Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vatican Official Retreats on Lawsuit Against Blogger

Edit: this influential Vatican official never intended to follow through with the case? Wise move but it's more like he didn't have a case, and the apparent removal of one of his associates for defaming Cardinal Burke might have made him rethink his course of action. In any event, in a recent public statement he is attempting to back away from the situation, apparently complaining about the true statements made about him being vitriolic. Sounds like damage control.

Father Rosica is at the head of Salt and Light, a three million dollar a year operation with 25 employees that enjoys the support of Tony Gagliano, CEO of Saint Joseph Communications and had the pro bono support of one of Canada's high end law firms, according to Michael Voris.

In any event it's hard to see how making empty threats will discourage bloggers from criticizing the heretical Basilian in the future. We assume Vox Cantoris has neither removed the offending posts nor apologized.

Rather than being concerned about the professional destruction of people harmful to the Church, like perhaps Father Timothy Scott who deserves to be fired, perhaps Father Rosica should reflect on the irreparable damage to souls done by his endorsement of heresy?

Crux News covers the story thus (As predicted, btw):

ROME — Despite a frenzy in the conservative Catholic blogosphere, a high-profile priest who volunteers as an English-language assistant to the Vatican press office says he’s not planning to take legal action against a Canadian blogger who had criticized him, and considers the matter closed.

The Rev. Thomas Rosica, also a Canadian, said Wednesday he never planned to sue the blogger, and also insisted that he’s not a “high-ranking Vatican official” and hence there was never any prospect of the Vatican taking action.

On Feb. 17, Rosica sent David Domet, a musician who runs a blog called “Vox Cantoris,” a letter through the Toronto-based law firm Fogler, Rubinoff demanding the removal of nine statements that Domet had posted about Rosica. The letter said the statements were “false and defamatory for suggesting that the priest is dishonest, untrustworthy, and willing to act unethically to further his own agenda.”


Anonymous said...

Cluck. Cluck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tancred,

The family name of the executive mentioned above is "Gagliano." Mr. Gaetano Gagliano is a kind gentlemen and sincere Catholic family man in his 90's who began the corporate support for Salt + Light.

Michael M.

Tancred said...

Thank for the correction, Tony is now the CEO.

Too bad he's supporting evil clergy who are intent upon destroying the Church in Canada, and attempting to intimidate people who are simply reporting them for what they are.

TH2 said...

Tancred, thank you for covering this Canadian matter in your recent postings. There have been certain notables here who have worked to minimize the wolf-like tactics of Rosica, using the "uncharitable" canard against bloggers defending Vox Cantoris, advocating to settle things "behind the scenes", ignoring facts, appealing to sentiment. Only cricket chirps have issued from the Canadian Catholic MSM. It really is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The Devil protects it's own, TH2.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. He' Scott and Volpi have gone from "I'll get you, my pretty! And your little dog too!" to "Ohhh! You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Ohhhh--Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

Anonymous said...

This careerist retreated from the projected legal action because he very likely never intended to pursue it. It is a common practice of liberals---tyrannical to the core to the last man and woman---to intimidate as they, in their utopic illusions, usually have no solid arguments; either that tactic or their favorite: the smear campaign. When, but when, will men and women of tradition learn to fight fire with fire: there is no other way with them, and it need not be opposed to charity as the example of Our Blessed Lord in dealing with the Scribes and Pharisees makes clear for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Of course he could not have gone ahead with the suit - it would have been laughed out of court. The whole idea was to intimidate and get the blogger to stop criticising him out of fear.

Anonymous said...

Rosica, hands up, don't sue.

Unknown said...
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