Monday, March 30, 2015

Victim of Modernist Abbey's Prior Died by Own Hand

Edit: there's so much that's wrong with this place, it's sometimes hard to know where to begin, and it's difficult to understand why nothing has been done. In most other parts of the world and walks of life, if there were  individuals devoted to a profession, a vocation, no matter how hallowed their institution was, who did not act according to the standards of their profession, its best practices and guidelines, hopefully, society would respond by correcting violations  of the rules by disciplinary, and even criminal proceedings.  But imagine if  a doctor violated ethical rules surrounding his practice and even broke laws? What if that doctor willfully murdered his patients and society did nothing to stop him?  That would indeed be a very corrupt and degraded society.

St. John's Abbey in Collegeville is a place where the spirit of the rules adumbrated by the Rule of the founder of the order of St. Benedict are routinely ignored,  but they're not content to ignore the rules, they vitiate them as well.  As for the dogmas of the Catholic Faith, these are routinely held in scorn by the monks through their public witness and their impudence and disobedience.  It's doubtful that the Masses said there are licit, they have often been blasphemous.

In contrast to the obedient and chaste Franciscans of the Immaculate, who have been going through their own Golgotha, and are charged with no known infractions of their own charters and rules, or any ethical violations, (Indeed, it's their Commissar, Father Fidenzio Volpe, who has broken Italian law by slandering the Manelli family.)   St. John's Abbey has a sickening catalog of sins, heresies, abuses and criminal acts of the most wicked kind.

Yet despite the public nature of the scandal surrounding St. John's Abbey, there is no visitor being sent, no coadjutor appointed.  St. John's Abbey is "in good standing".

We heard about this in mid-February, and have just now gotten around to putting it here.   A young man who attended the high school run by these "Benedictines" has killed himself, and the man who abused him is the Prior of the Abbey.  (The accusation was very solid by the way, since the Predator Prior wrote love letters to his victim.) What that poor young man described as a "culture of hypocrisy" thrives on in its festering malignancy, as reported on January 23rd of this year by the Pine Curtain. (The man's untimely death was announced in a warning to Kettler residents whose children were to be attending an event at St. John's Abbey.)

Despite all the time that's past, we haven't heard much about this, nothing has happened.

Father Tom Andert is not only a priest in good standing, but he's the Prior of St. John's Abbey.  It's arguably one of the least Catholic places in the world.

Josh Guimond is also still missing.


susan said...

The haunt of demons.

No doubt where gabriel got his education and formation.

Anonymous said...

When satan inspired evil men to create the heresy of modernism this is an example of what the serpent intended. This young man took his life, many have killed God in their souls due to this heresy.

Gabriel said...

'No doubt' in your mind, Susan. That gives you comfort and saves you the arduous task of thinking outside the security square of your own fears.

BTW, you are totally wrong about my education and formation.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Japan, and we came over here in the late 1980's when I was an eight year old kid. But some of my cousins who live not far from St. John's have been here since birth.
My cousin Kimiko, who is a lot older than me, and her brother one summer went to St. John's for a youth Mass, when the Sacred Host was pizza, and the wine was beer!
No doubt worse thing happened at Saint Johns' since 1986 when they had the "Pizza and Beer Mass".

By the way, in Japan, their are radical liberal priests and monks too, not many.....but they are usually Jesuits, or Franciscans, not Benedictines.

Tancred said...

Unless you're q trolling traditionalist, aping an androgynous 70 year old CTA chaplain, I thinks she's spot on.

Gabriel said...

Spectacularly off the mark on all counts, dear chap. By the way, I am male and very happily married to a woman and have been for decades. Are you?

Anonymous said...

The "love letters" are super creepy!

Tancred said...

I got the androgynous geriatric part right and I'm sure you think you ought to be ordained if you're not already, a little Shannon possibly.

susan said...

gabriel: "I'M NOT! I'M REALLY REALLY NOT!!!!.....I'M NOT I'M NOT I'M NOT I'M NOT I'M NOT I'M NOT! poopy heads!"

yeah....that's convincing.

Anonymous said...


My sympathies to your wife.

susan said...

pretty sure his 'wife' has 2 horns and a tail.

Anonymous said...

Being married to Gabriel must be a kind of Purgatory on earth. Poor woman.