Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jihadists Destroy Armenian Cathedral of Aleppo

The Cathedral of the 40 Martyrs, Destroyed
on April 28th, 2015 
(Beirut) "Just in time" for the 100th anniversary of the genocide of the Armenians, jihadists destroyed the Armenian Cathedral of Aleppo. Ignatius Joseph III. Younan, Patriarch of the  Syrian Catholic Church of Antioch in union with Rome, speaks of a "tragedy in Aleppo", the second largest city of Syria. On April 28, the city was bombarded by Islamist militias. Here also, the Cathedral of the Forty Martyrs  of the Armenian Apostolic Church was destroyed.
The cathedral in the Christian district Jdeydeh is dedicated to the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste. It was built in 1429 in front of a smaller predecessor. In its present form, it was enlarged 1499/1500. She is one of the oldest churches in the Armenian diaspora and the old city of Aleppo.
The patriarch spoke of his visitations in twelve Syrian parishes. In all he had found a precarious situation, but above all the desire of Christians and Muslims, "that the slaughter come to an end as soon as possible".

"West Does not Want to Understand Real Problem"

The bell tower of the cathedral from destruction
The bell tower of the cathedral before destruction
In Syria there is an incumbent, internationally recognized government, "which can not be put on the same footing as the rebels," said the Patriarch to the daily newspaper Avvenire. "But the West, particularly the United States, France and Great Britain, do not want to understand the real problem: that the Sunni majority does not accept the various minorities."
The West must seriously ask themselves whether or not to put an end to this tragedy, said the Patriarch. "If we really want, then the flow of arms must stop. In addition, the borders must be controlled so that the jihadists who come even from Indonesia and Nigeria can not just to enter the country. Unfortunately, the West also gets its advantage from the war, because some thought to be able to resolve the crisis at least in part, by selling weapons to the fighters. "
Of the Islamic State, the Patriarch said: "I can not discuss the Islamic state. The problem of IS would be solved within a short time if it were not militarily  supported by some countries in the region such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with the tacit approval of the West."

Turkey and Genocide: "Why the Patriarch of Antioch Can Not Reside in This City?"

Magnificent Christian reliefs of Armenian religious art were lost
Magnificent Reliefs of Armenian Religious Art Were Lost
Regarding the Turkish reactions to Pope Francis, who spoke about the genocide of the Armenians, Ignatius Joseph III .Younan said: "Last Sunday we commemorated the tragedy of our Armenian brothers with a Holy Mass who also included  both Catholics and Orthodox Syrians. The genocide took place. If the Turks do not want to acknowledge this, that's their problem. But that's the truth. We need not be afraid of their reaction. We should rather ask: Why is there, in the area of ​​present-day Turkey, where Christianity was represented historically since ancient times, only a population of 50,000 Christians out of 80 million?  Why did none of the five patriarchs of Antioch, three Catholic and two Orthodox headquarter in this city? I myself am the son of refugees. My mother and my father had to leave Turkey when I was a kid. Given certain attitudes we must firmly and decisively remain here."

EU could make great contribution to the solution of the Middle East conflict

Considering the EU the Patriarch added, "I think of the European Union in a particular way. If the EU is united, their cultural identity rediscovered and  not be determined by the United States: Where does that leave Turkey? Unfortunately, the West is often a prisoner of a certain cowardice, which is reflected in a politically correct mentality. In reality, the EU could make a major contribution to solving the Middle East problem."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: ora pro Siria
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

It's such a sad thing, but EU is only a geographical definition, nothing more, a useless and very expensive kind of no government, unable to make even the slight political decision , it has no significance, it's only a far east colony of USA evil empire, no roots, no past, no future. God bless+

Boniface said...

Most people in the United States think the EU is a pathetic joke and want little to do with it.

LeonG said...

The EU belongs to the Devil - it rejected Christ in the so-called Treaty of Lisbon which is its clandestine Constitution. In the meantime, The Vatican plays footsie with this increasingly politically irresponsible and fascist leaning statist institution whose legislative authority is non-elective and arbitrary in its law making. the new obsession of The Vatican with climate change and Talmudic rabbis should please the EU and its dictatorial Commission endlessly. The EU will do nothing to help any Christians no matter how persecuted they are.

LeonG said...

The Mahomaten jihad pales into insignificance when we contemplate Our Blessed Lord's return.

susan said...

OK, this is gonna make gabriel's and his collective ilk's heads explode but I don't really give a rip anymore....

Medina needs to go....give the people sufficient and explicit warning to get out, cause on X date it is going to be turned to glass. Keep Mecca as a 'guarantee' chip, but let them know the crap is more. And let it be said of Medina what the archeologists who have discovered the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah have discovered (much to their chagrin), "it was obliterated by some sort of massive fire event". (well duh, Sherlocks ...Jews and Christians have known that for millennia!)

And before you scream 'No nukes! beast!!!", it doesn't have to be nukes...just massive, overwhelming, stone-melting bombing of satan's second 'holiest' place, with the we-are-serious-as-death warning that if the crap continues, Mecca is next.

This is what should happen; but with obama and the bed-wetting modern GOP, we will simply be bent over further while being forced to ask, nay BEG, for more pain, rape, death, and mayhem from the demonically possessed. Baltimore is a microcosm of what the muslims are bringing, and what our modern crop of pols are selling us out to.

Anonymous said...

The EU globalists won't be satisfied until St Peter's is turned into a mosque. Demographic displacement is happening so fast that younger readers of this blog may well see that in their life time.

LeonG said...

Well, you know Anonymous it was JP II (RIP) who gave his blessing to the Grand Mosque of Rome being built - what goes round........

Anonymous said...

Why,it was John Paul 2 who kissed a quran! (actions speak louder than words.He spit in Jesus Christ face when he kissed the quran)

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for any Orthodox Church that is destroyed, for they have stood against the Muslims as tremendous witnesses for the faith, as have Coptic Christians......but for the Vatican Ii Catholic Church which is more interested in "dialog" with deserve what you get and good riddance. Maybe it'll teach you to stand up for the Catholic Faith and tradition instead of dialoging it away,.

Barnum said...

Get a grip on it. It was foolish theater on his part, but he meant not disrespect to the Lord. Being a player, he was no doubt overwhelmed by the urge to gesture, and, seeing the world through the prism of his Christian soul, he expected the followers of Mohammed to appreciate and reciprocate. IOW, narcissism, however well-meant, and a blunder when dealing with the followers of Mohammed.

LeonG.'s comment is very apt, on the other hand, because it describes a cultural development that should have been prevented. (But you have to wonder whether, had the Church nixed the project, the collectivists in the Roman or Italian Government would have allowed and even promoted it anyway.) JPII liked to say that it is all cultural- and I think he is right as long as one is dealing in our stressed and tottering Catholic cultures. But he didn't do his homework on the Mohammedans, and the advisors at the Vatican who should have known better didn't, or at least kept their mouths shut. Speaking of the Vatican, has there been any statement from them about this anti-Christian hate crime? Is anyone aware of any change of Vatican view towards Mohammedanism? Or are all eyes focused on the Mr. Limpwrist-Potemkin Synod, Engineer act in the first ring and German church taxes in the second?

LeonG said...

JP II was an anthropological phenomenologist first and foremost - he cannot be understood any other way - this dictated his belief in universal salvation and in his predominating belief in radical ecumenistic policies. It was only by ignoring his papacy & focusing on his subjective interior life that the decision to sanctify him was possible.