Thursday, February 26, 2015

Malleus (aliquorum) cardinalium -- Hard Times For "Dissenters" Among the Cardinals

(Rome) "Hard times" rule for cardinals who are considered "dissenters" from the path specified by the current Pope. The "Ultrabergogliani" (Master) Internet portal, Vatican Insider , which was created in collaboration with Andrea Tornielli, the House and Palace Vaticanists of Pope Francis announced within the last few days of  blows against three cardinals who had allegedly made ​​such infringements.

Against Cardinal Raymond Burke 

On February 14, Vatican insider  grasped with zeal an entry by Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington Cardinal  which the latter wrote to his American brother, Raymond Cardinal Burke. Although Cardinal Wuerl had not called his brother Burke by name, Vatican Insider published this even boldly, so that everyone would recognize the addressee,  the accused. Wuerl accused his brother of treason because of his criticism Pope Francis' decisions.

Against Cardinal George Pell

On February 16, Vatican Insider informed with a number of previously unknown details about steps that have been made ​​for Legislative Texts on behalf of Pope Francis and the Pontifical Council to reduce the decision-making powers and responsibilities of George Cardinal Pell as Prefect of the new Economy Secretariat. It was Francis who called Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, who was still in Australia exactly one year ago to Rome and placed him at the head of the new Congregation.

Against Cardinal Joseph Zen

On February 19,   Vatican Insider devoted wide space for an article with some sarcastic criticism by an unknown Chinese priest, degrade  Cardinal Joseph Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong and undisputed head of  the underground Catholic Church in China loyal to Rome. He was described  in caustically, as boycotting any attempt at "appeasement" between the Holy See and the communist government in Beijing.

Open season on the "kangaroo" Pell

After the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and the Pension Fund of the Vatican rose against the Australian cardinal in the ring. On 20 February, he said in a press statement that the pensions of Vatican officials are secured and "disruptive" news in recent months were unfounded.
It is Cardinal Pell, who had been concerned for  months sounding an alarm because of the Vatican's pension funds. For the first time he did so in July 2014, with the announcement that it would have required a committee of experts to study the problems. He repeated it in the British weekly Catholic Herald last December and 13 February on the website crux of the Boston Globe.
Against the attempt by Cardinal Pell to bring order to the pension fund,  the same Board of Directors reacted. The chair  is Domenico Calcagno Cardinal, President of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA),   St. Peter Buildiong Works, the Propaganda Fide, the Secretariat of State, Vatican Radio and the Governor of Vatican City. "In short, the representatives of all these institutions were in a power struggle with Pell, who were struggling to preserve their economic and financial autonomy," said Magister.
Thus, below the encircling attack progress against the man who is often referred to by the English media as the "Czar" of Vatican finances, but within the holy walls, and even in altissimis, he is quite prosaically called the "kangaroo."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image Secretum meum mihi
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

The cartoon speaks louder than words, I could imagine no better way of putting the facts right on. The word "Ultrabergogliani" gave me a good laugh. With this article I think its even clearer that Pope Francis is little by little breaking away from the Institutional Church founded by Christ and starting a new denomination of his own.The good Cardinals and Bishops feared a real schism after the 2015 Synod, I think its getting an early start.

M. Prodigal said...

Open season on some of the most saintly these days but even though the 'innovators' have the power, their true colors are indeed showing.

Anonymous said...

To lump all those who cry out in the wilderness to those who are near the edge of the cliff, with those who deny the perennial truths of The Church is a disorientation one might call diabolical. Poor Cardinal Wuerl! He is the personification of a confused hippy.

Anonymous said...

These good Cardinals will be taking a beating. Francis will show them his own style of mercy. I wrote earlier that the feared schism after the 2015 Synod was getting a good start. Well its got an even greater start. The German Bishops have announced that when it comes to preaching the Gospel they will go it alone. Threatening a schism if they don't get their way at the 2015 Synod. Is it a bluff or are they serious? I agree with Anonymous, "one might call this diabolical".

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church in Germany is in utter shambles. I am not saying that things are much better throughout the (Latin) Church.

But as bad as things are for the Church in vast areas of the world, I believe that a separate German "Catholic" Church would collapse to a far greater extent than has the Universal Church.

I realize that the Church in Germany has big money at its disposal.

However, even with its money, I do not believe that a new German "Catholic" Church would prosper in any way imaginable.

Such a "church" would soon become as irrelevant as the Church of England or any typical dying "mainstream" Protestant community.

Let us hope and pray for peace and orthodoxy within the Catholic Church in Germany.



jac said...

