Monday, May 11, 2015

How Has Jorge Mario Bergoglio Changed Since His Election?

(Rome) two years and two months ago  Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope. Has he changed since then? If so, how? This question was recently raised by the daily El Pais in an interview with the new vicar general of Opus Dei.
Msgr. Mariano Fazio is Argentineans as Pope Francis. The former Top of Opus Dei in Argentina since February its vicar general based in Rome (see The Argentine move of Opus Dei ).
El Pais: How Bergoglio has changed?
Monsignor Mariano Fazio:  Now he smiles constantly,  he  didn't do that  before. The  current Cardinal of Buenos Aires: Bergoglio had the mien of gravedigger.
The Vicar General quoted the acting archbishop of Buenos Aires and Primate of Argentina, Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli.  Two weeks after his election, Pope Francis named the then Bishop of Santa Rosa as his successor as the head of the Church in Argentina. In February 2014 he raised  him  to the state of Cardinal.
Monsignor Fazio also provided a rationale for why the transformation of the  "permanent smile"  from the "gravedigger face": "I think this is a grace of the Holy Spirit, but essentially it is the same, very spiritual, very close."
The testimony of Msgr. Mariano Fazio for El Pais became   a "softball interview for Francis," said the well-known Spanish blogger Francisco de la Cigoña.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: El Pais (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Barnum said...

Far be it from me to doubt Msgr. Fazio, or any other priest of the Work, for that matter, to a man they are great and knowledgeable priests, but I thought I saw a video on the Net of Abp Bergogolio smiling at a clown Mass or other similar spectacle.

Gabriel said...

One thing has certainly changed for Jorge Begoglio since his election as Pope: he now has the power to curtail the activities of Opus Dei in Latin America.
Their days are over. Pope Francis is assisting their passing.

".....I thought I saw....." Good one Barnum, to straight to the Bar!

Anonymous said...

This is a typically lame, neocon, Opus Dei interview:

""I think this is a grace of the Holy Spirit, but essentially it is the same, very spiritual, very close."

Fawning papolatry and mindless pietism to a tee!

Tony from Oz

Anonymous said...

Every way you look at it, Bergoglio's election is a catastrophe, not a grace of the Holy Spirit, please, don't insult our intelligence. God bless+

Robbie said...

The only thing I've seen that has changed since Bergy was elected is his expanded waistline.

This papacy is a complete and total disaster and I suspect the Church will not recover from it in any of our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, must be all that Kosher grub that his good friend Rabbi Sorka is cooking at Casa Marta.

Robbie said...

I was actually dubious of the reports that first began to surface last Spring from Edward Pentin that Bergy might be suffering from congestive heart failure. I figured he was gaining large amounts of weight simply due to overeating. Now, I think he may be suffering from heart failure because he hinted at it in a conversation when he visited Ostia. He told a young student he was suffering from an ailment and the weight gain and shortness of breath fit with congestive heart failure

Barnum said...

Funny how, on the eve of the feast day of Bl. Alvaro del Portillo, you fantasize, drooling, over the demise of the Opus Dei. I don't know what the Pope thinks, but I can tell you that Opus Dei can never be suppressed. Take away the Personal Prelature, and you still have the underlying foundation that St. Josemaria by the grace of God built. It is basically a layman's organization who will always have great priests overjoyed to be spiritual advisors, come supppression.

And it was more of a spectacle, than a clown Mass, my bad

but a clown does appear at 7:41. I'll do you the courtesy of saving you some time by telling you to look at 2:50 and 7:32 of the video.

And is that you doing liturgical dance at 9:45?

Barnum said...

Papolatry? You a Proddie, Tony? Tell us what you think that Fr Fazio should have said, and how you can improve on Pascal by guiding us to what a mindful pietism should consist of.

LeonG said...

A liberal modernist doesn't change his spots: 6 consecutive papacies since John XXIII have demonstrated that only too vividly.

Anonymous said...

"A man not canonically elected.."