czestochowa for the victory and to offer Her his office. 
He visited the grave of Witold Pilecki, who voluntarily went to Auschwitz in order to organize resistance against Nazism among the prisoners. After the war he was tried and executed by a communist People's Court to death. 
He visited the grave of Lech Kaczynski, the 2010 who was the Polish President who died in a plane crash,  with whom he had begun his political career and today in Poland is  a symbol of an independent Poland, which has freed itself from  Russian domination, but  neither is patronized by  the EU  with an anti-Christian agenda or is want to be a pawn of unlimited financial speculators.
President Duda emphasized during the election campaign "the specificity of Poland, its traditions and its Christian roots" that are "essential" for him for a recovery and a revival of Poland.
What specific, trendsetting circles outside Poland consider of  the new Polish head of state, has become well known through the media.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil / CNS
Trans: Tancred


Tartar said...

God Bless President Duda and Poland!

AEDG said...

The Kaczynski brothers were a blessing to Poland. What exactly happened with that plane, I cannot say. I do hope President Duda firmly and swiftly uproots all of the anti-Catholic, mainly modernizing forces, in the national bureaucracy. Of course, he has constitutional limits and legislative ones, but within his limits, he must do what he can. He is not God or a magician. Like me, not a Pole, the pious must pray for all of Poland; the less pious must seek the grace to live more devoutly; the practically Godless must beg for conversion and perhaps be converted by the first group.

Anonymous said...

Lech Kaczyński was assassinated, that airplane was brought down by the Russians. This isn't some silly conspiracy theory, the evidence is overwhelming, I don't have any English language sources that go into great detail but these does the job:

Poland is one of the last bastions of Catholicism in the world and has been viciously attacked by the Synagogue of Satan. The EU and Russia hate the Catholic PiS party and were complaisant in the Smolensk massacre. Western democracy has spread atheism faster than communism did. Under communism Poland had an 80% Sunday Mass attendance, now it's between 40-50%. Things that used to be practically non-existent under communism like drugs and pornography have corrupted many souls. Many liberal Vatican II "reforms" started spreading in the 90's and 00's that didn't exist in the post-conciliar Polish Church under communism in the 70's and 80's.

I'll pray for President Duda and I ask that other Catholics may do likewise. In 2017 it will be the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.

Anonymous said...

This is a miracle.

After Putin killed off the Polish government in 2010 I thought Poland was finished, I thought the secularist invaders won and Poland would never have another Catholic president. I was wrong.

Why did this happen? Because The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of Poland. Just look at the last 250 years of Polish history: Conquered by three separate empires (Russia, Germany, Austria), subject to religious and ethnic persecution under Russia and Germany (most especially the Kulturkampf of Bismark), Nazi genocides and the massacre of priests and intelligentsia, Communist massacre at Katyn and massacres of intelligentsia and priests, and now the modern psychological and economic warfare waged by the EU and Russia. Yet Catholicism and Poland survived all those attacks from Satan.

Pope St. Pius X called Poland the Bastion of the Faith for a reason. Under the chief command of the Queen of Poland, Europe was preserved from the invasion of the pagan Huns and Tartars, from Protestant Swedes, and also from the schismatic Orthodox. Also, when the Catholic faith first came to the Baltic countries in the 13th century Pope Innocent III gave these lands the special title, “Terra Mariana” – The land of Mary. Finally, Our Lady revealed a special love for Russia in Fatima when She asked for its consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, and She promised that Russia would convert to the Catholic faith among other immense benefits for the world.

Tartar said...

Poland is never finished. And never will be, unless by mass apostasy. Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us!