If the 2015 Synod gives birth to a betrayal of the infallible teachings of the Magisterium and of the bimillenial Churc's Tradition, certainly there will be a schism. And I will not ne the last to get in it.
5 high ranked cardinals wrote a book intended to the 2014 Synod's attendants, in which they recalled these teachings. It looks as if this book was not welcome at all by Cardinal Baldisseri and many of his likes, even higher in the hierarchy, since they stole the copies of the book just before they could reach their addressees with the same methods as the KGB or the Gestapo used joyfully in a bygone past.
Are they so afraid by the Tradition and the Church's dogmas?
Certainly something is rotten in the Vatican kingdom...

Anonymous said...

We should give Pope Francis credit in that he has promoted holiness. Therefore, let's not throw promote the notion that His Holiness is a mean-spirited man who is out to trample anybody who "gets in his way".

He has preached peace and mercy. Let us think the best of the Vicar of Christ.



Anonymous said...

Essentially, the Bergoglian forces have declared war on the few remaining conservatives. Isn't it interesting, that as Cardinal Pell has made efforts to rein in Vatican spending, Vatileaks flares up again with him in its sights? Coincidence? I think not. And now we have the wretched Cardinal Marx essentially saying he and the other German Bishops are going to do their own thing, regardless of what Rome says.

We are, in fact, suffering through a de facto schism and it starts at that top. Bergoglio, more so than even his VII predecessors, holds views that are, at best heterodox. His closest Cardinal advisors hold schismatic views. And because they realize they have a short time to accomplish their non-Catholic desires, they are moving quickly and are destroying anyone who gets in their way.

On the one hand, I welcome this fight. At least now, it will be out in the open and we can finally see who wants to remain true to the faith and who doesn't. On the other hand, I fear this fight because it's likely those who defend the real faith will lose. So many conservatives and traditionalists have been purged that there just aren't the numbers needed to in the war.

This tragedy began with Benedict's imprudent and improper resignation. It has cast the Church into darkness and now it is quite likely Rome will be changed forever. In less than fives time, the remnants of the old faith will have been extinguished and replaced with a new Bergoglian vision of social justice spiritual movement. There will be true and declared schism with Cardinals fighting Cardinals and Bishops fighting Bishops and, all the while, the Pope will receive praise from the masses.

I'm sorry to be so dour, but the cold war that has been in existence since VII has now become a hot war. I'm just not sure there are enough of us left the highest levels to win.

Anonymous said...

As with each person, a Pope is pigeonholed. Life is easier that way.

We don't have to deal with the reality that each person is complicated...isn't just this or that.

Therefore, we reduce each person...each shorthand. From there, we can mold each person to fit our narrative...we can spin things our way.

To stick to Popes...examples of our false shorthanded narratives that have been spun, most particularly by the news media and the two wings of the Church (Conservative/Traditionalists and Liberal. In between those two wings are the vast majority of Catholics who couldn't care less as to what Traditionalists and Liberals have to say).

-- Pope Francis...Traditionalists and Liberals have spun him in the same manner. He is a raving modernist...a destroyer of Tradition...he hates the Church's teachings...he hates Latin and Gregorian Chant...he hates dogmas...he is determined to turn Holy Mother Church into a new, liberal entity...he is determined to destroy Cardinals, bishops and priests who are traditional (at least as traditional as so-called "Vatican II" Churchmen go).

The problems with that Traditionalist/Liberal spin is that time and again, Pope Francis has turned that narrative into nonsense.

Pope Francis has time and again warned the Church and world that Satan is real. Satan exists. Hell is real. Go to confession. Confess your sins. The Blessed Virgin is your role model in the Faith.

Pope Francis time and again has promoted the Holy Family as the only true family unit to embrace and follow. His Holiness has time and again taught that marriage can exist only between a man and woman.

Pope Francis praised and encouraged just recently a Catholic group who works publicly to oppose homosexual "marriage" and the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

Pope Francis has praised Summorum Pontificum. Pope Francis has established a very cordial atmosphere in which Rome and the SSPX have held talks.

For a man who hates supposedly the Catholic Church, as many Traditionalists blogs reported from December 24, 2014 A.D. into early January 2015 A.D., Pope Francis three times during that period made it 100 percent clear in his public addresses that the Catholic Church is the only One and True Church of Jesus Christ.

If someone were to spin me via a shorthand label, I would be labeled a "Traditional" Catholic.

I support the Traditional Roman Mass. I believe that the Vatican II Era liturgical reform has been a disaster. I believe that the policies of ecumenism and interreligious "dialogue" have failed miserably.

But I think for myself. I don't allow liberals, Traditionalists, conservatives, neo-cons...any group to determine for me that which I have perceived.

I don't march to anybody's drum beat except that of the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic God's Holy Magisterium.

That is why have refued to have accepted a narrative that I have concluded is false.

I recall vividly last September when just prior to Bishop Fellay's visit to Rome, that many Traditionalists and liberals insisted that "this is it for the SSPX...Pope Francis hates the SSPX...he will excommunicate them...he will hammer the SSPX".

That narrative proved preposterous.

