Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cardinal Müller: "Diocese Are Not Branches of the Bishops' Conference"

Prefect of the CDF after recent statements of DBK-President Marx: "The President of the Episcopal Conference is no more than a technical presenter, this title is not linked to any specific teaching authority."

Vatican ( The claim that a Bishop's Conference was "not a branch of Rome", "gives me the cue to remind you that the dioceses are not branches of the Secretariat of the Episcopal Conference or [branches of] the diocese, whose bishop President of the Bishops' Conference is." This was Gerhard Müller Cardinal (photo), Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, for the Catholic French magazine, Famille Chrétienne. He had been previously asked what he thought of a statement "where a German bishop had stated that the Bishops' Conference, which he was presiding, was no "branch of Rome," he was referring to remarks by Reinhard Cardinal Marx, President of the German Bishops' Conference . Müller explained further: "A Bishops' Conference is not a Particular Council, [it is] a lot less than an Ecumenical Council. The President of the Episcopal Conference is no more than a technical presenter, there is no special teaching authority linked with this title. "The attitude that a Bishops' Conference is not a branch of Rome," brings with it the danger to revive a certain polarization between the local Churches and the Universal Church which had come rest in the First and the Second Vatican Councils. The Church is not the sum of national churches whose presidents would choose a boss on a universal level."

On the question of whether some teaching or disciplinary decisions about marriage and the family could be delegated to the Bishops' Conferences, the Prefect of the CDF replied: "This is an absolutely anti-Catholic idea that does not respect the catholicity of the Church. Bishops' Conferences have authority in certain topics, but they possess no magisterium against  the magisterium without a pope and without communion with all the bishops."

"The Church is not a philanthropic organization. It is not enough if we say that we respect the views of all and wish good for all," Müller explained further. Indeed it is not too difficult, only present the gospel as a therapeutic agent, but this does not correspond to the requirements of Jesus. "Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and receive all manner of slander because of me, said Jesus. The first Apostles, the Church Fathers, the great bishops of the Church had so often to sail against the wind. Why should this be any different for us? Link to Trans: Tancred AMDG


Anonymous said...

God bless Cdl. Mueller.

susan said...

Muller pulling another the Holy Spirit moves.

He appears to be getting his 'German up' on the right side of things. 2 years ago I never thought we would see this continuing strength and orthodoxy from this prelate, but hey, "with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Please God, grant him perseverance and fortitude.

Be converted and LIVE! said...

Mueller and now even Koch. May these skirmishes lead them into the real battle of fighting for the Faith. Will they finally realize that they themselves have been on the side of Satan? I hope they are shivering in their shorts over the visible reality of what they have ALL been promoting for fifty years. Ugly, detestable Protestantism which is despised by God is the evil fruit of their rebellion. The face in the mirror must be pretty ugly about now. "We have met the enemy and he is us."


Catholic Mission said...

What about Vatican Council II ?

No donations to organisations that are pro- abortion but on the issue of salvation, dogmas , Vatican Council II they would welcome donations to LifeSites, whose editor dissents

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Muller sounds more and more like a real Catholic, which is the last thing I would have thought from him!

Now if only we could get rid of Cardinals Kasper,Marx,Woelke, and have the do penance in some isolated monastery in Siberia , joined maybe by Francis himself.

Robbie said...

How long before Cardinal Muller is removed as Prefect of CDW? This is the kind of talk that got Burke all but defrocked.

When I read Muller's statements, I'm reminded of Cardinal Ratzinger in this respect. Ratzinger didn't become more conservative as he aged. The Church just moved farther and farther to the left.

I think that's what's happening here. Muller looks like a beacon of conservatism simply because Bergoglio and the gang have moved the Church so far to the left in just two years.

Anonymous said...

So what? They are running to the empty faster than we expected, if Muller will be removed the German cavalry remains the only one to rule the church, so good bye to all true Catholics, and welcome to the new proddie worldly insignificant church of cheap mercy.

Tancred said...

Like aberrosexuals, other deviants, the wicked, you've given up. Don't pretend you speak for anyone but yourself.

Robbie said...

I'm not sure if you're reply was directed at me, but I haven't given up (not yet anyway) and I certainly don't claim to speak for anyone other than myself.

A comment suggested Muller sounds more and more like a real Catholic. That reminded me of something Ratzinger said about himself in the years before he was elected pope.

At the time, he was viewed a staunch conservative. He, himself, said his views had never changed, though. It was the Church that continued to shift to the left as he remained steady so he appeared much more conservative than he once did.

Muller's words are comforting for sure, but his comments, in light of who many thought he was, reminded me of that story about Ratzinger.

Marie said...


Marie said...

Nothing like being appointed prefect of the CDF to bring a man back to orthodoxy. When the Cardinal Levada was still the archbishop of San Francisco, he was very liberal. His reconversion came after Pope Benedict XVI appointed him head of the CDF.
Hope springs eternal.

Catholic Mission said...

Clarifications are still needed from Cardinal Muller on Vatican Council II.

The Magisterium made a mistake at Vatican Council II when it accomodated the Marchetti 1949 error

Anonymous said...

Nothing personal, Robbie, I always speak for myself, it was only a sad comment about this particular situation, I won't give up, I hope and pray. Have a good Holy Week.