Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Abuse-Hoax Claims Another Conservative Bishop

Edit: As you all know, Lefty Bishops get special treatment when it comes to the media inspired harassment campaign against the Catholic Church. Of course, other traditional institutions get singled out, but when it comes to those in power, like the various political parties, the oversight, in many cases frankly unjust, doesn't come to this level when it comes to Democratic or Republican legislators, and their ecclesiastical supports.

Moreover, why hasn't Francis been questioned when it comes to Cardinal Daneels whose record on sexual abuse by aberrosexual clergy actually is abysmal? Some will recall the Francis has given Daneels a prominent advisory position at his Bishops' Synod.

Also, why hasn't the Abbot of Collegeville been singled out for this kind of treatment. He really does protect vicious pederasts of the most criminal kind, who presently lurk in various haunts in Minnesota as we speak. Surely, liberal Catholic media organs would prefer to dwell on Bishop Finn's alleged rigidity and "unpopular" leadership styles.

This unequal treatment makes this entire thing much easier to understand when we see that this is a war of Powers and Principalities.


Anonymous said...

You have observant Franciscans under the gun of the Vatican, other faithful religious openly threatened by the Pope and Cardinal Braz de Aviz. Boldly heretical American “sisters” spared the keenly deserved strap. Orthodox, faithful bishops released from their pastoral responsibilities in Europe and South America. Outrageous statements and behaviors by Cardinals Baldisseri, Daneels, Kasper, Maradiaga, Marx and their innumerable spineless colleagues. While at the same time a homosexual priest known for his inability to maintain self-governance in a public elevator as well as other locations, is given responsibility in the papal household. Barros ordained a bishop over the legitimate questioning and objections of his laity. Not to mention the strange confrontation between the Cardinal Archbishop of New York's entourage and Michael Voris; Cardinal O’Malley perplexing performance on 60 Minutes and Father Rosica’s mortifying response to a concerned layman. And then, Collegeville is ever so beautiful in the springtime… This all just scratches the surface of what we have been forced to endure since March 2013. And all the while they are cheering over at the National Catholic Reporter.
If I claimed to be overly informed about Bishop Finn’s circumstances I would be lying, but from what I do know this seems a gross over reaction by Rome. That being more than apparent, it is becoming ever more necessary that the Holy See begin to explain the frequently unexplainable, unintelligible nonsense which emanates from the Pope via his communication apparatus, if not directly from himself – as well as what does not emanate, but is sorely required. The Gordian knot is feeling keenly its rivalry from the Bergoglian knot.

Anonymous said...

"Also, why hasn't the Abbot of Collegeville been singled out for this kind of treatment. "? Because the Devil protects it's own.

Anonymous said...

Could it be the effects of living through the Great Apostasy?