Thursday, May 28, 2015

Will Aberrophile Bishop Bonny be the New Archbishop of Brussels and Primate of Belgium?

Bishop Johan Bonny, Known for His
Support for the Abberrosexual Lobby
(Brussels) "Catholics been irritated to note that high church officials can make statements with impunity  that depart from the Church's faith and moral teaching. Some are even promoted," said the website against hostility to  Christians, NoCristianofobia . Belgian Catholics can not say different since of all people, Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp is considered the leading candidate for the post of archbishop of Malines-Brussels and thus the Primate of Belgium.  Bishop Bonny's only previous "performance" was in a notorious public declaration of support for the aberrosexual ideology.
The reigning Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard has been  attacked publicly as no other Catholic bishop. When labeled "conservative", he was already the victim of brutal and humiliating attacks on camera by the members of political mercenaries topless Femen. Nevertheless, Pope Francis has  denied him the dignity of Cardinal, which is traditionally associated with the archbishop's See. Instead of strengthening the standing of an  Archbishop in an exposed position, this will weaken him.
Internal church pressure has since increased   on Archbishop Leonard. Progressive circles have registered that their chief shepherd is not in the favor of the Argentine Pope and acting cavalierly.

Cardinal Danneels  Mentor of Bonny in Rome

Cardinal Danneels in the Episcopal Ordination of Johan Bonny
The most influential churchman Belgium since 2013 is clearly the progressive Godfried Cardinal Danneels whose star had fallen into the void under Pope Benedict XVI., but radiates more luminously than ever since his resignation. As a member of Team Bergoglio he campaigned in the General Congregations and the Conclave for the election of the Argentine Jesuit and was successful. His influence has extended since then, again to the Vatican and from there, all the way to the top. Just a few weeks after the accession of Pope Francis, Cardinal Danneels spoke for the recognition of "gay marriage."
The Danneels  party in the  Archdiocese of Brussels thwarted Archbishop Leonard, wherever it was possible. Danneels was Leonard's predecessor. In 2010 Leonard was, at that time, Bishop of Namur, appointed by Pope Benedict XVI. as Primate of Belgium.  The headline read back then: "A Tridentine 'is new archbishop of Brussels". It's a decision that Cardinal Danneels is said to have never forgiven the German pope. Benedict XVI. had thus thwarted all of Danneels plans for a "progressive" Church. Since the election of Pope Francis Archbishop Leonard has been considered, however, only an "industrial accident" which is to be corrected as quickly as possible.

Homophile Bonny Declaration Remained Without Consequences

Leonard Consecrated Priests of the FSSP at Wigratzbad in the Traditional Rite  
Protesting Catholic petitioned Pope Francis about the homophilic statements of Bishop Bonny at Christmastime in 2014 p  (see Request to Pope Francis: "Are the gay statements by Bishop Bonny Catholic or not?" ). In it the Holy Father is asked to answer the question whether the words of Bishop Bonny are still Catholic or not. It was a petition that implicitly urged the pontiff to take punitive action against the bishop of Antwerp. Nothing like this, however, has been done by Rome.
Bishop Bonny  instead rejected a prize from a homo-affiliated association that wanted to reward him for his "courageous" words. Three weeks after his homophilic statements aroused worldwide attention from irritated  Catholics, the bishop wanted to know nothing more about it. A half-hearted detachment, pretending nothing had happened, and even the serious incident of his declaration of support for aberrosexuality forgotten in Rome itself?
Cardinal Danneels actively supports the promotion of  Bishop Bonny. In the context of Danneels in Brussels and in Rome he says triumphantly, that only Archbishop Leonard has stood in the way of   Bonny's appointment as archbishop of Brussels.
On May 6, Leonard has completed his 75th year and offered, as  the canon law requires,  his resignation to the Pope. Now the decision rests with Pope Francis.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / kerknet /
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

If fairy perverts and pedophile protectors Bergolio, Danneels and all the rest of the sexual perverts appointed by St JP2 have anything to do w/it -- sure!

Ronald Sevenster said...

Catholics should simply shun the current hierarchy and join the SSPX. The best strategy to openly oppose these aberroexual apostates, the Pope included. Speak against them! Ridiculize them! Shun them! Spit on them and openly show them your disgust. And refuse to show any respect. They are not pastors, they are apostates and worse than any heretics. They are not Christians at all. They have left the faith completely and are helpers of the devil.

Only open opposition and public signs of disrespect and disgust coming from the faithful will perhaps cause some of them to exercise some self-reflection, and possibly repentance.

Edith said...

Don't talk stupid. And stop trying with your transparent provocations to villify the only holy and uncompromising portion of The Church that exists today.

LeonG said...

Not too sure these days if The SSPX will help anymore, more is the pity, as Bishop Fellay seems determined to join the Novus Ordo while he rids his Society of those priests who oppose any compromises with liberal modernist Rome. He's already accepted 95% of the robber councils; accepted finally the protestant anthropocentric anathematised vernacular pauline NO liturgy is valid and has lost a large percentage of his priests due to his failed attempt to "get in" while Pope Benedict XVI looked as though he was going to bend the rules. The SSPX needs a new Superior General as this one has been far too revisionist, even attempting to overlook Archbishop Lefebvre's late statements about the impossibility of joining "liberal Modernist " Rome.
Subscribe to the new church of Francis the reluctant pope is tantamount to a surrender.

Tancred said...

This isn't a "resistance" site, so keep your comments topical and refrain from attacking Bishop Fellay.


Anonymous said...

Lying, false accusations and calumny are sins, Leon, Must be the crowd you run with.

Anonymous said...

I agree that an increasing number of faithful Catholics should recruit huge numbers of like minded Catholics to refute and oppose the liberal bishops, including Pope Francis.
Many traditional Catholics, sites,organizations are a lot of talk, but what action is there forthcoming to refute,oppose Francis....and in light of a bad outsome to this Oct. Synod on the Family, to mobilize to bring him and his associates down.
If anything like the Kasper thesis is accepted in October, we must organize to bring Francis down.

E. G. Lewis said...

If Pope Frank wants to do something to make the Church more efficient, why not look at the # of bishops? European countries that have a Catholic history (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, etc.) are overrun with bishops who supervise empty churches. For example: Belgium is geographically smaller than Ohio. . Ohio has 500,000 more people than the entire country of Belgium. Meanwhile, Belgium has 9 Dioceses with 13 active Bishops. while Ohio has 6 Dioceses with 7 Bishops. Oh, and Ohio has NO Cardinals. Personally, I think we need to kick a lot of these loafers off of the gravy train. Could probably develop similar stats for So. America...though God forbid anyone should criticize the Liberation Church.

LeonG said...

Read the news for yourself anonymous - no lies, no calumny and a reality. the best thing to do in the circumstances of such a liberal modern church is to remain where it is. My parents supported The SSPX from the start till they died a few years ago. They would have been shocked by what has occurred since the negotiations with Benedict XVI. In the face of such bishops as we have today, truly traditional bishops need to stand apart and be counted.

LeonG said...

Sevenster brought up the subject - I am not "resistance" either. I am stating real traditionalists cannot afford to play with this liberal modernist church that has such appalling bishops as we have represented in the article above. It is damaging and wasteful.

My views on the "resistance" are something else altogether.

Tancred said...

You be you and I'll be me.