Monday, June 8, 2015

A Scourge of Resurgent Catholicism is Dead

Father Fidenzio Volpi, who was charged with liquidating a resurgent Catholic order, the Franciscans of the Immaculate, is dead. The FFI was, unlike Volpi's own order and practically all others, was growing and Catholic.

We have noticed that despite real financial and theological scandals, no Apostolic Commissar has been appointed at Sant'Eggidio.

This was reported today by his province, the Lombardy Capuchins.

How long will God allow this to go in, and will He have mercy on this incorrigible Friar? How long will those who continue to support this charade, continue to support it by their negligence, indifference and collaboration?

May he rest in peace, but God will be just, and his deeds be undone.


Jane said...

May he rest in peace. Pray for his soul with charity.

Anonymous said...

one mason less... but there are many more...

Anonymous said... is a good day!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a litany of Psalms I could quote concerning God triumphing over the enemies of Israel (the Church) but I'll stay quite.This man is dead, let's hope he made it to purgatory and repented in his final hours.

That being said, it's amazing how a man that once terrorized devout Catholics is now dead. God is in control and in times like these we can see His hand at work, nourishing the just and punishing the wicked.