Monday, June 8, 2015

Bishop Koch New Archbishop of Berlin -- Participant in Bishops' Synod 2015

Archbishop Koch
(Berlin) Bishop Heiner Koch of Dresden-Meissen was appointed as the new Archbishop of Berlin by Pope Francis today. The appointment comes in appreciation of "Marx'ists and Kasperians" (Hubert Hecker) in the German church. Bishop Koch was elected to the Episcopal Conference alongside Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising and Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück by the German Bishops' Conference for the Synod of the Synod of Bishops next October.
Koch is a party to the "opening" of Cardinals Marx and Kasper, albeit he is publicly nuanced reserved. When it comes to homosexuality, he rejects an opening, but pays tribute to homosexuals and verbally encourages widespread recognition. When it comes to admission of remarried divorcees to the sacraments Koch finds probabilistic. Serious opposition to a reinterpretation of  Catholic marriage and morality for pastoral practice is not something he is  previously given him credit for.
On Whit Monday Koch attended the secret meetings of the Kasperians at the Gregorian University in Rome with Cardinal Marx.
A month before his surprising resignation, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Koch on January 2013 the Bishop of Dresden-Meissen. Previously he had been in Cologne as  Auxiliary Bishop of Cardinal Joachim Meisner.  He was already appointed auxiliary bishop in 2006 at the request of Cardinal Meisner by Benedict XVI. The Diocese of Dresden-Meissen is part of the ecclesiastical province of Berlin, of which  Koch will be Metropolitan.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons (Martin Ruschl)
Trans: Tancred


susan said...

Another Monday, another snake. And this one appointed Bishop by the main, he left a lousy legacy in terms of appointments. And the great Athanasius Schneider remains an Kazakhstan (!).

God have mercy on Your poor, beaten flock.

Tancred said...

Many of B16s appointments were decent, some were not so good, and the ones he dismissed were often ignored by the Catholic Press. (2 per month) Can you imagine what a headache some of these parasites are to be rid of?

susan said...

As I said, in the main, his legacy in this regard is bad. Why not make ALL good appointments? And I fault him for not ridding us of more of these parasites (of which you speak) and sodomites. The world will never love you when you do the right thing, and you screw the good people when you don't do it, making enemies of both sides; so just do the right thing; be the unflagging champion of the good, and give the example of a Saint.

Benedict's was the fulcrum Papacy; he had the ability and position to make the changes and appointments that would have long-term turned the tide. He didn't, and now we have francis making appointment after appointment that utterly undoes any of the marginal good that Benedict started. We are back to 1975, and the short wall that was built through blood, sweat, and tears, brick-by-brick, is systematically being pulverized.

Benedict was the fulcrum. He punted much of it, and he the detriment of the flock.

Anonymous said...

Benedict XVI was a good pope 90%. The other 10% he caved into the radicals. The worse example of caving in was his resignation.
We will be paying for that for years!

But Francis will be gone sooner than we think, and the next Pope will undo his errors and be Benedict XVI x10.

Anonymous said...