Pope Francis proved himself a true man of the Church. The Holy See's official press release was noted by Traditionalists as a "game-changer in favor of the SSPX.

The Holy See under Pope Francis had presented the SSPX in far greater glowing terms than any time during the SSPX's existence.

In fact, the SSPX reported that in Argentina, then-Cardinal Bergoglio declared that the Society of Saint Pius X was/is absolutely Catholic.

Again...that is not the sign of a man who supposedly hammers "dissenters" from his supposed anti-Catholic agenda that I do not believe exists.



Tancred said...

He does hammer Catholics and is planning on running +Pell out of town.

I guess if you can spin things, you can believe whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 28, 2015 at 7:55 AM..."Essentially, the Bergoglian forces have declared war on the few remaining conservatives."


Then please explain the following growing report from this very blog, Eponymous Flower:

Eponymous reported in glowing terms the "great cordiality" that Pope Francis has exhibited to Bishop Rifan.


Here is a glowing report from Rorate Caeli that documented Pope Francis' great warmth toward Bishop Rifan and the Traditional Roman Mass.

Rorate Caeli reported Bishop Rifan's declaration that Pope Francis considers the TLM as a "great treasure" of the Church.


By the way, on that first link to Eponymous Flower, the blog asked when would Pope Francis demonstrate kindness toward the SSPX.

Pope Francis answered that in September 2014 A.D., when Bishop Fellay met in Rome with Cardinal Mueller.

Many Traditionalists had predicted just prior to that meeting that Pope Francis would "hammer" Bishop Fellay and excommunicate the SSPX.

That prediction flopped miserably as Rome, under Pope Francis, treated Bishop Fellay and the SSPX with great love and respect.

Traditionalists glowed when they reported that the Holy See released a "game-changing"press release on said meeting that made it clear that Pope Francis and Rome are convinced that the SSPX is Catholic and not separated from Rome.

By the way, Bishop Fellay stated that in Argentina, then-Cardinal Bergolio declared that the Society of Saint Pius X was/is 100 percent Catholic.

Pope Francis' actions have made it clear that he has not "declared war" on Traditionalists/conservatives.

Oh,yes...Cardinal Hoyos stated that during his meeting with Pope Francis, His Holiness declared that he would do everything that he could to support Catholic Traditionalists and Summorum Pontificum.



Anonymous said...

The following is from Pope Francis, a man who has "declared war" supposedly upon Traditionalists and the TLM:

Here is a glowing report from Rorate Caeli that documented Pope Francis' great warmth toward Bishop Rifan and the Traditional Roman Mass.

Rorate Caeli reported Bishop Rifan's declaration that Pope Francis considers the TLM a "great treasure" of the Church.

Headline: Francis Considers Traditional Mass a "Treasure"



Anonymous said...

"He does hammer Catholics and is planning on running +Pell out of town."

Then please explain Rorate Caeli's report and link via Twitter to the news that the Holy See just expressed it's support for Cardinal Pell and denounced attacks against Cardinal Pell.

Thank you.



Tancred said...

Plausible deniability. Look, Nosferatu, your fanatical devotion to a mythological creature is breathtaking of it isn't admirable. I'm not interested in fielding further comments from you.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Thank you.

I respect the fact that this is your blog...and congratulations for having developed a very important and influential blog.

Please pray that God will deliver me from my sins and grant me salvation in His Kingdom.

Peace and good health to you and your family.

I leave you in the spirit of peace.



Anonymous said...

Pope Francis says one thing but does the opposite. In the beginning of his Pontificate he confused many Catholics. But traditionalists are not or no longer confused. We know he is a modernist who has proved he is working against the Institutional Church founded by Christ.Sure he says something good once in a while but then does the opposite. Example, he is quoted as saying, "the Society of Saint Pius X was/is absolutley Catholic", but then turns around and destroys the Franciscans of the Immaculate and 3 Bishops who favored and practiced Tradition faithful to the Church. By Pope Francis own doing he has revealed who he really is, his actions speak louder than his words.

Anonymous said...

Steve, The nice things you speak of Pope Francis don't match his actions. You point out a few things that sound good, but compared to all he has done the good things said don't match his actions. Accept it, Pope Francis has two different faces, stop trying to make false excuses for him.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Don't take a few things out of context that RorateCaeli has reported. Go back and read everything RorateCaeli has reported since the beginning of the Pontificate of Francis. then give your opinion of Bergoglio. We traditionalists don't hate him, we only hate the bad he has done to Christ's Church and the faithful.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Here's something about Pope Francis that a well know Argentinian has to say about Bergoglio starting in 2013. Look at what Marcelo Gonzales of Panorama Catolico Internacional has to say. It is said he knows the Church in Argentina as well as the palm of his hand. Marcelo Gonzales is one of the Argentinians who warned the world about Bergoglio. RorateCaeli has some of what he said from back in 2013.